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  1. Thanks Lilajoy.She is advanced in math.Like you said I’m planning to get the practice books and see how it goes.
  2. We have been using Singapore Math for past 3 yrs and it’s going great.I got Beast academy beginning of the year and we just did couple of chapters and didn’t have time and recently finished 3A.I had purchased Guide and Practice book 3A and 3B.We are going to continue Singapore Math as Main curriculum planning to do Beast academy as supplement.We are going very slow and don’t do it regularly. We finish most of the SM during summer break.We use SM textbook and workbook.Can I skip guide book for BA and just get practice book?.Will we miss out anything?. Thanks.
  3. Hi, These are the books that we like and are using for few yrs now and my DD is 9 yrs and in 4th grade. Language arts -First language lessons, book is very good.It doesn't require any writing for level 2. Writing with ease - My Kid just listens to the stories and answer the questions orally,We don't use the workbook/handwriting part at the end of the book. For reading comprehension -Reading Detective from Critical thinking and Evan moor daily reading comprehension. Math Singapore Math Standard Edition -We use both textbook and workbook.There are loads of Singapore Math books apart from text book and workbook.And they are good supplements too.Personally, I like Singapore Math because I don't have to break my head to think what will come next ,everything is grade wise ,with simple explanation.In public school we get one page of homework daily (either Math or English)and with that I don't whether they are covering every concept. This is the third yr we are using singapore math.When we started I bought Math mammoth to compare and see how it is ,but I didnt like math mammoth. You can teach them when they are with you and give them supplements to work independently when they are not.For all the books sample pages are available in Rainbow resource website. I also use commomcoresheets website for free math worksheets and they are awesome. Pick and choose what works for you and your kids.I would first work on the subject or concept that I think they are finding it difficult ,since time is limited. All the best.
  4. You can put a tiny cotton balls or any paper ,stuff it in place of the eraser(to avoid the lead falling out ) and take it out with a help of a regular pencil or pen tip when you want to refill leads in the pencil.
  5. Hi, My Kid goes to public school grade 3.School closes in another 20 days.She uses Reading Detective -Beginning for grade 3 to 4 for reading comprehension.We have five more pages left.Reading detective book is awesome(thanks to the suggestions from this forum). I’m planning to buy the next book from reading detective but I would also like to know if there is any other workbooks similar to that. Thank you.
  6. Thank you.She liked FLL 2 because She just had to repeat and there was no writing.We used to do it daily.She is doing Reading Detective or some other comprehension and Spelling (that I give her from a printout I took it from online) daily .Apart from this She does Math (Singapore Math or Beast academy).So ,that’s why wanted to know if we can manage with Instructor’s Manual and skip the workbook. I’ll probably do one day Reading Comprehension and next day FLL.I’ll check the links.Thank you.
  7. Hi, I have used the FLL grade 2 for my kid.We really love it.Planning to order FLL 3.Do we need both instructors guide and student workbook ?. Thank you.
  8. Last year we started using Singapore Math,we did grade 2 TB,WB,IP,and challenging word problems.And also problem solving beyond the classroom and visible thinking in the classroom. This year we just got grade 3 Singapore math TB and WB.For more practice we got Singapore math Practice 3A and 3B (it’s not from the same Singapore math).This was a lot cheaper but the problems are still good for practice.
  9. Thank you all.I think I'll better get the new ones itself.
  10. Hi, I'm planning to buy Evan moor daily series books.I particularly like reading comprehension and spelling books.I just saw the spelling books are available for around $7 and the condition of the books are mentioned as good/acceptable .I have never bought used books.Would like to know whether the workbooks listed as good/acceptable will have writings in them. Thank you.
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