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  1. Thank you everyone, this has been really helpful. I couldn't have figured this out on my own just from the website. Sorry if this has been asked a lot, I did a quick search and didn't see anything but maybe I should have looked longer. :)
  2. Hmm, I can't do the online classes. I was just thinking about the texts. On their recommendations it's showing Prealgebra 1 and 2, and Intro to Algebra A and B. I'm guessing those are the first and second halves of the textbooks? So the order of the books I would buy are PreAlgebra, Intro to Algebra, Intro Counting and Probability, Intro Geometry, Inter Algebra, Precalc, Calc. That leaves out 2 of the books they have available. I'm going to a curriculum sale tomorrow and I'm wondering which books to pick up if I see them and which I don't need or won't for a long time.
  3. What is the typical sequence for AoPS. My 5th grader will be doing pre-algebra in the fall, does he work is way through all of the texts listed on the website in the same order they are listed (at an average rate of one book per year) or are some optional/extra? If he started now would it go like this? 5th: pre-algebra 6th: Intro to Algebra 7th: Intro Counting/probability 8th: Intro Geometry 9th: Intro Number Theory 10th: Intermediate Algebra 11th: Inter Counting/Probability 12th: Precalc ...then Calc? Would he have to double up one year to get to them all? Are they designed to be year long curriculums?
  4. Came back to add that I'm not looking for grammar/mechanics/spelling. I'm thinking more creative writing, compositions, how to write a good persuasive essay, biography, fiction, reports, etc.
  5. Writing isn't my strong point and I'm feeling a bit lost on how to teach it. This is for a gifted 9 year old who writes "fine" but doesn't enjoy it either. Right now we have Writing Strands level 3 and "free writing" time (which usually results is a non descriptive step by step of what we did that day.) and summaries of books he has read. I feel like we need more/something different. How do you teach writing?
  6. I'd like to get Jacob's Ladder reading comprehension for my 4th grader. Wondering which level to get. Do they have placement tests? He scores 99th percentile on standardized tests for reading and in 3rd grade last year had Lexile score of 1185-1235. Usually I would get a couple levels ahead of his "grade" but noticed Jacob's Ladder is meant for gifted kids so maybe I don't need to do that?
  7. White board or chalk board? Setting up a school room in our dining room, chalk board is prettier but I'm worried about chalk dust everywhere and reviews for chalk markers don't sound that great...
  8. Great! I'm glad most of BA5 will be done by the fall. We are hopefully going to finish 4 this summer. I was wondering if BA4 was enough to prepare them for pre-algebra, but sounds like I won't need to worry about it. Thanks!
  9. What is the next step after Beast Academy 4? I see that you can get the first book of level 5, but what then?
  10. Thank you all for your responses, they have been really helpful and have given me a lot to think about. The benefit of developing working memory makes me want to give it my best effort in the hopes it will help DS with his "absent minded professor syndrome" if nothing else!
  11. We are jumping into homeschooling in the fall. I will have a first grader and a gifted 4th grader. I have the WWE book that I was going to use with both of them. They have never done narration or dictation and neither have I. 4th grader can write a composition with very few grammatical errors. But I tried a dictation from WWE to see if we needed to start there or if I can move to WWS and he couldn't do it very well (His grammar was perfect but he couldn't remember what I said perfectly). Is dictation more of a memory exercise? Was I doing it wrong? The directions said to read the paragraph 3 times and then he had to write what I said. Is he supposed to start writing when I start reading, like taking notes, or is he supposed to listen the whole time and then start writing when I've finished reading? We tried it both ways. He was super frustrated with it. I guess I'm asking what the purpose of dictation is, how I'm supposed to implement it (write while reading or after reading), and if we can skip it if he writes well already.
  12. I haven't read them, but my mom is reading the Ranger's Apprentice series and the librarian told her to follow up with Fablehaven. So I'm thinking people who like one would like the other?
  13. My kids are in a good public school now. My only complaint is that they don't have a gifted program and my son is wasting a lot of his time at school. We've been unofficially "after schooling" but don't have very much time with activities (piano lessons, scouts, clubs, etc.), (meaningless) homework and then they go up to read in bed by 6:30-7. I have family and local friends who are homeschooling so I have the support. Our public school is supportive of homeschooling and will let my kids come in for specials, so they can have the best of both worlds. I'm looking forward to starting in the fall!
  14. pehp, "what other organizational needs do you have? What is the problem area? Mostly books...papers...crafty stuff...? Sometimes it's easier to give specific advice to a specific need rather than general!" My organizational need is that I have almost no space! My dining room table is about the size of my dining room, you have to practically walk sideways around the chairs. There is either a window or a door on each wall. I have one shallow closet with some shelves in it. My other need is that I have no idea what I'm doing and don't even know what materials are "must haves" to try to narrow down how best to use my space. I saw someone post in another thread that each kid has a milk crate with their materials in them. I could fit a couple of milk crates on the floor of my closet, I like that idea... stuff like that. ​Edited to say that I accidentally posted the original post with an account that I wasn't planning on using and just unintentionally posted this reply with the account that I had wanted to use. (I'm Aimee63071)
  15. Jackie, would you mind sharing what you did use for levels B and C?
  16. UPDATE: I just decided to call Right Start to make sure and she told me that one of the changes to the second edition is that you use all of the manipulatives starting at Level B! I guess that's good that they are getting to use a wide range of tools, but kind of bad for my wallet!!
  17. Thanks, that's going to save me a lot of money! ;)
  18. I'm trying to build my own manipulatives kit for the Right Start Math second edition. Do you need all of the manipulative for every Level? I'm specifically wondering what I need for Level B. Do I need the drawing board kit? The geometry panels? Goniometer?
  19. Hi! I'm new to homeschooling, I'll be pulling my 2 public school kids out in the fall. I'm trying to build a curriculum for next year. I'm stuck on Language Arts. I will have a first grader and a gifted 4th grader who hates to write but reads and spells well above grade level. I'm considering ELTL. Is this all encompassing for ELA (reading, writing, grammar, spelling)? What do you use for your ELA curriculum?
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