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  1. Time Left: 3 days and 1 hour

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    I am looking for a complete 3rd grade math curriculum. I'd really like to try Teaching Textbooks, if I can find a good set for sale. I am open to considering other options, though. I'm looking for a Times Tales DVD, as well. I am also ISO of The Good and the Beautiful Level 3 Readers and Course Book, History Level 1, and Science bundles Safety and The Human Body Part 1. Thanks!



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    Hello, Below is a list of what I am in search of. I'm cross posting in hopes to find budget friendly deals. Handwriting Without Tears Printing Power Plus Set (the one with Kick Start Cursive) Explode the Code books 3 & 4 Beyond the Code books 3 & 4 ETC Alphabet Wall Chart and Activity Guide A US and a world wall map, preferably laminated Thanks!


  3. Thank you to both mamas who suggested LiPS. I'll definitely check it out. Thank you to the mama who suggested googling minimal pairs. I'm going to look them up now!
  4. Once I slowed down to help her, and really started hearing myself, I realized it really does sound that way! Now every word I say that starts with those blends I notice it, haha. I'll definitely have to tell her that rule. That's a good idea. I'll probably look up auditory processing issues, because I'm paranoid now. I'm hoping with practice she'll get it down. It's intimidating to think she could have something like that going on. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the advice! I've never heard of this. Do you know any other signs of this? Or should I just keep an eye on if she improves with practice?
  6. It's so relieving to hear someone else say their kid has done the same thing! When I thought about the way we talk I could totally understand how she comes up with these spellings. I tried to be positive. I told her it really does sound like that, but that's not how it's spelled. It's tricky sometimes. We have a southern accent, so I'm constantly having to slow us down on certain words. I was laughing so hard inside the first time she sounded out "get" and had no clue what word she was saying. We are guilty of saying it "git."
  7. I need some help. My 6 year old is having trouble with some beginning blends. She sometimes hears tr as ch, dr as gr, and it seems like she had one more she was struggling with, but it's slipping my mind. Like today the picture in her book stood for "drag," but she started to spell it, "jrag." We stopped and said it verrrrry slow and tried to enunciate clearly and she realized her mistake. How else can I help her? We are going to do word webs with a sound in the middle and words that start with that sound all around. Any other ideas? Is this something that will get better as she reads and spel

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    I have quite a few Lifepacs for sale. I have taken pics of each set, but if you express interest I will gladly send additional pics of each book, since they vary in condition. Please note, these books have been shelved for a while. I looked over them as close as I could, but I may have missed something. *Prices do not include shipping.* Home Economics. Units 2 and 3 are about half done in pencil writing and have some highlighting. Units 7 and 8 are mark free. The covers show wear. $8 for the set. Science. Grade 8. Teacher's Guide and units 2-10. No writing. Unit two has cover wear. The rest are in great condition. $45 Language Arts. Grade 8. Units 2-3, no writing but cover wear. Unit 5, no writing but cover wear and water ripple. Units 6-10, very clean, no writing. $35 Health. Teacher's Guide and Units 2-5 clean, show little to no wear. Unit 1 is without writing, but shows cover wear. $20 History and Geography grade 8. Teacher's Guide and units 3-10. I'd say these are all in pretty nice condition with 3 showing slight wear. $40 Math grade 8. Complete set. Units 1 and 2 are missing outter covers. Teacher'a Guide and unit 3 show some cover wear. Pages are free of writing. $50 American Literature. Teacher's Guide with Units 1-5. Unit 1 has name written inside with pencil. The cover has also come off. Unit 2 shows some cover wear. No writing on pages. $25 Science Grade 10. Units 1 and 2 have been written in with pencil and then erased. Unit 3 still has pencil writings. $15 History and Geography Grade 11. Units 6 and 7 have a stain on the covers, which you can see in the pics. A couple of these books show very faint pencil markings, where they've been erased. $14 I would also be interested in trades. I am ISO: Math U See Alpha Complete set (minus blocks) Life Of Fred Cats and Dogs Handwriting Without Tears K or 1st What Your Preschooler Needs to Know Draw Write Now Kumon 1st Grade books Kumon 3 year old books Five in a Row Bible Supplement for FIAR or try me on anything for a 3 year old or 1st grader :)



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    I'm in dire search of the complete MUS Alpha set, blocks and all. I do have a test booklet, so if you have all except that, then we're good. :) Thanks, Emberly


  10. I feel like it's definitely worth trying, but I'll probably wait until my youngest (almost 3) is about 4 or 5, so she can do it with us. She really, really enjoys science. We got a little chemistry kit for Christmas a few years back and she fell in love.
  11. Do you know which animal encyclopedia you have? There seems to be tons! I'm sure any would do, I'm just weird lol.
  12. I saw that set online when I was looking around last night. Good to know it's worth it. I'll have to put it on my list to eventually try. How long does the curriculum last?
  13. So many wonderful ideas! Thank you so much! So, some background. I kind of hate science, mostly because I'm not good at it. I want my daughters to love it, though! Open and go, clear directions, materials that are included or easy to get, are all huge bonuses for me. I'm definitely going to look into Mr. Q, as suggested. It's hard to pass up giving something free a chance! I also loved the idea of getting an animal encyclopedia and doing a chapter a week. Does this discuss animal classification at all? I never had biology in school so I'm embarrassed to admit I have no idea how to classify liv
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