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  1. Have you looked into Brave Writer? What would happen if you let him dictate his idea/sentence/paragraph to you while you transcribed it? You could then have him copy what you've written.
  2. There was a BW webinar this week about this very topic: homeschooling a slew of kids. Let me share some of what I took with that. Perhaps also consider reaching out to the people at Brave Writer for ideas. Some of my notes: Aim for the middle kid, or group them into two groups if their needs are wildly different. Rather than doing 3 Arrows, do the same Arrow for those older 3. Scale up for your older kid (have them do the copy work + have them choose an additional passage; the next kid can maybe do the whole copywork; the younger could do a portion; and the youngest could write liter
  3. This is done in Indiana. During my grandfather's funeral procession, a woman on a riding lawn mower stopped mowing and removed her hat while we passed. I was so moved by her gesture.
  4. 2nd grade DS, Kindergarten DD, toddler DD. LOVES: - RightStart - Logic of English Foundations (Kindergarten DD) - Brave Writer lifestyle, and Jot it Down! and Quiver - art & nature class at museum (an 8-week class through October) - Lots of unschooly science - Scratch - ALL OF THE FREE TIME and space for my kids to think, create, play, explore and just BE. LIKE: - Logic of English Essentials (It might turn to a love, but I feel like I need more time with it to be sure) - Reading books pulled from history booklists (using TruthQuest and All Through the Ages). My kid is
  5. How is it already the end of July!?

    1. Loesje22000


      My calender says we have still a whole week :)

    2. kaxy


      I seriously round up, I think! Today is 23rd September and I'm feeling like the month is on its end, too. Paradox5 it must be babytime for you!

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