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  1. Honestly, I have to agree that it is good news. It explains some things and helps me know better how to focus on her weaknesses and how to capitalize on her strengths. It's a bit of a brain game to switch from treatment for my 6 year old son and my 11 year old daughter, who have essentially the same diagnosis/severity level, but present so differently. Can you explain something to me though? The "early symptoms" of autism are SOOOOOO well advertised (toe walking, hand flapping, lack of eye contact, spinning the wheels on cars rather than playing with them, etc.) that I get a lot of confu
  2. I emailed her back to see if she will give me a report. I didn't honestly expect her to email me results, we have a followup appointment with her in a couple weeks, I expected the info then. She said at the last appointment that she used to diagnosis asd all the time in Texas, but that some insurances where we are now don't like her to diagnose... but I already checked with our insurance and they said they would accept the diagnosis from her.
  3. So the psychiatrist emailed me this morning. She said the Gars-3 results indicated that our daughter (who is 11 years old) "very likely has an autism diagnosis and that her autism is a level 2". And then she recommended that we go to a major children's hospital near us to get a "confirmation" of the diagnosis. We got the same recommendation for our son, too, and never bothered because the insurance accepted the diagnosis as it was and covered the various therapies we asked for. (and realistically, every therapist took our word for the diagnosis and didn't even ask for the psychological r
  4. yes I kind of filled it in by translating what they were asking for based on her behaviors... so questions that we could have interpreted more than one way went in the direction of "worse" rather than better. I'd be surprised if in the end the results aren't clear. I'm just thrilled that someone finally brought it up, because we've had a run around of diagnosis (adhd, GAD, OCD...). So I feel pretty good about getting clearer answers anyway. Her asd symptoms have gotten more obvious over the years to the point that it's pretty clear right now how different she is from her peers. So havin
  5. yes, I think that she got a pretty good picture - and I really liked her... this is the first person who agreed with me about what was going on with the ADHD vs anxiety thing, and asked a lot of the right questions, imo
  6. well true... I just was curious what I could find online about it and each one seems to have its own scoring and nom reference info.
  7. I was more using it for handwriting practice than reading practice... poorly thought through perhaps.
  8. took my 11DD to a new psychiatrist recently and by the end of the appointment was convinced that we needed to look closer at a possible asd diagnosis and made a copy of a rating scale for me to fill out. It doesn't have the name on it, though so I'm not sure which one it is. she asked a ton of questions related to asd in the office too, while obviously filling out a checklist on her computer. This says "section 5 Ratings" on the top and includes 58 total questions divided between restricted/repetitive behaviors, social interaction, social communication, emotional response, cognitive styl
  9. So then copywork, outside the reading ability of the child, is pointless? For example - I have her copy 1 sentence in science - I read her the sentence, pointing to the words, because she may or may not know what they are, and then she copies the sentences fairly well, but I doubt she could read the sentence back to me. In her neuropsych testing, she scored really high on the test that she had to restrict her impulse to read the word (say the color of the word rather than the word that is written in whatever color it may be in) because, as the psych explained, she doesn't have to inhibit
  10. true... the words are not the issue, they take time but it's not crazy time - it's the sentences and phrases. It just takes her so long to think about the spelling, and think about letter formation and write them down and keep the rest of the words in her head all at once. We are working on other aspects of her working memory and language organization/processing speed, because all that ties into the issues too. I wonder if I had her spell them out loud, maybe as I wrote them down for her? That would give her the spelling practice anyway.
  11. well and to be honest, I'm not sure college is the right route for this particular child, so it may not be necessary in the end anyway, time will tell. I am going to add a bit of direct instruction for handwriting again, just to shore that up and make sure there's nothing I missed the first time around, and maybe drop back some on the Barton writing requirements as a compromise... Realistically the writing isn't my reason for doing Barton and it it is the part that really holds her up in the lessons right now.
  12. Does a formal diagnosis from a private psych cover this? Or do I have to go through the school system for testing to have documentation that will suffice?
  13. Her vision has been checked, and both glasses and convergence issues ruled out. Because of the severity of her Dyslexia we will likely have a full vision test yearly (as the insurance allows) for my own peace of mind.
  14. So DD8 has dysgraphia and dyslexia. She is learning to type, but in the meantime, I am focusing on letter formation and require the following writing: She is doing English writing and Grammar level 2 from Bob Jones, either 1/2 or 1 lesson per day, depending on the amount of writing. Sometimes I allow her to circle the correct group of words instead of writing them; typically she has to write 6-8 words plus 1 sentence. For science, she will copy 1 sentence per week, and write a couple one word answers 2 times a week. She also does Barton level 3 and I have been having her d
  15. Thank you! That's very helpful 🙂 We made it through about lesson 27 I think, before we quit for the summer. She did ok with part C, but that was the hardest part. She's very precise in her translations, but is very interested in the memorization part of the memoria press stuff. I think the amount of work (translations specifically) in VL was really stretching for her and she would like a year of a bit less translation, so I might look at the First and Second Form Latins and see whether it would be a better fit. I didn't think about printing samples, that's an obvious piece I missed! She like
  16. yes, that's the one. She's 11 in 6th grade this year. She asked to not do another video-based latin...likes the book layout of prima latina, but it's just way too easy after doing the video series you linked to above.
  17. Last year my daughter finished visual Latin 1, and I totally dropped the ball on how to continue this year - she begged to do latin again, and all I had in the closet was Prima Latina, so I handed it to her... only she's doing a lesson every single day and is complaining about how easy it is and asking for the next level up... So do I need to get Latina Christiana? Or should I skip ahead to First Form latin?
  18. I don't have SKILL, but I have MW Braidy... There are lots of scripted lesson ideas with specific books to use, but I find the Braidy Manual disorganized - not exactly what I prefer in an open and go format. I've spent a lot of time reading and pondering and fitting the ideas together in my head and am mixing them into the stuff I have on Social Thinking, which is also not very open and go, lol. I might be willing to splurge on SKILL if it's truly that open and go - but I can't seem to find any good samples of the materials.
  19. Don't have much more time today, with an afternoon full of appointments and commitments, so I can't pull out the slp testing and quote it for you, but off the top of my head I remember it turned up "average" narration skills (on the TNL) but poor organization within the narratives, and low sequencing. phonological processing was actually dead average for her age - I was quite impressed, so the work we've done with Barton up to this point has worked (Barton level 1 was like pulling teeth, but once she got it, it stuck). Cause and effect was an issue, and pronunciation of the letter "R". I'm sur
  20. ASD is not on the table. And while I recognize some of the issues mirror asd, I also agree with the lack of an asd diagnosis. It's not a concern. She didn't get the adhd diagnosis - the psych could have diagnosed ADHD unspecified type, but she professionally disagrees with that and flat out told me she would diagnose an executive functioning disorder if that were an option, but since it's not, here are the ef skills to work on. But, I'd already identified the ef skills I needed to work on over the summer by getting my own resources to look at that and have already put in place many of th
  21. This was part of neuropsych testing due to tourettes and possible SLDs. But the psych who did it was not really used to working with parents who are teachers and who actually care - most of the recommendations were unhelpful for my purposes, especially since she got stuck on the executive function deficits (eg. take a parenting class to learn how to implement a token economy... I've got a kid with autism and you want to teach me how to implement a token economy?!?!) and didn't really break out suggestions for the stuff I found most interesting...but the testing results were very helpful. I've
  22. no, it was a test that asked her to figure out the meaning of a made up word - so xyz is something you wear. xyz is something made of leather. xyz is something you wear on your feet, and the understood point was that each clue was to help her figure out more specifically what the object was. so in this case, xyz was "shoes".
  23. verbal reasoning was high, processing really low and working memory really low when asked to manipulate data - she can give basic digit spans back but when asked to manipulate the data and give it back in a different order her results bottomed out.
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