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  1. Oh my goodness, they LOVE being read too. Who would have thought, 3 wiggly boys begging for "just one more chapter". :) My 2nd grader, going on 24, reads to his brothers a lot for me. I think it is one reason why I just can't split us up into different groups for history. Or science, at this stage. They all just participate at their own level of understanding and ability, but that is life, right? Thank you for your insight.
  2. I don't have advice, but I could have written your post word for word. First year homeschooling, gifted child, reading level WAY above average, ability to comprehend very complex ideas, memory like a steel trap, poor spelling but AAS is working wonders for him, talks my ear off, can dictate paragraphs, stories, ideas, etc, but put a pencil in his hand, and it is as if there is a concrete barrier between his brain and paper. Pretty interesting. One idea I had that I have not implemented yet, is to get him a recorder to record his ideas and play back to himself. He is an auditory learner anyway, and actually does better at writing from oral dictation than from written copy work, so I figure it's worth a shot.
  3. Hmm... I hadn't thought of that. As varied as their academic levels are, they are their own little pack of boys. Quite inseparable (they insist on all three sharing one bedroom in fact), so it's hard for me to think about doing anything separate with them, but amount of work for me is a major consideration with the special needs we have--including mine. :) I will add Memoria to my list of things to google. Thank you for your insight. :)
  4. Thank you for your perspective. I am thinking of trying out one unit to start to see how it sits with the crew--I like that it is available that way. The teachers notes seem intimidating to me, but I had the idea to have them bound separately than the rest of the program for night stand reading material. I like the multi-level writing assignments. We are not a crafty family, but my boys love worksheets and maps, and TOG appears to have plenty.
  5. This is our first year homeschooling. We started with just my 2nd grader this fall. In February, we added big brother (3rd grade) who has Down syndrome. Next year, little brother (age 5) will also formally join us. We have been using the Sonlight Core B program this year, which has been an extremely enjoyable survey of Ancient History. Unfortunately, with a precocious 8 year old on my hands, a big brother who is at a Kindergarten level, and an actual Kindergartener, next year would mean doing two separate cores. I just can't justify that with the intensive demands of schooling my son with Down syndrome, and also adding little brother, who has some very challenging developmental quirks (not full delays at this point). We need to find an equally enjoyable program, that has a little more in terms of activities and learning retention for visual/kinesthestic people, but still has all those wonderful living books. So, my wish list for a program would be one that includes History and Bible. If it has LA, like Sonlight does, the LA needs to be adaptable. It needs to be for multiple levels of students, it needs to have worksheets or other practical hands on activities that bring home the material for my kinesthetic/visual learners. It needs to involve living books. And it needs to be easy for me to plan. I've looked extensively at My Father's World, and Tapestry of Grace. I like My Father's World TM's grid that I can see at a glance and check off boxes. I'm not a box checker, but I am very scattered, so it helps keep me accountable. I don't like the science with MFW, only because my middle son is a science guy, and we've ready all those books already. I would have to choose another science program. Sonlight science is working for us in that area. I like Tapestry a lot, but you guys, it is SO much. Like I said, I am really scattered, and as I was looking at a sample week on their website, it just lost me once it got to the teacher pages. I don't know if I could do TOG justice for my kids. I've looked at Biblioplan briefly, but their website was not visual learner/ADD mommy friendly. Just lots of reading, not enough showing me what's involved. I think that is why Sonlight was so accessible--it has the check boxes on the TM to see at a glance, it has brief descriptions (at least at the level we are on), and the living books capture your imagination. Anyway, I don't know what else is out there, but I would love your opinions on what works for you and why. Thank you in advance for your ideas. Moms are the real experts. :)
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