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  1. My friend's son is 17 and fully vaccinated and just tested positive yesterday. He's doing okay, but did have symptoms and that's why he was tested. Everyone else in the family was tested and they are all negative.
  2. Congratulations! You must be SO proud!
  3. Thanks for posting - I had forgotten about this.
  4. I thought of you right away when she told me the news. 😞
  5. My friend's son was also fully vaccinated with Pfizer in May and just tested positive (had symptoms) yesterday. He ate 2x in a restaurant over two weeks in a town with an 87% adult vaccination rate! 😞 My friend is distraught about this after being super cautious for the past 18 months. ETA - he's 17
  6. That is a lot! I hope you can find some much-needed time to yourself.
  7. This has not been my experience at all. My doctors have been HORRIBLE at diagnosing things. I mean absolutely horrible even when the diagnosis was obvious or even told to them by me. I had a doctor tell me to take a Tums when I told him I had a total intestinal obstruction - I could have died. I had another doctor tell me my kids didn't have pertussis just because he didn't hear them cough during their five minute appt. Another doctor told me to keep my fingers warm when I told him I had trigger finger - then when he did surgery on my hand a few weeks later, he told my husband that my trigger finger was pretty bad. I was told that I couldn't have broken my tailbone because I could still sit down - but x-ray showed a fracture. I could go on and on...I had to pay for all these darn appointments, too. I actually cried when I got the letter that my doctor (she was my gyn, but I wish she had been a PCP) retired. I thought I'd be going to her for many years and eventually bring my dd to her. Her retirement was a total surprise.
  8. My family and I have had horrible medical care throughout the years. I had one doctor I loved and trusted, but she retired early and unexpectedly. We have wasted so much time and money on bad - and even dangerous - medical care. It's ridiculous and there's no accountability at all - we're still responsible to pay for crappy service. I don't trust anything any of my doctors tell me - I have to research and second guess everything.
  9. I'm so sorry. Our pets just aren't with us long enough. 😞
  10. The person I mentioned above was fully vaccinated with Pfizer in April. He and his mother (she was fully vaccinated but I don't know the details) were both hospitalized. He's 56.
  11. someone I went to high school with was fully vaccinated and recently hospitalized with Covid for three days. He passed it on to his mom, who was also fully vaccinated, and she is still in the hospital. 😞 He's 56.
  12. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry about this. It must feel like it will never end. 😞
  13. Thank you for the update. So relieved that he's home.
  14. Well, I guess it depends on the situation. I'd want her to listen to what DH says (or me) and then address/discuss the issue rather than resorting to being a martyr and avoid any problem in the relationship. I don't think I have any recent examples because we just stopped even trying many years ago. I used to get mad at DH for not confronting his mom about her behavior and it took me years to understand why he didn't bother - it just never did any good.
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