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  1. My sons eat a lot of chicken. They cook up about 18 pounds at a time (just for themselves), wrap it in individual portions in foil, and then freeze them. They just take a packet out of the freezer each day so it's ready to eat the next day.
  2. Kassia

    So sad

    I'm so sorry!
  3. "According to the USDA, the refrigerated cooked chicken is safe to eat for 3-4 days if it is properly stored."
  4. I do the same. I wouldn't keep chicken from Sunday to Friday in the fridge.
  5. Our school district has a huge levy on the ballot to build a new school for grade 6-12 that would have these spaces. They complain that they can't teach like this in the smaller classrooms that are available now.
  6. We used Thinkwell for Algebra 2 and my dd liked it a lot. We used Teaching Textbooks for geometry and dd liked that, too, but said she preferred Thinkwell.
  7. I'd like an invite. My 4 are 17-28. Lots of issues that I could use advice and support for!
  8. Good kids who have done AP were in ps so the classes weren't online.
  9. My kids have done DE and AP and have had both of the learning experiences you described for each. Some DE and AP classes were wonderful with inspiring instructors, and some DE and AP classes were not taught well at all. I think a lot depends on who is teaching the class. Overall, I'd say DE has been the better experience, though.
  10. No suggestions but I'm sorry about your dd's illness and it's effects on her. I hope she finds something to help.
  11. No AP tests but my dd does full time dual enrollment. ETA - my older sons took several AP exams in high school. Some were valuable, others were not.
  12. I'm sorry, too. Sending big hugs and lots of positive thoughts.
  13. Did you get any information about it? I'd love to know more for my dd.
  14. My parents left me alone for a week to go on a cruise when I was 15. I couldn't drive and it was in the summer so I rode my bike to work as a camp counselor. Our hot water heater blew the first night they left so I had no hot water the whole week! Other than that, I was fine but I wouldn't be comfortable doing that as a parent. And this was way before cell phones, email, etc.
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