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  1. Our neighbors occasionally smoke it and when the breeze hits just right, it brings that nastiness straight through my house. I hate it.
  2. The biggest challenge for my family is how this has impacted future life plans. Ds was on track for college baseball recruitment and he just lost his entire junior season. That sucks. With the NCAA extending eligibility, there will be less slots. His grade is getting the short end of the stick and that’s disappointing. My nursing program is in chaos and I think there’s a decent chance that I will get pushed back 1-2 semesters. The idea of my teens suffering through all online classes next school year is appalling. It’s no way to learn. So there’s all that. But also, we’ve remained healthy and there’s been a remarkable amount of peace in our household. Our years of homeschooling netted kids who know how to just be together. That’s been a contrast to other families I know. And our church weathered the shift online pretty well. I still worry about people who are less connected but overall I think we’re doing ok.
  3. This lady looks super woo and I didn't turn the sound on but she goes through a lot of the stretches that bring me relief.
  4. I totally understand that Covid concern, but all things considered, I really think it's the hospital stay. As a hospital mom, my body also suffers when ds is admitted. I find that laying flat on the floor (at home) and going through some yoga stretches does my body wonders. Bridges, cat-cow, gentle side stretches and twists. Anything that lengthens the spine. Make sure you stay hydrated and sometimes a Motrin does wonders. Sometimes the nurses bring me a heat pack and that also really helps. (((hugs)))
  5. I would push hard for a test and isolate him from the family.
  6. Ack, I'm sorry. Dr. Cody seems like she's gonna go the distance. I can't imagine what she's afraid of with curbside pick up. How much exposure is that really?
  7. This is about the MATH+ treatment protocol. Do you think it would be worth just taking the vit C, B1, thiamine and zinc now? We're already taking D. I'm really not much of a daily vitamin girl but this experience may convert me.
  8. Can you link that form? Turns out ds hasn't filled it out 😡
  9. Same for DS- it was his second batch that he couldn't upload.
  10. Yes! We had that happen with Chem on Thursday. I had no idea that the retake wasn't guaranteed. I need to log onto DS's account. He said that his friends who took the test on their phones didn't have any issue because they could upload pictures of their work directly. He and one of his friends both had problems. I better get a refund if he can't retake. At least APUSH went smoothly for him.
  11. I know! I was thinking through why she’s a good nurse even with this quirk and she’s like having a really good second mom around. A person can be a great mom even with a low health IQ. Her primary concern is ds’s comfort and welfare. She’s great at assessing how he feels and what his needs are. She keeps his schedule to a T and administers every med as prescribed. He’s pampered by her. What she’s not good at are the things that are outside of her domain anyway. She calls her supervising RN and myself liberally about anything outside of the norm.
  12. She has coverage and the ability to pay. It’s a very cultural choice. Idk if it’s because she is Russian or if it’s just her FOO but she (and her family in general) refuse to take any med out of distrust for what meds do to the body. Her mom only takes her beta blocker because she’s landed in the ER with a fib multiple times but apparently she has an almost non-functional thyroid and refuses to take that med. I don’t know how to explain it other than it being a deep seeded belief that artificial things put into the body cause more harm than good.
  13. Just as a follow up for everyone, I did tell her that it might not be optional to care for ds and we both agreed that there's nothing to decide now and we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
  14. I'm making everyone take supplements based on Dr. Hive's recommendation! ETA: I have no idea what hers is
  15. You kind of jumped to a lot of conclusions here. I never said any of that.
  16. She is not required to wear the mask by the agency. I have asked her to and I did that when we thought transmission was droplet only so I was ok with her taking it off when not interacting with ds. So that's on me to adjust.
  17. She's not being dishonest. Flu shot requirements vary by employer. She's full time with us. My kiddo has no immune issues
  18. That's not how orders work. But I get where you're going with this. She mentioned quitting healthcare if it's mandated so we might lose her anyways.
  19. Oh my gosh. Yeah, that's actually one of the qualities that makes her better than other LVNs we have had- she is a total stickler for following orders. We've had some laissez faire workers in the past and that's even scarier.
  20. This wide variety of responses accurately reflects my angst on the subject!
  21. Yeah, there's a ton of people in the medical field whose roles require much less health literacy than RNs. They are generally supervised under an RN's license. She's a fantastic LVN but would make a terrible RN.
  22. Yes, I've had all of those same thoughts. I can see several different scenarios for our family. We don't have much to lose with ds, so he'll definitely get it. I think likely dh and I will too. My teens we will wait on if at all possible.
  23. I do wonder if this will be a moot point as far as me being the gatekeeper. My guess is that her agency and/or the state will end up mandating that healthcare workers get the vax. She is pretty concerned about that, which is how the conversation got started.
  24. I hear you. But I'm also going to assume based on that comment that you've never had to hire home health care. It's not that simple.
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