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  1. 10 Commandments of Homeschooling There is only one WTM.
  2. Maybe have a clean-up bucket/supplies near-by. I presume there will be a quantity of Aunty types who will don gloves and give a quick 'freshen' if they see it needs it. An Aunty had to 'tidy' with a mop after my aged Grandmother. Enough of us have had to do this for our kids too. And there will be some willing to tidy after unknown users if it is required. This for both convenienes. Maybe put a note in for those that would prefer to pee all over the seat than sit...because the seat might have pee on it!!! Kick the seat up with your foot first for goodness sake if you need to do that please.
  3. Shouldn't that be, "Sorry for the portable convenience!" ?
  4. Dang Catwoman, I'd have loved you to join in the weekly neighbourhood beer-o'clock. I think you'd enjoy it too. But, yes we have grown boys who love peeing outside. We don't go and watch, wrong party for that! Welcome to Australia where many of us learned shrubbery road-side stops from tiny.
  5. How 'civilized' are your guests? Around here, many males head into the back yard rather than into a bathroom. Particularly after dark. I should add, I don't classify such behaviour as particularly uncivilised. But as one who would have to join a long queue, I'd prefer the option of porta-potty. Edited for typos, typos, typos (and inablity to disentangle letters)
  6. Sometimes on a good road our speed limit seems lower than it needs to be. Sometimes I might want another beer before I leave the neighbourhood Friday beer o'clock. But the regulations I am willing to live by are restrictions for the greater good; meaning my greater good. Why should a matter like education be less important than these for driving? Our rights to home educate are regulated here with care and understanding. As one from outside the US, sometimes the anti-regulation stance can seem extreme.
  7. Silver Moon, I just visited your blog, really enjoyed it thank you. I love visiting IRL friends' school rooms to see and discuss projects and curriculum while the kids play, this felt a bit like that, including getting to watch the kids as they raced past the window. Ta
  8. Kareni, you've just sent me on more threads of great programmes. Thankfully a couple are ones that we are currently using, learning well with and enjoying. So I'd better close now before I see green grass over there..
  9. I just read through the reviews for How to Read Literature Like a Professor, and it is on my wish list. Then I read through the reviews of How to Read Literature Like a Professor: For Kids and this wont be. Reviews contain many red flags, and recommend avoiding some content for younger children and jumping straight to the adult version for children old enough to handle the adult content of the kids version. Has anyone tried the kids' version and found it appropriate or useful?
  10. My grandfather was born at the end of the 1800s. I loved listening to him speak. Beautiful, rich language heavily peppered with Kipling and many poetry quotes I did not know. I miss that rich dialogue/monologue. Later meeting (on the page) the great grey-green, greasy banks of the of the Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees, O my best beloved, was like coming home. I didn't meet this as a child, don't like it as an adult, yet both my girls read and enjoyed it. I missed this thread each previous life, thanks for the resurrection.
  11. We also place missing out on school socialisation as a reason FOR home education. Though maybe not on official forms. Having said that this dd happily joins in with one of the local schools for sports days etc.
  12. I was pushed into assessment in both cases for my girls. In neither case was it by our Home Education department. It took me several years of dead-horse-flogging with the eldest to realise some things were not going to happen. Then school dragged the same horse out for her for a further couple of years before I was able to provide documentation for what I had been saying. They required assessment documentation to try to provide an appropriate curriculum for my extemely 2e girl. She proved even more extreme than my prediction and returned to Home Education. The similar younger was done by their father (and back-fired wonderfully). In both cases it was a useful document that allows us to choose or dismiss curricular and continue to work to abilities. It also armed us and will be required later for tertiary education. By the way, the school system recommended but was unable to provide assessment, particularly for 2e kids, because they can generally muddle along.
  13. In our State we also have an annual Education Dept home visit and need to supply a few pages setting out how we have covered the 7 key learning areas, appropriate learning environment and the ubiquitous 'socialisation opportunities'. Our Education Dept now supplies a dedicated and educated department who support families who can get it together and redirect those who, even with extra time and encouragement are unable. These hoops to jump through do cause concern the first few times, but soon become a useful annual review. As a teacher it is a good oportunity to discuss our curriculum choices with interested others who want to both to find new resourses to share with other parents and offer suggestions if I wish. Because we have been prepared to fully support this system, we have recieved support back from them when in Court fighting other parent for right to continue to Home Educate. The other party subpoened a file filled with many years of very detailed annual reviews and a record of on-going tailored education. My children have a right to be educated. I like that I have the right to provide that, provided that I do.
  14. External testing could raise problems for children that are being home educated because they learn differently. (Home Ed for religious reasons is not such a strong wave here in Australia.) Many families came to Home Education initially reluctantly because their children were slipping through the gaps. I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to, just that it may be harder to demonstrate that they are doing so. My kid/s do external testing bi-annually though this is not a general requirement. Thankfully we now have some evaluations that explain to 'others' (the father) why their results are all over the board.
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