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  1. It was dh only with my older two, partly because we were not close enough to family for anyone else to be a possibility. With my youngest (who will be 1 on Sunday!), I really wanted it to just be me & dh again, but I knew that if he was working, MIL would be driving me to the hospital and I felt like I really couldn't ask her to leave. She's actually a great MIL and we get along fine, I just thought I wanted it to just be us again. Anyway, that's exactly what happened, and I ended up being really glad she was there. DH is great, but he's not super assertive, and MIL is, which was helpful a
  2. That's exactly what I thought--he looks like a little kid without the hair! :)
  3. So very sad. My heart aches for her son and husband. Praying for her family. :(
  4. I think that's a completely healthy thing to do if the kids don't respect boundaries. And it's good for *your* kids to see how to deal with others who don't respect boundaries.
  5. Thanks for this--totally fridge-worthy. Wow, it so perfectly describes my 8yo ds and some of the bits and pieces that I've figured out about dealing with him. I think do-overs to let him save face and start again would likely work really well with him. We've already discovered how essential spending good, quality time with him is--it makes a huge difference.
  6. Peace and blessings to you and your family, Kalanamak. Thank you for so generously sharing your wit and wisdom with us here.

  7. :( My thoughts & prayers are with her and her family. She will be sorely missed. :(

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  9. ITA that you're not enabling *yet*, and if you follow through with what you said and don't let her suck you in, you won't be. You've provided resources and encouragement--it's upnto her to get it done. Maybe some help finding resources for the depression and insomnia would be good, but even then, she'll have to choose to do it in the end.
  10. I'm so, sosorry. You and your family are in my prayers.
  11. I'm so sorry. :( Praying for you.

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