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  1. Have you looked into Brave Writer? What would happen if you let him dictate his idea/sentence/paragraph to you while you transcribed it? You could then have him copy what you've written.
  2. There was a BW webinar this week about this very topic: homeschooling a slew of kids. Let me share some of what I took with that. Perhaps also consider reaching out to the people at Brave Writer for ideas. Some of my notes: Aim for the middle kid, or group them into two groups if their needs are wildly different. Rather than doing 3 Arrows, do the same Arrow for those older 3. Scale up for your older kid (have them do the copy work + have them choose an additional passage; the next kid can maybe do the whole copywork; the younger could do a portion; and the youngest could write liter
  3. This is done in Indiana. During my grandfather's funeral procession, a woman on a riding lawn mower stopped mowing and removed her hat while we passed. I was so moved by her gesture.
  4. Ooh I'm glad I finally came across this: Charlotte Mason read and enjoyed the Waverly Novels by Sir Walter Scott. These were historical fiction. (I was reminded of this name finally in Anne White's book "Minds More Awake").
  5. Hahahaha ok I'm awkward, sorry memory of Charlotte Mason for taking it down THAT path. Really unsure about Jeopardy. Not sure how she felt about trivia contests or knowledge bees if they did them back then. I like to imagine that she'd enjoy some of my own favorite shows, but I can also see her not having a TV, or using it very sparingly.
  6. Soaps? Game shows? AFV? I survived...? Hahaha. Probably not those.
  7. Perhaps so. But, I'd argue that movies and shows are just one medium for which to tell a story, and while you can see a play in person, sometimes it is limited to time and financial constraints. So maybe she'd go to a movie theater? I do think she'd be picky about what she watched, if anything.
  8. I have read books/blog posts about Mason, and only excerpts of Mason's writings and I'm not an expert in the slightest. I know she valued being exposed to interesting ideas, things of beauty and truth. She didn't want pre-digested info; she wanted the source and to let the authors speak. I'm trying to find the name of the book series that she read from every night for her own enjoyment. Perhaps she'd also watch the TV equivalent of that?
  9. Humor me with imagining what, if anything, Charlotte Mason might do with a TV if she were around these days. Netflix and chill? And if so, what would be on her watch list? PBS news? Or some other source? Documentaries? BBC costume dramas? Or, no TV or streaming? I'm thinking of her own use here, but also we could take it to what she'd say for students.
  10. Do you do studied dictation (a la Charlotte Mason)? That might be worth a look as a technique alongside or stand-alone for spelling
  11. Oh, and the book lists on Sabbath Mood Homeschool are useful: http://sabbathmoodhomeschool.com/charlotte-mason-living-science/weather-books/ and http://sabbathmoodhomeschool.com/charlotte-mason-living-science/astronomy-books/
  12. If you liked The Elements (the Theodore Gray one, right?), check out The Solar System by Marcus Chown. Same kind of concept. Stunning visuals. We also enjoyed Galileo and the Stargazers (Jim Weiss audio) and Along Came Galileo as a read-aloud. I disagree that a telescope is a "must." It depends on the dark sky in your area. Honestly, a strong pair of binoculars might be more useful. Seek out area astronomy lectures and resources (planetariums, solar labs, amateur viewing nights, etc.). Area universities might have options. We visited a TV studio when talking about meteorology. Look at
  13. I'd rather make NEW mistakes than repeating old ones, know what I mean? While I'm in planning mode for the upcoming year, I'm reflecting on what has worked well and what has been a belly-flop-off-the-high-dive at my house. My aim is to pinpoint reasons why I made the choice initially, and where it all went wrong. For you, maybe it is curriculum, an approach, an outside activity. Care to join me? 1. What: Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding (BFSU) Why I chose it: I was attracted to the inquiry aspect of exploring many topics and seeing and making connections, the potent
  14. I don't know! Work in progress. Eldest child will be 3rd, then I will have a 1st grader and a 4yo. A lot of this is just continuing on with what we're doing, with some change-ups as needed. Right now, I'm taking stock of what worked well, what was a big flop, and what I can learn from those experiences to better guide the decisions I make for the upcoming year. Math: continuing Right Start. Math Mammoth if necessary to change it up, as I already have it. Bedtime Math app and math games Spelling: Maybe continuing LoE Essentials, maybe switching/breaking to Spelling Wisdom. Kid is a natu
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