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  1. I would absolutely pursue fighting that decision by the insurance company.
  2. The ability to talk with/connect with anyone. I’d love to be more comfortable with strangers.
  3. Another fav There are also W30 approved dressings at Whole Foods. They have primal in the name (primal kitchen?). I like their green goddess dressing.
  4. This is also a favorite but I use fresh orange juice instead of the dates.
  5. My go-to W30 salad is romaine, avocado, pistachios, shredded carrots, chicken (Trader Joe’s sells precooked chicken that is compliant), with a dressing of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and a small squeeze of compliant Dijon mustard.
  6. I am looking for a Christian based charity that I can purchase something specific (an animal, medical care, a year of school, etc) as a gift to my in-laws. Any suggestions?
  7. Yes, we got him in late November and I definitely posted pictures. He’s such a weirdo. We love him so much.
  8. Our 1yo lab is tall and skinny, too. Such an awkward stage. We call him baby horse.
  9. You left the most important bit for last! With this info, my first choice would be to hire cleaning help but barring that, I would stay home. That’s a lot.
  10. Interesting. I’m surprised those seats work for anyone, men included. I end up with UTIs and hemorrhoids anytime I’ve tried spin.
  11. The only abuse I'm seeing is the public thrashing she's suffered because people are so dedicated to finding ill intent and offense at every turn, they forget the fact that there's a real person being dragged through the mud in the process (who's probably genuinely worried about her career now that she's the "Peloton wife"). At least Reynolds gave her the option of changing her personal narrative.
  12. The Popcast (a podcast about pop culture) had a funny take on this whole thing in this week's episode.
  13. I do this internally. I don't like that I thought about that chair nearly non-stop for 3 days before I called and went back for the swatches. It also drives my husband crazy. Goals. We've made a few really big life decisions lately, one that I wrestled with quite a bit. Somehow, it's he chair that pushed me over the edge this time. I do think that house stuff (I'm just as bad with paint color) is hard for me. I'm not good at visualizing. I'm bad with scale and color. I want my house to look a certain way, but it's hard for me to translate it into real life. Chidi! Yes, I thought of him, too. I'm not quite at that level, but if you just dialed me up a little, I could get there! House stuff is definitely harder for me. It's a combo of my lack of skill in visualizing and the expense of it. I hate to waste time or money.
  14. This is a hard area for me, especially in things that shouldn't matter as much as I end up making them. Example, we're replacing dh's recliner. He gave me free reign on the fabric choice. After about 45 min I finally made a decision. For the next several days, I thought about that fabric. I looked at it online, thought about what other choices I could have made, until finally I called the place and asked if it was too late to change. They said that I could still make a change so I drove 30 min back to the store. I took home 4 swatches, including the original. Now that I'm home, I think I like the original best. So now I have to have them put the order back in and I have to drive back to return the swatches. Why do I do this to myself?
  15. Oh jeez, that’s probably my face every time I walk into the Y. I have worked really hard at getting into shape this year and every new step has come with a lot of trepidation. In that way, I found the commercial relatable. That you connected it to fear of her husband is surprising to me and I can’t say that it makes sense unless one is looking to draw those kinds of lines.
  16. Are you a prolific baker and bean eater? Certainly you go to the store for perishables more often than you would need to resupply brown sugar.
  17. We got hit VERY hard last year with multiple viruses, one of which landed my special needs guy into the hospital. I’m usually all about holding babies but a few Sundays ago my friend’s baby coughed directly in my face and I realized that I’m not willing to take my chances anymore. I think I’m going to be a winter Scrooge from now on. Which is really too bad, because I’m a hugger.
  18. We're 5 people in 1300sf with a one car garage. Wrapping paper. I don't buy it. I have one small box filled with gift bags and tissue that I tuck into the hallway closet. Wrapping paper is just too fussy and always gets squished. If I really want to wrap something with paper, I can go buy the single sheets at the store, but that never comes up. I put leftover Christmas paper into our Christmas storage bins that go up in the garage. Speaking of Christmas, I've purged a lot of our Christmas stuff the last few years. I also purged linens, books, and just about everything. I have a few extra blankets under one kid's bed in vacuum bags. My exercise stuff can tuck into a corner, but I would never be able to fit something as big as a treadmill here. Dh and I have a bed frame with drawers underneath. Pretty much every bed in this house has stuff tucked underneath. We have built in cabinets and I purged any books that didn't fit into those. I recently got rid of a ton of recipe books that I used maybe one or 2 recipes from. I digitized the recipes and out they went. Purge, purge, purge. That's 90 percent of it.
  19. Is this necessary? I mean, how much are you really saving? Those are fairly cheap commodities, even when purchased in small batches. I would consider retiring this approach.
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