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  1. He's 3, and we've been working on his behavior for a year. It's exhausting but we are doing all we can to teach appropriate behavior. We've just seen the fits increase after screen time, so we are avoiding it for now until he gains some maturity. With regards to Eliana, I remembered yesterday that I was trained in Orton gillingham something like 12 years ago so I went and dug out my materials and am trying to get back up to speed. I'm going to discuss more in depth testing with both the slp this week and with the Pediatrician the next time we are there. I feel like I'm at least headin
  2. She watched that (and the other leap frog videos) probably a year ago - when my son napped we used to be able to watch shows like that but since he dropped his nap I can't turn on the tv much at all anymore because it makes him really irritable and he throws some crazy fits. So, I avoid the tv as much as possible now.
  3. Thanks for the ideas! I also found my old copy of Orton Gillingham from 10 years ago when I taught... between your ideas and that manual I should be able to get something put together! I haven't had her eyes checked, that's a good thought too,
  4. I have been receiving advice over in the Learning Challenges group, but I was hoping for maybe some more advice on specific programs that might not be as expensive? My second daughter turns 5 in April, and has been asking to learn to read off and on for the past year. Phonics instruction has not been sticking in her head and each thing I try just frustrates her more, even as I see a real desire to learn to read. Background: she has a diagnosed expressive speech delay and has been receiving private speech therapy for atypical speech patterns for the past year. The SLP is going to be doi
  5. Yeah, I realize that she's slightly under the age for the Barton screening - I was just kind of surprised when I randomly asked a few letters today - she was able to identiy E, I, O, S, and A and that's it. When asked what sounds any of them made, she got /s/ and that's it. I was looking for something, anything, that would give me anywhere close to a norm referenced idea of what she should know. I'm swinging kids in both directions, it seems, as my nearly 8 year old begged to do a "reading test too", so I pulled my QRI-3 book out and had her passing the 6th grade reading sample at an inde
  6. This is both validating and a little overwhelming! We haven't had a recent autism screening - it was part of the general screening she received that qualified her for speech services at age 2, with the county. At that time they were not concerned and diagnosed her with "expressive speech delay" only. Thank you for the suggestions and ideas, some of that we already do (and I have 4 kids, age almost 8, almost 5, 3 and 8 months). I'm going to have to reread your comments a few times to digest everything, but I wanted to say thanks for the in depth answer, it was very helpful!
  7. Interesting that you bring that up - I've wondered about it myself, but the general sense of her personality is "spacey". She'll simply space out, much like a classic ADD (not hyperactive). But she doesn't seem to have trouble focusing, it's like she has trouble getting her thoughts put together in a way that helps her answer questions/learn etc. I'll ask the SLP about it.
  8. My second daughter will turn 5 in April. She has an expressive speech delay and has been seeing a highly specialized private therapist for a year now, after having used the infants and toddlers county program for a couple years. She's made huge progress since switching to our private therapist. Our SLP is going to do an informal language assessment next week because we are seeing some "pink flags" as she calls them, that have us concerned about what else might be going on. She is bright, (pediatrician has commented on how smart she is when doing basic neurological screenings, but no offici
  9. Interesting, thanks! I'll have to think about whether I can add them in over the summer.
  10. Do the levels of processing skills books coordinate with grade levels?
  11. Yes, I understood that :) I plan on using it along side the current curriculum I'm using.
  12. I ordered Primary Grade Challenge Math, I think it's exactly what I was looking for!
  13. That sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Thanks! And thanks for the warning on the first chapter of Beast 3A, I have the books, I just need to take a good look at them to see how I want to attack them next year.
  14. Good morning! I've got a question about math. My daughter turns 8 next month and I am struggling to identify how to proceed. She currently is halfway through McRuffy Math level 3. It is too easy for her, as I can tell that she puts no thought into it and can zoom through 2 lessons in 10 minutes with accuracy. I do not have to teach any of the new concepts because she can figure them out accurately without instruction. I feel like rushing her along is not going to be helpful, but I am unsure how to proceed. She is weak in problem solving - she simply won't apply thought. This has not be
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