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  1. Hi Jennifer, Sorry I can't help answer your questions. I deleted tapatalk after I did a search for "well trained mind" and a large porn video popped up on the screen. Thank God my kids weren't near me. I contacted the customer service but got no response. Just a warning!
  2. AimeeM I love that rosary wall! Do you do one bead or decade a day? How does that work?
  3. Bahahaha! Love it! Thank you all for your responses, all of your rooms sound and look great! I'm sure it will be trial and error for us, but I was just curious how other people set up. In one photo I saw a hook with headphones hanging on it. Great idea! And I LOVE those little closet offices! Wish I could do something like that. And it definitely sounds like I need to invest in more bookshelves. I've been collecting homeschool materials and I thought I was doing well having a shelf and a half filled up. ;) (my kids each have their own bookshelves filled with pleasure reading books). Thanks for sharing, all!
  4. I've been browsing Pinterest looking for ideas to organize and set up our homeschool room and I just have to ask. Do all of your homeschool rooms really look like those rooms on Pinterest?? Like a design magazine would want to interview you? Seriously, I just want some realistic, down to earth organizational advice. And I wouldn't mind some practical "decorating" advice either, like what do you have hanging on your walls? (Besides buntings, decorative twinkle lights, large typography letters, color coordinated everything...) 😜 I am converting my small dining room, but we still have to eat in there. I have a closet with 4 shelves and MAYBE room for a small bookshelf.
  5. So... I'll be homeschooling my 3 kids for the first time next year. Trying to think up some kind of daily routine. Is there anyone out there who is able to keep a consistently clean home while homeschooling? I don't mean no toys or clutter, I mean could someone drop by unexpectedly and ask to use your bathroom without you being embarrassed? Do your kids have clean socks and underwear available at all times? Do your shoes not stick to the kitchen floor? What kind of system do you have in place for this and when do you sleep? ;)
  6. Aha! See this is why I asked, thank you! It never occurred to me that they were doing group activities with the words. I knew he was in a group but I thought that was just for test taking purposes. I also did not know that it wasn't phonics based because they just started the program this year and I didn't think they still did phonics at that level and my 5 yo hasn't even started with actual words yet. Back to the research! Any recommendations for a first grader and a middle/high school level speller but 4th grade grammar student would be awesome!
  7. I'm trying to put together a homeschool curriculum for next year when I pull my kids out of public school. Right now I'm looking at spelling programs. They are currently using Words Their Way at school. My son (3rd grade) is halfway through the blue book (grades 5-12) so he is an advanced speller. Is there any reason why I should not continue him with this program? It's the one program the school uses that he's been able to go at his own pace without being held back and he's been learning the latin and greek roots of words all year which I think is great (and should help when he starts Latin next year). My daughter is in kindergarten and is using it too, but they haven't gotten to the stage of actually spelling words yet, they are still sorting pictures. I haven't seen it mentioned in any homeschool discussion, so I was curious what you all thought.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. My name is Aimee and I am planning on homeschooling my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter next year (they are currently in public school) and I also have a 2 year old daughter who may want to do some "school" too. I'm looking forward to joining your community. I am about halfway through the WTM book and love the idea of a classical education as well as how it is specifically set up in the book so as not to miss anything important. One question I'm having now is that my daughter will be in first grade and my son in fourth. (Background: One of the reasons I'm taking them out of school is that my son is gifted but the school does not have gifted education and he is extremely bored.) The cycles would have her on Ancient History and him in Modern. I was hoping I could get away with putting him at the fifth grade level and doing Ancient History with both. My problem is that it seems like once you get to the "logic stage" it is assumed that the child has had 4 years of classical education and has gathered all of the facts from the last 4 time periods and is now ready to analyze them. He has had little to no history in public school. Do you think he would do okay starting the logic stage (5th grade) as a gifted fourth grader with no history (or science) background? Thanks so much!
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