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  1. Unfortunately I also have a daughter currently in Hospice, and since he didn't want to go to public school, at the moment he had no choice but to work independently. This was why I was looking for something online where he could receive help since I'm unable to help him at the current home b
  2. I have a 12 year old son who has struggled with both grammar and writing. We've used multiple different programs with limited success as well as Cover Story. Nothing seems to stick or grab his interest. I've been considering using an online service to help get him where he needs to be as well as take the stress off of me. I've been looking at two online programs, Time4Writing and Writing A-Z, but was wondering if anyone had experience with these programs or any other programs they've had success with. I need something he can do online independently that will get him up to level. I just don't want to waste anymore money on something that doesn't work. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  3. My son used Uzinggo which you can purchase through the homeschool buyers coop. The program consisted of watching a lesson online, printing out worksheets that go along with the lesson and reinforce learning, and then answering questions about the lesson learned as well as taking tests. The program itself does all the grading so he was completely accountable for his grades. It worked for us and cut down on a ton of arguments! The only downside was that once a lesson is complete and graded they can NOT go back and redo a lesson to attempt to get a better grade. It's a one time deal which kinda stinks. However the program is secular and has many high school level science programs.
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