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  1. Thank you so much for your help. And all the people you help on this forum!! Now I'm moving on to googling all the new things Im trying figure out haha. Hope your son is doing well and life is going smooth for you!;)
  2. Hey! Just wanted to send an update in case there is a parent traveling down my road. So I found an amazing neuropsych in Portland, you can PM me if you want more details. She tested for 3 days and then after two weeks, we met back with her and she spent around 4 hours with us going over the results and basically training us on what we can do to help my daughter. The diagnosis we got was ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyscalcula, and a language disorder! Along with slower working memory and processing, but she did not label those as a disorder. The language disorder threw me, but after she showed me all of
  3. Hey guys, long time no chat. So I found out the IEE was going to be really hard since we decided to homeschool. I could have enrolled her in virtual academy and then pursued a re-examination of the IEP (a new IEP through the virtual academy) then from there gone on to the IEE. So this would mean a sit down with the school, etc etc. In the meantime, I found another great doctor that has agreed to see us sooner than waiting to get to Seattle Children's. This Neuropsych also takes three days to test versus the only one day...she likes to get a complete picture. Then she helps us come up with a p
  4. Yes, very good advice. She made it sound like they would only do the one specific test they did and not address the other problems, even though it SHOULD take further tests, like the WISC for sure. I think that is what you meant. So I'll clarify with the state education representative.. The state of Idaho is shut down because of snow so they are not in office yesterday or today, but I left vm both days. So I'll try again Monday because I need to know much more about this before I write it off. I guess I just want to do all of the tests because I want to make sure there is not a bigger problem
  5. It's almost like calling Verizon- if you just keep calling back you may get an answer you like. ;) Ya, I have left a message for our school district's director of special education, regarding policy, because I could not find the specifics in the policy I read online. We'll see- I'm still glad that I at least tried for it. I always felt like there should have been more closure with it all, so this could be it. If I was not homeschooling, it may have worked, but I'm not going to start the Virtual Academy for sure. And just like Elizabeth said, they most likely don't give a crap about the workin
  6. Thanks for the resources. I spoke with a school district employee today and a parent advocate for special needs kids in Idaho. I found out since we are not enrolled in the school, we don't have access to re-testing for an IEP in Idaho, unless she was enrolled in virtual learning. Then the parent advocate told me with the IEE, they only re-do the same tests that we don't think were done efficiently through the school district. They do not do any other testing....I'm not so sure about that one though because that is not what I have read. Anyways, I have one more call out to a lady to confirm w
  7. I've been really working on this, along with reading entire manuals and state laws. I had to print this off and draw it out in order to really figure out what you were saying, geodob. But after I did some more research I realized, my dau fits right into the category of kid who lacks visual-spacial working memory and auditory working memory. She doesn't really fit the mold for visual processing but could still have it- for example, we asked her when i say B, what she pictures in her mind and she says she sees nothing. Same with stories- she says she has to tell her mind to imagine. And if I h
  8. No, I really enjoy hearing other people's stories!!! It's nice to know I'm not the only one battling through all of this. My family has the flu so I'm home-bound, care-taking, changing movies out, and researching all of this. I have a huge list of websites and tests etc to sort through, thanks to all of your time. I SO APPRECIATE YOU! I'll let you know what happens. I do hope that someone else will benefit from this basic chapter book we have created here haha. Thanks, Elizabeth!
  9. Thanks for explaining that a bit more for me and providing the links! I totally know you guys believe me but now I wonder if I've made her sound worse than she is haha. I was explaining her behaviors and symptoms to just see if anyone had ideas, and I am so overwhelmed by the suggestions, in a good way. I'm sorting through this and printing everything you guys say! Her sequencing is not terrible, she just begins a task and if her heart is not set on it or i have not prompt her enogh, she will end up doing an art project, so it takes a lot of prompting and setting up tasks, typical for executiv
  10. Good to know. No I have not had her eyes checked with a developmental optomostrist, but a pediatric opt. We have not had any processing testing done besides what the school has done, that is why we are looking for a neuropsych. Thanks for the tips on the 504!
  11. Yes! Thank you for the feedback. I tried to quote you guys and lost everything i just wrote... ugh. Can you guys just come to my house for coffee and I will buy you gifts? :) Thank you for taking the time for this! So we have not done any other testing than what the school did (1 year ago on both) and we had the test completed for the dyslexia but I can't remember the name of the test offhand- I was like - duh- ya she has it but let's move on. Thank you, Geodob and Misty Mountain for the input as well. The auditory/visual working memory etc are things I am going to look into further. And E
  12. Thank you!! Wow that's a lot to process. I'm headed out but wanted to say thank you so much for your time. Some of those things you talked about were so right on- she has not had all of that private testing you mentioned. I'm going to get going on researching more of what you said and get back to you. Thanks, OhElizabeth and everyone!
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