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  1. Just a little FYI...I was a registrar for a Charter school in NC. Our transcripts, set up by the state, showed 8th grade courses for credit but did not calculate them in the GPA. That may be an option.
  2. I am looking at DO Algebra for 8th grade next year. I like what I see online, but can someone please tell me how much homework there is? How long does a lesson generally take?
  3. Emily - Thanks for the thorough review. I have purchased Biology and really like the looks of it. I am wavering between doing what you did this year or using Biology with Elemental Science: Earth. My son is definitely more math/science oriented but we have yet to find a science curriculum that clicks with him.
  4. We did end up using it and just finished up. It is the first cursive curriculum in 3 years that we actually made it through. Next year will be the test of how much sticks.
  5. Looking for reviews of these science modules. I am considering these for my son next year - 7th grade.
  6. Thanks for asking this question. We just started and I was wondering the same thing.
  7. I am looking at this for my 12yo son. We have tried New American and Getty-Dubay over the last two years without much success. The reviews I have been able to find look promising. Interested in hearing your experience and wondering if the webinar is necessary.
  8. Kentuckymom, thanks for the description. There is a lot about this that is appealing. Think I would have it rebound as a spiral.
  9. Is anyone using this and able to offer a review or pictures?
  10. When my girls were this age and in public school, the teacher gave them one of those plastic monster fingers with long nails to put on their index finger when reading.
  11. I had intended to use Mapping the World as a geography course for next year; but as I am looking at things, I have over planned and am looking at ways to scale back. Now, I am thinking about using MtWwA as a supplement and breaking it down across the history cycle. It looks like we would do four chapters next year for ancients. Has anyone successfully broken the program apart like this? For those who have completed the course, do you feel anything would be lost by doing it this way?
  12. My son started acting like this and we discovered it was food and environmental allergies along with gluten intolerance.
  13. We went for allergy testing last spring after he was on the couch for a week sleeping all day with congestion and gastrointestinal symptoms. We discovered that he had allergies to nuts, peanuts, soy, trees, grass, mold, cat, dog, dust, etc.... along with oral allergy syndrome. He has two nasal sprays, because insurance won't cover the one that contains both meds, eye drops, and was told to take claritin in the morning and zyrtec at night. We just started the sublingual drops in March. We have two vials, which are for all of his environmental allergies. He will be on the drops year-round. Doctor said we would not see benefit of those this year since we started so late. We drop most of the meds when the pollen dies down and then use only as needed. Over the past year, we have eaten more organic, did about 6 months of juice plus, increased his magnesium by using epsom salt baths, started using essential oils (eucalyptus and peppermint) in diffuser on nights he is stuffy, and of course eliminated foods he is allergic to. This year we are not where we would like to be, but it is better. I am not sure what exactly might have helped. Still a lot of "I hate spring" comments.
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