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  1. http://www.easy-homemade-recipes.com/face-paint.html try this. would love to see pictures if you get a chance.:D sounds like fun!
  2. I base my shipping time on by my bank statement. I read that they don't ship out until payment was collected (which is not usually at the time of ordering). That can take up to a week, then you add the 7-10 or whatever time on shipping by UPS. I know it's longer than most by like a PP mentioned, you can't beat the price especially with the free shipping on orders $150 or more.
  3. I think, if I remember correctly, SWB just ommited the copy work from the FLL that is already in the WWE books. Someone correct me if I'm totally off. I have the older version and just leave the copy work out and do it with the WWE workbook. Hope that helps ya out!
  4. Honey...eh? That sounds yummy. I'm always looking for creative ways to add more *local* honey in my day to help with my horrific allergies. Thanks.
  5. I use the little ones with colored tips. I always seem to have at least 2 kids reading the same book so I give each kid a different color and then they know where they are. I also can see where they are ;)
  6. We love *breakfast* for dinner!! We especially love blueberry pancakes. You figure one box of pancake mixe for $1.70 and a pint of blueberrys for 3.00, that's under $5 bucks!!! We also like to do *bubble eggs*, potato hash (diced potato and onion homemade of course :tongue_smilie:) and orange smiles.
  7. This is how I shop as well. $150 a week with $50 for produce and milk run. Lentils is a great way to keep protein in your dinners and it WAY cheaper. Make taco's with them, they are yummy. www.hillybillyhousewife.com has some good lentil recipes.
  8. I did inform ds that I would pick up the phone and check randomly. 10pm? I was actually thinking 9pm b/c that's when *I* go to bed! :lol:
  9. I like being able to check online :D. Texting is a concern and will also keep in mind the photos. Thank you.
  10. So, dh and I have agreed to allow ds to get a cell phone. I look at a cell phone as a privilege and not a right and can be taken away when the use is abused. My question to all you fine parents with cell phone lugging teens is what rules do you apply to the cell phone and what punishment do you use when a rule is broken? In addition to these questions, could you share some of your wisdom of your experiences as well? Thank you in advance.
  11. My commissary has one and I have found some real good stuff!!
  12. Or they work "under the table" so no income is declared as in the case of the NCP in my case.:glare:
  13. Love, love, love, did I say love? Love my, what we affectionately call the "SUB". It's old (1989), it's ugly (black with some rust spots) but boy o boy is it roomy. It's actually bigger than the newer ones :). I know I know "but what about the gas?" I spend $150 ($3 a gallon here) a month in gas. I don't go anywhere much so it lasts us. It gets about 17-19 miles per gallon. We have 4 kids, a med. to large dog and we tent camp. We are also members of the SCA. So, it's not just camping it's camping like the middle ages with all the "stuff". We need lots of room and we tow a small trailer. I love my "sub" :D
  14. this is what I do. gotta love Hanes, and Fruit of the loom, they have different styles, grey toes and heels, and all grey bottoms. I have a dryer that eats socks and occasionly gets indigestion and upchucks one or two :lol: I do *whites* once a week. Any inside out socks gets piled in the living room floor for the kids to right side in for. That's *my* pet peeve.:glare: this is a great idea! Especially now that my older ds and dh wear the same size....12!!!:scared:
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