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  1. Just found this thread. Bumping for updates. this is new to me and I was wondering how everyone is doing. Thanks, Cornflower
  2. I have just heard about this diet. I was just wondering how everyone is doing? Thanks, Cornflower
  3. Another option to check out is Total Health. We liked the Jr. High one and are going to start the Highschool one this fall. Cindy
  4. Oaklahoma State University offers a Spnaish class, along with German. Cindy
  5. :lurk5: Great question. We are heading to Yakima, WA in a week to do the same thing.
  6. Congratulations! I can hear the excitement in your post. Doing the happy dane here with you. Cindy
  7. Miss Moe, No advice for your medieval festival but it does sound like a lot of fun. I know there is a Renaissance festival in Gig Harbor, WA. I'll post a link and maybe you can glean some ideas from there. http://www.washingtonrenfaire.com/ Also, would you mind telling me what books you are using for your study in the coming year. We are going to study the Fall of Rome to about 1600AD. I've gathered many resources, I'm just having a little trouble focusing. Thank you, Cindy
  8. Chris, Would you mind posting a link for your chronological music study. Thank you, Cindy
  9. The Total Money Makever book is all you need to implement Dave's plan. We were almost out of debt by the time we went through the class. The other thing I would recommend is listening to his radio program everyday day if you can. Turn it on while your fixing dinner or in the car. That's what kept us going. We paid off 32K in 18 months. You can do it. Take care, Cindy
  10. Definately not twaddle. A must read for all kiddos. These are also great on CD if you are doing any traveling. Get the version read by Stockard Channing. "Ramoma was indignant" :)) Have a great day, Cindy
  11. I think it is to late as well. I'm sorry you were frightened. I hope you can get a good night sleep. Take care, Cindy
  12. I have one child and have homeschooled him from the beginning. He's 15 now and will be in the 10th grade. It's been a great experience for us. Cindy
  13. We have re-named this DVD in our home to "Death by Jillian." Feel free to take on the title. :)) Cindy
  14. I just have to say, these books are not to be missed. If your child won't read them, listen to one of them on cd (from your library) and I bet they will be hooked and go on to read the others during summer. Get the Cd that is read by Stockard Channing. She does a wonderful job reading. Maybe get them for a road trip and then read some together. "Ramona was indignant" :)) Have a great day! Cindy
  15. Hi Abby, I think you should post this on the K-8 board. I know that you will get lots of suggestions there. Take care, Cindy
  16. I don't know what it is either. But I'm wondering what I am missing. I feel the need to order it even though I don't know what it is. Please tell us! Cindy
  17. My son created a slide show for our year end co-op parent night. the songs he used were "You've Got a Friend in me" (from Toy Story) and the other was "Circle of Friends" by Point of Grace. The slide show was perfect. It appealed to adults and kids. Everyone especially loved the Toy Story song. Cindy (Cornflower)
  18. Italian is a Latin based language. Maybe that could work. Cindy
  19. You and your mom or dad could look in to going to Bible Study Fellowship. They meet once a week for two hours. In class they will teach you how to do homiletics, you have a group discuission to go through your lesson and a lecture on what you just studied. The homework for BSF takes between a 1/2 hour to 1 hour per day. It just depends on the depth of the questions for that day. For the school year 2010-2011 they will be studying the book of Isaiah. I'll post a link in case your interested. This takes enough time that you would be able to take 1 credit for it. http://www.bsfinternational.org/ Have a good weekend, Cindy (Cornflower)
  20. Chalkdust will prepare him well for college level math. Cindy (Cornflower)
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