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  1. Are you taking the online course ? We are for Prealgebra 1 and 4 weeks into it. My DS11 is very mathy. But hates to write out the problems.. Even the tough ones. Its been a big battle between us for months may be even an year :) With Aops , the challenging problems even some of the alcumus need him to write down to simplify. Simply impossible to do it in his head.. Yes slowly getting there. With Online course there is also a writing problem that is a must for submission thats being graded by a live person. He is yielding slowly to this habit...Its a very important skill to be developed. You will need to work through this IMHO. This skill is kind of like teaching how to ride a bike.. You need to hold on till they get a grasp and slowly let go..
  2. Thanks Arcadia.. I will go ahead and enroll for summer.. He probably wont notice these are 2 different classes and go with the flow :)
  3. Thanks for your replies.. We don't home school. Aops is more of an enrichment..Enrichment that we have been falling in love with. But looks like its a good 5-6 hrs work or more per week. Some of the topics are totally new to my DS. So while he is still doing good. We dont have time for all the exercise and challenging problems.. Mostly like he is doing assigned alcumus and challenging sets thats being assigned in class along with the reading of chapters prior to the class. Option 1: Was thinking if its better to finish prealgebra 2 online course in summer than have that load during school year.. and then during school year go back and review /spend time with challenging problems and exercises on some of the topics as needed? Option 2: Review prealgebra 1 and complete the exercises and then continue with Pre algebra 2 during school year.. At this point I am leaning more towards Option1 DS is 11 and a rising 6th grader
  4. My DS just started Aops prealgebra 1 online course. There is a prealgebra 2 course starting right after a week the first course finishes. This one is through summer. So he will have something to keep him occupied through those months. Is that Ok or better to revise the prealgebra 1 course through summer for better retention
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