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  1. Thank you so much for your help. And all the people you help on this forum!! Now I'm moving on to googling all the new things Im trying figure out haha. Hope your son is doing well and life is going smooth for you!;)
  2. Hey! Just wanted to send an update in case there is a parent traveling down my road. So I found an amazing neuropsych in Portland, you can PM me if you want more details. She tested for 3 days and then after two weeks, we met back with her and she spent around 4 hours with us going over the results and basically training us on what we can do to help my daughter. The diagnosis we got was ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyscalcula, and a language disorder! Along with slower working memory and processing, but she did not label those as a disorder. The language disorder threw me, but after she showed me all of the results, it fits perfectly. Wow. She said her IQ is actually in the above section of the average, but she just processes slower and anything with symbols really confuses her brain. So now we're moving on to the next phase of intervention and trying to decide if little north idaho is the best, or moving closer to kids like her is the best for her. The test was $4,000, which I raised through asking for help, which was hard, but I'm so thankful to have these detailed reports. It really makes me feel better, even though I know we have so much work ahead of us. I was so pleased to have a doctor that really took the time to figure her out and test her is several different ways instead of just counting up the numbers. Thank you all for your advice and help along the way!! Cheers to you and best of luck as the school year ends!
  3. Hey guys, long time no chat. So I found out the IEE was going to be really hard since we decided to homeschool. I could have enrolled her in virtual academy and then pursued a re-examination of the IEP (a new IEP through the virtual academy) then from there gone on to the IEE. So this would mean a sit down with the school, etc etc. In the meantime, I found another great doctor that has agreed to see us sooner than waiting to get to Seattle Children's. This Neuropsych also takes three days to test versus the only one day...she likes to get a complete picture. Then she helps us come up with a plan for therapies, interventions, etc. I spent forever on the phone with her and I'm super excited about it. We are bothering family to help us pay for it and will put the rest on a credit card :/. Seems so unfair that people have to pay sooooo much for testing when it could seriously alter the path the child goes down. I am fortunate to have friends and family that will help us get there, since I quit my job to homeschool and take this on. I'll be selling a bunch of stuff too! I just don't have the energy to do all of that in order to get the testing done....she wouldn't do great in virtual academy either. Thank you for your input and support! I'll report back on what we find out for those that are interested or took some guesses with me. I also would say that if your kid is still in public school, and you are still not happy with the results, the IEE does seem like a definate way to go. Keep fighting the good fight!!!
  4. Yes, very good advice. She made it sound like they would only do the one specific test they did and not address the other problems, even though it SHOULD take further tests, like the WISC for sure. I think that is what you meant. So I'll clarify with the state education representative.. The state of Idaho is shut down because of snow so they are not in office yesterday or today, but I left vm both days. So I'll try again Monday because I need to know much more about this before I write it off. I guess I just want to do all of the tests because I want to make sure there is not a bigger problem here that I didn't find because I didn't do all of the testing.... But now that I've got a little more of an idea what her processing is like, I have a list of specific tests that i think she needs and maybe I should start with those specific tests if I can't get into a neuropsych for quite a while. I also have some interventions I can really focus on- the visual/auditory/ working memory stuff I can work on at home and see if it helps. I have a referral for OT, I'm thinking of starting that too.... thank you... I also have formally requested her chart from the school so I can make sure I have it all here. Thanks, Elizabeth!!
  5. It's almost like calling Verizon- if you just keep calling back you may get an answer you like. ;) Ya, I have left a message for our school district's director of special education, regarding policy, because I could not find the specifics in the policy I read online. We'll see- I'm still glad that I at least tried for it. I always felt like there should have been more closure with it all, so this could be it. If I was not homeschooling, it may have worked, but I'm not going to start the Virtual Academy for sure. And just like Elizabeth said, they most likely don't give a crap about the working memory stuff, so moving forward with the school's idea of testing what is important is fruitless. It's infuriating that so many kids (from what I have read) are struggling with these "nonspecific learning disabilities" and the school doesn't take it a step further??? That's like saying 'oh you have a cough, here take these pills that we don't know if you need or will work but at lease we gave you something'. If I didn't have my own troubles here I would be trying to make some changes...it's so wrong. And I'm sure there are AMAZING school districts that get it!!! And Special Education Teachers that are really making a difference. Thanks, Storygirl!
  6. Thanks for the resources. I spoke with a school district employee today and a parent advocate for special needs kids in Idaho. I found out since we are not enrolled in the school, we don't have access to re-testing for an IEP in Idaho, unless she was enrolled in virtual learning. Then the parent advocate told me with the IEE, they only re-do the same tests that we don't think were done efficiently through the school district. They do not do any other testing....I'm not so sure about that one though because that is not what I have read. Anyways, I have one more call out to a lady to confirm what I learned today- as I have found some people think they know things and then they really don't haha. I've also been looking for someone that specializes in the area of working memory and the visual/auditory processing. I'm interested in the therapies, but Im also very interested in figuring out why there is a deficit here. I called two other pediatric neuropsychs today and I found this psychologist that deals specifically with kids with working memory issues. I would maybe want to hear more from her after the testing. I have contacted her already though. ;) The About section on her page describes my daughter to a T, it made me cry actually: http://tracyalloway.com/about/ Our Christmas break is over this week so Ill be back to homeschooling and researching in the evenings:) I'm bummed the IEE most likley won't work, but I'm also relieved. I have learned that there are definitely reasons to pursue an IEE and I hope there are parents out there, who have kids in school and still feel like they are not doing enough, that will read all of our dialogue and gain something from it. I'm going to look into some more of it before I completely give up on the IEE. I'll report back if those things I read above are actually true, for future readers of this amazing book we all created here. :) Thank you for helping me in my journey!! I'm writing down all of the resources you are giving me!!! Happy New Year!
  7. I've been really working on this, along with reading entire manuals and state laws. I had to print this off and draw it out in order to really figure out what you were saying, geodob. But after I did some more research I realized, my dau fits right into the category of kid who lacks visual-spacial working memory and auditory working memory. She doesn't really fit the mold for visual processing but could still have it- for example, we asked her when i say B, what she pictures in her mind and she says she sees nothing. Same with stories- she says she has to tell her mind to imagine. And if I have her memorize a set of steps, with pictures, she does not memorize the pictures, she memorizes the words, but she does not visualize any of it..... I'm still sorting through it but it gives me an idea of what I specifically want to make sure is tested. THANK YOU!! I've read the entire Id special ed manual, and Idea laws that relate to me. In Idaho it is up to the district when it comes to how homeschool kids can continue to receive IEP support so I'm waiting for a call back. I also learned all about IEPs and have definitely found some discrepancies in the IEP and it fires me up again, but I know they deal with so many kids and have learned to generalize most of them to save money. So I'm calm again haha. Thanks again, everyone! I should have more answers by the end of the week and be on my way or back to the drawing board. Your posts were very helpful!!!!! I
  8. No, I really enjoy hearing other people's stories!!! It's nice to know I'm not the only one battling through all of this. My family has the flu so I'm home-bound, care-taking, changing movies out, and researching all of this. I have a huge list of websites and tests etc to sort through, thanks to all of your time. I SO APPRECIATE YOU! I'll let you know what happens. I do hope that someone else will benefit from this basic chapter book we have created here haha. Thanks, Elizabeth!
  9. Thanks for explaining that a bit more for me and providing the links! I totally know you guys believe me but now I wonder if I've made her sound worse than she is haha. I was explaining her behaviors and symptoms to just see if anyone had ideas, and I am so overwhelmed by the suggestions, in a good way. I'm sorting through this and printing everything you guys say! Her sequencing is not terrible, she just begins a task and if her heart is not set on it or i have not prompt her enogh, she will end up doing an art project, so it takes a lot of prompting and setting up tasks, typical for executive functioning kids I'm guessing. I will look into the other ideas you had for sure. I have read the Dyslexic Advantage and loved it- I just let my mom borrow it and then im going to read it again. That is the thing, my dau is SO talented at some things, I just want to unlock her brain and figure out how to play to those strengths more and make sure we are doing everything we can. Her tests at the school were done 12/15/15 and her IEP was 2/10/16 I totally agree with more recent testing completed, she has not had a formal testing through her ed. We have also been limited on how much $ we can spend as I have quit my job to pursue this and homeschooling, so I have been careful to research the testing and I believed the WISC would be the next test we did. So I think putting money into a couple of those tests you mentioned, to have something to measure off of that, would be huge and would help me decide if this is worth the effort. Thanks again Elizabeth!! I hope you are not getting bronchitis! It's nasty this time of year for sure!! Bless you!
  10. Good to know. No I have not had her eyes checked with a developmental optomostrist, but a pediatric opt. We have not had any processing testing done besides what the school has done, that is why we are looking for a neuropsych. Thanks for the tips on the 504!
  11. Yes! Thank you for the feedback. I tried to quote you guys and lost everything i just wrote... ugh. Can you guys just come to my house for coffee and I will buy you gifts? :) Thank you for taking the time for this! So we have not done any other testing than what the school did (1 year ago on both) and we had the test completed for the dyslexia but I can't remember the name of the test offhand- I was like - duh- ya she has it but let's move on. Thank you, Geodob and Misty Mountain for the input as well. The auditory/visual working memory etc are things I am going to look into further. And Elizabeth, I am going to look into the complaint system for sure. I've been reading up on my state laws and resources, Idaho is kind of lame as far as not much support or orgs but I'm sorting through it! As far as her WJ-III C results: It lists SS then Percentile, so Word Identification SS-88, then Percentile 11. Under the category "Long Term Memory" and "Cluster Long Term Retrieval", she was in the 2 percentile, but in the category "Cluster auditory Processing she was in the 95 percentile. the other very low percintile was Perceptual Speed- visual matching 2% and Perceptual Speed Composite is 5%. I'm just going to do some research on how to read this again and look through all the notes I kept from our meeting (no kids with me this Friday so I'm going to figure this out, as well as all of the terms you guys posted because some of them were new to me). I just feel frustrated because these scores don't seem as bad as she is (which you explained Elizabeth) and also if she scored major low in perceptual speed and cluster long term retrieval, then how come it is never addressed anywhere else in the IEP plan for improving those things? I know I know, they don't care, but obviously that means something else is going on that is keeping her from remembering what she is learning or processing the information correctly.... Or her goal is not to improve those things but to only "be normal in math" through repetition and being in a special ed room with a bunch of other kids that don't have anything similar going on with them, but everyone is doing the same thing?? I don't want to waste any of your time, I know you addressed some of this with me again so here I go venting again...it's a cycle. I totally blew off the autism thing because I am used to seeing much more severe cases of autism and i trusted what the professionals were saying; but she was never formally tested for this and she should be. We do work at home on working memory during homeschool, and some therapy, such as sequencing tasks, visual memory games, holding letters in her mind, and using multisensory tools, but in therapy I feel like they are most focused on her remembering her site words, memorizing the blends, cement sounds, etc.... which I think is helping a bit but The working memory is one of the bigger problems she has though, I think, so maybe we should better spend our money on OT or PT, and further WMemory curriculum. It is interesting though, when she is riding a horse (she takes lessons), she is smooth as butter- not as ridgid and can multitask easily, and remembers all of the sequences while riding. Her horse teacher is amazing and by request, gives her a list of things she should do on the horse and she can do them no problem, but if at home trying to do a sequence, she gets easily lost (which could be environmental totally). Ok, I'm going to print off the most recent stuff you told me, continue to research the laws and by Friday be completely versed on how to interpret and IEP. I'll get back to you on Monday if I can get anything figured out or have further questions. THANK YOU! I promise I will pay it forward!!
  12. Thank you!! Wow that's a lot to process. I'm headed out but wanted to say thank you so much for your time. Some of those things you talked about were so right on- she has not had all of that private testing you mentioned. I'm going to get going on researching more of what you said and get back to you. Thanks, OhElizabeth and everyone!
  13. HI Ladies, here is a bit more information for those that were interested in trying to help me sort through my own story and find help. My daughter is 9 yrs old. The only testing they did on her school eval for IEP was the Woodcock Johnson III Test of Achievement, administered by the special education teacher. Then it said the same test was administered by a school psychologist a week earlier. The test was done a year ago last week. Below average scores Broad Written Language (SS69), Math Reasoning (SS 78), Math Calculations (SS85), Reading Comprehension SS 74), and Basic Reading sKills (SS85). They did not test for dyslexia, nor would they accept the term dyslexia (we had her privately tested). I told them she has dyslexia and it requires a specific form of remediation, but they did not have that and they looked at me like I was stupid for asking for it, and also said that she does not qualify to use an IPAD or any sort of tool like that (which we use for most of her learning now). Most of the IEP looks to have data from watching my dau in the classroom and the WJTA is the only actual test conducted. As I look over the IEP, I can't believe they said she would be at grade level in a year and I can't believe they did not properly test her memory or processing (you were right OhElizabeth, they don't care about that stuff). Their "remediation" was stressing her out (not her ed therapist at all). She would come home crying every day and I believe the stress was keeping her from learning- she was only memorizing what they wanted her to say back and then spewing it out like a little robot. There is a lot I should have fought them over, but my dau was so far behind and I knew more about what she needed than they did at that point, so I pulled her out and started specialized curriculum with her, which she has been doing well with, but there are still some major concerns about her memory, executive functioning, processing speed, memory retrieval etc. So our education therapist has worked with hundreds of kids in dyslexia remediation field and that is why we went to her. I like that they started my dau from the beginning, working on letter sound recognition (something the school said she was good at but she was not) and digraphs, etc. As someone else stated, it could just be the remediation program does not work, but her memory issues are beyond just her dyslexia- I feel like they are the reason for her dyslexia... Here are some concerns from the therapist, who also had a few other specialists come in and observe: "After 56 hours of one on one training, M formed a stronger letter-sound connections, however her fluency showed no improvement". "M's phonological Memory has proven to be a concern. Phonological processing provides brief, word-for-word storage of auditory information. Possible deficits in her phonological memory are impairing her ability to decode and encode, despite improvement in her letter-sound connection. These deficits are impairing her ability to listen to sentences, retain them and process them in order to write the sentences down or apply them in some way. In addition, she also has displayed deficits in Rapid Automatic Naming skills. She has demonstrated deficits in RAN when she struggles to retrieve information from her long-term memory that she nows well and with which she has a lot of experience. For example, struggling to retrieve her own middle name, her grandmother's name, the number of letters that make up the alphabet or struggles to know a word she just read. She also struggles with spacial awareness at times, such as not knowing how to get back to our office from the bathroom, even though she has used it multiple times. It is our recommendation that M. have a full neuro-educational assessment that evaluates closely her visual spatial skills, working memory, phonological memory, verbal narrative memory, fluid reasoning, phonological awareness, attention, processing, visuomotor integration, and adaptive functioning. We recommend a pediatric neuropsychologist for a full diagnostic evaluation. " All of these that have impacted her ability to learn reading, writing, math, etc. So this is where these two worlds are colliding- I ditched the school because they seemed more concerned about making sure her levels were at the same level as the other students, and their plan was to basically exhaust her all day, making her do repetitive work, with no new technology or learning disability specific intervention. Then I started with this education therapist that was able to help me feel like I definitely am not crazy, my dau has bigger things going on than what the school made it seem. The ed psych said it was the 'worst IEP she has ever seen', but she does not have any great recommendations for neuropsychs in the North West. I don't really want to deal with the school system and go through all of those hoops, but my goal is to find a wonderful pediatric neuropsychologist and I have not had any great feedback from other places besides SEattle Children's Hospital. I have talked to several psychologists that seemed like they knew about the tests but then when it comes to memory and figuring out processing issues, they didn't seem to have the knowledge. I want a neuropsych that does the test themselves, is sensitive to my daughter's feelings because she gets overwhelmed and shuts down, trying to please those testing her, and someone that can help me come up with a plan for after the testing- like a list of things we can do to improve her memory, or specify what type of therapy would help her. I don't plan on her going back to school, unless we moved somewhere where there was a school specific for kids who learn experientially and are sensitive to these needs. The therapist had a Autism specialist observe her, but they determined she is not autistic. She is very social and communicates very well. She is somewhat of a story teller and emotionally advanced beyond her years for sure. She was not diagnosed with ADHD either, or any Traumatic Brain injury. Reading- reads at kindergarten level, anxiety, has to block out all of the other words and read one word at a time. Often says the last sound of the word first. Remembers the rules but applies them at the wrong times sometimes. Transitioning from one word to the next is very slow. Writing- can have beautiful handwriting at times, but cannot spell at all on paper. Will spell the word 'our' outloud and when I ask her to write a sentence about our family, she will spell awr famlee, ven though she has aced those on her spelling tests the week before. Sometimes she will not allow for space between the words so it ends up all jumbled. If she wrote a paragraph on a topic, I could read about 50% of it and the other 50% would not make sense. Math- struggles to hold numbers in her mind. We recently just completed the addition facts and are working on subtraction, but still far behind her 3rd grade level. Attention- major executive functioning issues (my interpretation), needs reminded often to stay on track or complete a task. Is often day dreaming or doing an art project. Always has some sort of project she is planning (which I love). Spacial awareness- Sometimes off, like if her brother is sleeping on the couch she will sit on him even after she was reminded several times he is there. Movement- Sometimes uncoordinated, slower, trips a lot, and not always aware what is going on around her, safety concerns at times. Very artistic, and remembers everything she experiences or watches on TV- she will tell me about a movie she remembers from when she was 5 years old, down to the detail of a joke in the movie and where they were, etc. But then she can't remember how to read a word she sounded out in the sentence before the one she is reading. Or if I give her three sounds in a word, she will forget the sounds after only a few seconds unless I repeat them a bunch of times. It takes so much work for her to remember sounds of letters if she has to hold them in her mind. Writing a sentence someone says to her is extremely difficult. She definitely has strengths, which I try to teach to everyday, but I just don't know if I'm doing it the right way! Goal: make sure there is not a bigger problem, such as brain injury etc and if so, figure out what our next steps would be. Establish the way she learns and they methods that would help her retain knowledge and figure out possible processing speed issues. Design a therapeutic plan that includes activities that will help her improve her ability to learn as well as function. So this is where I'm at, I have read so much, talked to so many psychs, and our ed therapist does not have any great recommendations for neuropsychs. Since I am in North Idaho, and have not found great support or resources, I'm lookng everywhere. I feel like I'm the only one with a daughter like this and there has to be a bunch of us out there! The main doctor at WWU at the center for learning disabilities sent me to a psychologist whom they thought was a neuropsych, because after lookng over her case files, they thought she was too complicated for them...long story. Then the psychologist is not a neuropsych and has done a ton of school psychology. After reading up through the Wright Laws, it doesn't seem like it would work out and I definitely don't want to get in a battle, an unnecessary one at that if they don't give a flip about memory or processing speeds, etc and won't support us going to a neuropsych, financially. If you have any other suggestions for me or advice, I'm more than asking. I think at this point I'm researching and waiting to hear from a great place I heard about in Portland. I will have to put her testing off until we can raise the money for sure. That neuropsych in Seattle made it seem so easy and that he receives IEE patients all the time and it was my right....but it just seems like so much work. Do you know of anyone I could send her IEP to and the Therapist notes to see if it was worth pursuing an IEE? Thanks for reading my book here! If you know of any other moms with similar kiddos that have found a great path for help, please direct me to them! Also, please be honest if this sounds like a very cut and dry case, that maybe I have worked myself into a tizzy and the problem is I really don't have qualified educated sounding boards around me? :) #momscanbecrazy Thanks!!!
  14. So much great info, thank you! I really have so much more to learn. The most difficult thing about building a team, is the last year I've been trying so hard but I feel like I can't find any well-educated folks up here, and I work (ed) in an industry full of mental health professionals! And you're totally right about the ed therapist- my daughter adores her and I do believe the repetition is helping her, but as far as knowing where to send me or what steps to take, she hasn't helped at all. I honestly feel like I have lost my trust for most professionals because I have had so many dead ends, or people that have said one thing and then it ends up not happening or being the right connection. So when I heard a doctor on the phone that speaks the language and seems to have a plan, and could possibly be covered financially, I was optimistic. I go in waves of working hard on this because I am also homeschooling and she requires almost one-one teaching. I just know there is something bigger going on here and I don't think it should be this hard to find the help we need. It could possibly be sitting right in front of me too! I'm headed out of town for Christmas, but I will check back here after the weekend and I will also PM a couple of you. I really appreciate this forum as from what I can tell, moms know way more than most professionals when it comes to finding the right path for getting help for our littles. Thank you!! Have a blessed Christmas!
  15. Thank you!! My ultimate goal is for her to be able to go to a private school at some point, but if she learns best through homeschooling then we will continue that path. The goal for the next year is to figure out how she learns, what global issue is going on with her memory/retrieval/processing etc and have assistance developing a specific program, with other services as needed (OT etc). So It's difficult because I want her to be able to go to school with the other kids (even though we socialize quite a bit and she would rather homeschool), but all of my work to get an IEE would only be to gain information for how severe she is, how she learns, and what we can do to help her...then from there decide if she will do best at home or if there is a private school or amazing public school that can accommodate her. Sigh, I like the goals idea though- I have it written down but as I figure out which path to take here, I will do a pros and cons with my goals list for sure. Thank you for taking time to help me sort through this. I will look into the Wright law, etc. Cheers!!
  16. Thank you for your response! I'm printing it tonight and looking through it again. I just don't see why it has to be so freaking hard! How do you know so much about this, may I ask? I'm going to take your advice and start researching tonight. I have a few contacts that I learned about today that I will be following up with as well. The problem is the results from what the school says my daughter is capable of and from what her educational therapist says she is capable of greatly differ. I did not know how severe my daughter was until we started the educational therapy for dyslexia remediation, and then working with her at home. At school, she was starting to develop an anxiety disorder and would cry every single day. Forcing them to figure it out wasn't worth me leaving her there any longer...does that make sense? I'm in the mental health field and I am not an over-reactor by any means. I literally did not have the support at the time to dispute her IEP until I learned more about what was really going on with her memory, etc. I needed confirmation from another professional that she definitely has bigger issues than what the school is saying.... I'm talking to another neuropsych this week that would be an alternative route to the IEE, but I feel like I am definitely going to further educate myself on these steps because NO ONE in my area (rural North Id) seems to have any specific program to offer advocacy for kids and their parents during their IEP processes... We just assume the school is going to honestly test and try to help, but I feel like with money in the picture, how could they help each child effectively when there are kids that obviously would cost more money to help.... Anyways, thanks! Please let me know if you have any other thoughts. I sound kind of all over the page, but I've talked to so many professionals the last few months, its hard to explain. I may have jumped the gun on my excitement for an IEE actually working out, which is pretty typical when it comes to dealing with kids with abnormal learning disabilities- so many dead ends! Thanks
  17. Thanks for the comment. It's a very long story and many many steps have been exhausted prior to this one. My daughter is much more severe and complicated than the normal child, per several education therapists and doctors. I have had appointments with Psychologists and then after they review her case they believe she would best be seen by a neuropsych, then ive also had ones that say they can do everything a neuropsych can do, but they did not speak the language or claim to conduct the multitude of tests the neuropsych can do. Long story, but I do appreciate your feedback and I am going to print off all of these comments to look through and consider carefully, as well as get some feed back from other resources of course.
  18. Thanks for the replies!! I have already pulled her from this school because it would have taken me longer to train them how to teach my child than for me to teach her myself. Honestly at that point I did not have the energy to try to fight with them when my daughter was slipping so far behind and I knew that environment would NEVER work for her. The testing they did was not even close to adequate. I have put my career on hold to take this on full time and homeschool, and I'm bound and determined to fight for her to get the correct help she needs and to make sure we are doing all we can to help her learn (there is a lot of history in what I have done this past year as well, but I won't write a story here). The main reason I would go through an IEE is because the hospital I want to do the specific testing (after talking to multiple psychologists and neuropsychs) is not taking patients outside of their in-house referrals. For some reason, they accept referrals through IEE's and school districts because it is government kind of stuff... I'm going to explore this and I don't mind pissing people off. I am willing to pay private as well, what ever it takes, but if this gets me the best doctor, with the most knowledge and follow-through on what my daughter needs to learn and solve the little mystery that she is, and I don't have to pay thousands out of my pocket I don't have, then I'm going to try my hardest!! I will no doubt be starting from scratch, showing them the inadequacies of her current IEP, if that's what it takes. I have not pursued the IEP route because I did not want any further incompetent psychologists wasting our time through the school district, but if through the IEE, I am allowed to push for what doctor my daughter tests with, then I'm all for that. I have met very nice people in my searches, but I am pleased to meet a doctor that has the knowledge, speaks the language I've been waiting to hear, and also has some great follow-up plans for after testing to make sure my dau is getting the correct type of help and services, etc. I will report back on here as I go. It feels like I'm applying for furlough from prison, but you never know unless you try, right? Thank you for clarifying THe WRIGHT Laws, I wrote that wrong several times. Let me know if anyone else has feedback on this topic! Thanks and best of luck to you all!
  19. I spoke with a Pediatric Neuropsychologist today at Seattle Children's Hospital- after I read my daughter's IEP and education therapist notes to him over the phone, he said she definitely needs further testing and that our school district was not competent in testing our daughter. He suggested I study the Rights Law and formally request further evaluation through an IEE, and I can specify that it needs to be done at with a specific Neuropsychologist, even across state lines. I'm posting this because I hope to gain insight from other families that may have pursued the IEE and to also share this idea. It may not work, but it sure is worth the shot and if you would like to hear more about what happens with my journey in trying to push for this, please send me a message. Any advice is always GREATLY appreciated as well. :) Thank you!
  20. That's what I'm wondering about- it seems like some of the psychs are more personable, but I also want someone very intelligent, that has studied memory, and can help us come up with a solid plan. I don't want to go to a psych and then after that, they will send us to a neuropsych. What made you decide to just go with a psych? Thanks!!!
  21. I have not looked in Boise, mainly because I figured there are so many children's specialty hospitals etc in Seattle or Portland. Do you know of any great neuropsychs in Boise? Thanks!
  22. Thanks for the response! I am looking specifically for a neuropsychologist because memory seems to be a bigger issue, which is not helping with her dyslexia remediation process. I will check with Susan Barton webpage though because maybe one of those education psychologists have a recommendation! Great idea! Thank you!
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