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  1. The news says we're supposed to go bad again this weekend but we're still in the green at the moment. I really hope we don't have to cancel church again. We have a whole outdoor tent set up and it's been so nice to go in person.
  2. I've taken MANY online college courses and the typo thing is a common problem in online tests. It is completely standard for instructors to issue credit for those questions. I've never had an instructor refuse to adjust a test grade when it is clearly a computer formatting issue. She's a jerk.
  3. 16. Twelve were in our first 11 years of marriage.
  4. Dh has become a TOTAL pushover with our most recent dog. Dd says he’s ruining the dog because he’s treating it like a grandchild.
  5. Dd danced at a studio that had a specifically stated value of not sexualizing in dress, choreography, or song choice. The quality of the program didn’t suffer one bit.
  6. Some of those clips were shocking and I didn’t go into this on the “cancel Netflix” bandwagon.
  7. Togo was really good. Action packed. It does have dogs in peril, but there's a happy ending.
  8. DD 23 homeschooled through 7th grade and private schooled through high school (at a teeny tiny school). She's still in touch with 1 friend from high school. Almost all of her friendships at this stage are from college. I think high school friendships matter, mostly for the relational training they give you, but there is definitely an impermanence to them.
  9. What stands out to me is that your teen isn't independently pursuing his relationships. Your involvement is likely acting as an obstacle to friendships at this age. For example, my 16yo has a long time homeschool friend whose mom texted all of the other moms about a birthday beach trip. My teen was SO ANNOYED, 1) because she believes her friend should be capable of organizing her own gathering and communicating such, and 2) because I don't run DD's calendar, she does. She wants her social engagements to run through her and not me. This puts a strain on their friendship because they're operatin
  10. I really loved Ramona and Beezus, though I don’t remember if it 100% meets your standards. I think it may.
  11. Re: Clearplay We watched transformers so many times on Clearplay that we forgot the real movie has a bunch of sexy references. When we eventually retired the clearplay, I was so taken off guard. It was like watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation without the TV version.
  12. We much preferred Hulu's live TV interface over YouTube. I can't remember but there was something really clunky about YouTube (but this was also back when it first came out so they might have improved it). Dh regularly rotates us through different providers depending on who is handing out the best deals. We're back on cable for the moment but I'm sure we'll switch at some point. I don't even blink anymore when our remote changes.
  13. I just licensed my last driver, too! My kids all got friendly people but we also chose the DMV with the best reputation. There's one DMV in my area with an infamous proctor who has made more than one kid cry.
  14. Our friends got a discontinuation of coverage notice right before the CZU fires started, then obviously no one would issue coverage on a house that was under an evacuation order. Their only option was state insurance. I feel like it shouldn’t be legal to drop people in those circumstances.
  15. This was us all day yesterday. Today is a little less apocalyptic but the air quality is actually worse.
  16. I stay off the meme thread when I’m feeling tender. The flaming “wear your mask” sign got me a few weeks ago, so I know how that goes. As someone living in this, I appreciate a little levity.
  17. The west coast folks will relate
  18. I’ve known 2 kids like this at this same age and both were later diagnosed with severe ADHD. One was further diagnosed with bipolar, but that was in his teens. While I don’t think it’s completely off base to worry about sexual abuse (or exposure to porn), I also think it could be major impulse control issues combined with normal body curiosity. It’s good that she felt like she could flag this for the dad. I imagine that’s not a comfortable situation after just meeting the kids. I would do some major and direct boundary setting in partnership with dad. Every time he does one of these
  19. We used to have an air soft rifle and we kept it in my husband’s closet. Not locked up but certainly no child of mine was brave or stupid enough to go into their dad’s closet without permission. The real gun is in a safe.
  20. Shout out to my fellow Californians.
  21. (((Hugs))) My best friend’s son has autism and is black. We’ve had this discussion many times. It’s just too risky.
  22. I think this sounds great in theory but in practice all that has happened is our special victims unit got shut down, including the social worker dedicated to working with sexual assault victims. So that’s how defunding is going around here. I think my point is that if even in the hospital, we are relying on police to handle situations that no one else is capable of, we have to recognize that there are elements to this that literally no one else can or will deal with. You’ve got a whole psych team trained in deescalation but if that doesn’t work, they call in the deputies. A
  23. I'm doing clinicals at our county psych unit and when a patient gets out of control, the solution is to call the onsite deputies in to physically subdue them. All this defund talk and yet even in the hospitals, police are expected to be the last line of defense.
  24. Yeah, I’m not sure what people are imagining but camping in the summer is a completely normal activity. The campers have no responsibility to predict the future here.
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