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  1. 10 Commandments of Homeschooling There is only one WTM.
  2. Silver Moon, I just visited your blog, really enjoyed it thank you. I love visiting IRL friends' school rooms to see and discuss projects and curriculum while the kids play, this felt a bit like that, including getting to watch the kids as they raced past the window. Ta
  3. Kareni, you've just sent me on more threads of great programmes. Thankfully a couple are ones that we are currently using, learning well with and enjoying. So I'd better close now before I see green grass over there..
  4. I just read through the reviews for How to Read Literature Like a Professor, and it is on my wish list. Then I read through the reviews of How to Read Literature Like a Professor: For Kids and this wont be. Reviews contain many red flags, and recommend avoiding some content for younger children and jumping straight to the adult version for children old enough to handle the adult content of the kids version. Has anyone tried the kids' version and found it appropriate or useful?
  5. My grandfather was born at the end of the 1800s. I loved listening to him speak. Beautiful, rich language heavily peppered with Kipling and many poetry quotes I did not know. I miss that rich dialogue/monologue. Later meeting (on the page) the great grey-green, greasy banks of the of the Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees, O my best beloved, was like coming home. I didn't meet this as a child, don't like it as an adult, yet both my girls read and enjoyed it. I missed this thread each previous life, thanks for the resurrection.
  6. Ummm, (standing behind a big sheild here), Texasmama, I think this Menopausal fun phase of your own might just hang around long enough to enjoy with your next two also. I'm at least 4 years in and no plateau in sight. Who's screaming irrationally(monologing strongly) about the unfairness of it all now? :leaving:
  7. 11 year old son gift ideasAs long as you give the receipt with him so I have an option to return.
  8. Why did the bicycle fall over? Because it was two tyred.
  9. Either that or he has been listening to The Parrot Sketch by Monty Python. He's only sleeping.
  10. As a non-US reader, I use Amazon for further 'product research' but go to Book Depository (UK) to feed my habit. Love the boards, thank you. Like many others I joined after years of lurking. I began lurking after several searches for obscure curriculum topics lead me to your old boards. This would still have worked with pop-ups, though I would have joined much earlier to avoid them. Go for it. And do add the donation jar. Is it Wiki that started a once a year donation drive? I have donated to that for the reasons that I like it, use it and want it to stay in its uncluttered form. All three reasons apply here. If you are going to do that maybe make your drive when most are doing their big annual purchases.
  11. Dd is setting up an aquarium for tadpoles and managed to trap a big air bubble in her net. I pointed out she could be a spider. "You mean a diving bell spider. Look at my thorax mum is it covered with big hairs? No, so I can't be can I?" As she's walking around in just undies, cos she can, I was forced to confirm her lack of hairy chest. She obviously needs to eat more crusts. She's then marched off and confirmed the spider name from a book, Argyroneta.
  12. Not only don't regret it but spend way too much time in Court fighting ex to be 'permitted' to continue. Eldest went to school for a few years in the middle of her schooling, per ex's wishes/command. It gave me confidence in my ability to home educate and pushed me to get her assessed so her teachers could try to address what seemed obvious to me. I don't regret her few years in school for the insight it gave me, the good friends I gained and she also gained from a couple of good relationships with staff. However eldest's time in school gives me strength to continue the fight keep this dd from school. It's worth it, we love it.
  13. Great thread. Thanks OP for original question and others for the informative answers and links given.
  14. I don't know if this will help you at all, but I sent my defiant, non-compliant, sick 16 yo dd to live with her dad for a couple/few months. She was on borrowed time and wanted to help her dad come to terms with it too. She realised it had to be then or not. I still saw her regularly but had to stand back and watch him NOT take care of her and organise hospital admissions etc. She needed steady, strong encouragement to come home again as she got really unwell, but in her own time was happy to. She later told me that she had been offered $3000 by her interstate, paternal grandfather to not come home. He couldn't understand that she would refuse all that money to come home and have her mum and look after her in her last months. She came home much less cranky and I expected much less of her, so for us, emotionally, her time with her dad was good. But bloody, bloody hard and long. Another thing is to expect a major meltdown once he is back and SAFE and doesn't need to keep on guard. Sort of a welcome home gift for you. Eldest dd would hold it together during the day during her first year of school (Grade 5) and meltdown as soon as she set her foot outside the school gate. Yes I am presuming he will come home. Your family is home, but this other family is his too and he needs to feel a part of them.
  15. Not really belonging to this thread but tied to the previous post. We have started doing Dante's Divine Comedy as a read-a-loud, as dd wanted to share it with me. I asked her if she knew who Lucifer was as I wasn't sure if she knew that particular title. DD "Yes, he started the Lutheran Church." Me "Um, no, that would be Luther. Lucifer is another name for the devil." We both packed up laughing. Sorry Lutherans, your founder is having a tough time today.
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