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  1. Doesn’t it seem like everyone has a book deal these days? I like listening to podcasts geared toward Christian women and they’re basically 95% people coming on to sell their books. It’s incredibly rare that anyone sounds like they have a novel point of view to share. I did a launch team for a book recently (it was just ok but I like the author) so now the publisher is sending me other random books. They just seem pointless. So many of them are just an inch deep, basically just restating what’s already been said a thousand times.
  2. I would encourage her to treat it aggressively now. Early, aggressive treatment seems to be the best hope for success.
  3. It's not something the insurance companies advertise, but a lot of them have them. It's not really nursing hours. It's just someone who sees all of the details of your case whom you can speak with on the phone (vs reexplaining your case every time you call the ins company). It really streamlines complicated cases. Benny might benefit from having one, too. My ds had one with our old ins company.
  4. My dh has type 2 CRPS in his arm from a traumatic injury that partially (mostly) severed his ulnar nerve. Obviously a lumbar block doesn't apply to his injury but he has had a number of other treatments including a nerve ganglion block, peripheral nerve block, nerve stim, a million meds, ketamine infusion, the list goes on...I'm sorry you're dealing with this. It's super shitty. Nothing really worked long term, but his last true flare up was 3 years ago. I'm not sure what really changed other than we moved into a MUCH better insulated home, so we've battled the cold winters a little less (cold is a huge trigger for him). He still deals with constant pain at about a 6, but the flare ups were debilitating, so this length of time without any has been a blessing. Our approach has been anything is worth trying and I do think there's something to breaking the cycle and letting the nervous system reset.
  5. Massage is the answer to any gift giving question. But really, Nursing is very physical and she’ll probably be carrying finals and the NCLEX in her shoulders for the next month at least.
  6. I was nauseous and SO TIRED yesterday. Woke up in the middle of the night really feeling like I was going to lose my cookies but I didn’t. I feel better today but I’m still popping ginger capsules.
  7. At our museum, general admission is included with the exhibit special pricing.
  8. On Thanksgiving we had our friends and the husband’s mother over. He reluctantly told the story of the time he was playing hide and seek with his brothers and his parents told them to go play outside. He didn’t realize that was code for something. He hid under his parents bed.... scarred for life. I laughed so hard that tears were streaming out of my eyes.
  9. November was a mess for me. Between my anniversary and Thanksgiving, it was my worst eating since May and I’m feeling it. My inflammation is way up. I still managed to lose a pound in November but it’s hard to celebrate it. I also went a full week without working out last week because having my eldest home threw things into chaos. sigh. This week I will get to the gym twice. Three times if I’m lucky. Last week of regular classes, so I should get on track next week with workouts. Overall I’m feeling motivated to get back on track and stay the course. Looking forward to W30 in January.
  10. It’s probably the same one that was here in San Francisco recently. I enjoyed it. The scale of his work was a big surprise to me.
  11. I follow this framework with my week: monday: roast (chicken, beef, pork, sausage &veggie, etc) tuesday: Latin (Mexican or Cuban, I have a variety of options) wednesday: pasta. I feed a crowd every wed so it’s always a pasta dish. thursday: pan dish. I have a million recipes that are one pan dishes. Chicken cacciatore, stir fry, Swiss steak, etc. friday: sandwiches (burgers, chicken sandwich, cheesesteak, etc) weekends really vary. Right now I’m making soup at least once a week. There’s usually a night that I don’t cook. We either have leftovers or eat out. My kids complain sometimes. I’ve given up on trying to satisfy their hopes and dreams. Ds wouldn’t eat the soup last night because it had beans. He made himself oatmeal.
  12. I'm doing these first reaction style. It could take me forever if I try to come up with the most right answer.
  13. This was a very successful year for me. I’ve lost 37 pounds since January. It started with consistent gym workouts in Jan. In May, as my school year wrapped up, I did the Whole 30 and started working out 5 days a week. During the fall semester I have continued to work out 3-4 days a week and kept my diet in check about 80% of the time. I’m doing another round of W30 in January, right before I start nursing school. I am proud of my accomplishments this year. My main goal is to maintain my healthy habits through nursing school. My most recent habit added is skin care. I invested in Rodan and Fields for myself and I’m trying to take the time to do more and more self care.
  14. Gotcha. We keep our tree alive from Thanksgiving to New Years every year. And that’s in the house where we’re battling the heater. I’m sure your tree will be just fine as long as you keep it watered!
  15. Will you be refilling the bucket? Trees drink through water pretty quickly. Are you leaving town? Just wondering why you aren't bringing the tree in.
  16. Geez, Dawn. Life isn't letting up for you right now. I'm so sorry for your loss, and for that poor, sweet mama. Heartbreaking.
  17. Does Class Pass operate in your area? I did a trial and really enjoyed getting to try a variety of small fitness studios.
  18. I big puffy heart love my YMCA. It’s all old people, nothing blaring, classes where everyone is welcome, clean, reasonably priced, I could go on...
  19. That’s a good idea. I’ll hang on till Monday.
  20. I was hoping for a $10 off $25 book code as in years past, but I'm not finding anything.
  21. It wasn’t our smoothest Thanksgiving. Our problematic toilet clogged, leaving is with one working toilet. Our spare table was spider infested. My bought fresh turkey ended up half frozen because we really need a new fridge. That threw off all the timing. But after all that drama, it was actually a pretty fun evening!
  22. Good question! I am a BIG physical touch person, so I think I’m constantly touching my kids. Ds 17 is probably more like your older son- not as touchy. I touch his head a lot- little head rubs/hair tousle, I put my hands on his shoulders and do a quick squeeze, if he’s sitting I kiss him on the top of the head... he loves back scratches so I do that while watching TV. Do you know your older ds’s love language? Instead of worrying about the physical touch so much, I would focus on making sure your filling his bucket in the way he receives love best.
  23. I start nursing school in January! I’m so, so ready to move on to actual nursing education. I’ve been clicking away at prerequisites since 2016.
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