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  1. I think the ones you have linked might be too long/loose. This is what I think of-
  2. That happened a few years ago in LA. They hyped "Carmageddon" so thoroughly in the media that everyone really did stay home. My mom's husband still had to drive in for his construction job and he said it was the best commute ever.
  3. DH was also greatly effected by Florida's constant weather changes. We didn't realize it until we moved away, but the summer thunderstorm pattern triggered a ton of migraines. SaveSave
  4. Could be any of those. I also tend to not hydrate enough when I swim.
  5. It's the PARENTS' money, set aside for a specific purpose. The parents should maintain control. College money is too high stakes. However, on a smaller scale, jurisdiction over a monthly allowance is appropriate. If that goes well, you could stretch that into a quarterly, semester allowance, or even yearly allowance. Also, they should have autonomy over their student loans (which doesn't mean much here, because the whole loan went straight to the school, but I know some kids are able to pull funds under their discretion). But the whole pie? Heck no.
  6. Deactivated my FB account until Thanksgiving.

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      From what year? ;)

  7. Usually when people say detoxing, I think what is really happening is their body is going into ketosis. Ketosis is really hard on the body and can be potentially dangerous. It's important that she greatly increases her carb intake. She should be eating a ton of fruits and veggies.
  8. I had to look up the name- La Luna Market taqueria has amazing and authentic tacos. YUM.
  9. Yountville is super cute. Lots of little shops, a chocolatier, great eats.
  10. We own the full run of Thundercats and Voltron on dvd. My kids have grown up on those! SaveSave
  11. She Ra was my girl! I had the castle and everything.
  12. I will give you that sex being tied to marriage, monogamy, or a relationship is a cultural value. However, I also said at minimum meaningful interaction. I propose that a man trained (by habit, family, or society) to not expect meaningful interaction to precede sex does indeed contribute to rape culture. If you disagree, well, we will just have to disagree. IMO, the habit of porn viewing is the repeated process of engaging in a sexual encounter devoid of any meaningful interaction. That's why I think it contributes to (not causes) the issue.
  13. My mom always said that being drunk doesn't make you do something outside of your character, it just makes doing it a whole lot easier. So in the case of a man getting very drunk and raping a woman, I do believe that some men will honestly believe that it's not rape, because they would never rape a girl sober. I think they genuinely believe themselves. How a man (or any of us, really) trains himself to think about women will come into play when they are sh*tface drunk. I really do believe that porn can be part of that puzzle. Also, how parents train their sons to think about women- the dad's letter is a pretty clear view on that. Also, a man's friends, his community, how he sees himself, the expectations of conduct from the main influences in his life....those are all part of how he has trained himself (or been trained). In that moment where the shackles are off, whatever character lies under all of that will be acted upon. And circling back to porn, yes, if you have trained your mind and heart to thirst for sex, expect it, pursue it, separate it from any meaningful relationship (or hell, any meaningful interaction), that's a training of the mind and heart that absolutely will effect who you are. It's obviously not the only factor, but I completely disagree with the assertion that it's not a factor.
  14. Yeah, I have to say, people around here are all about citing data until it comes to bashing Christians. Then, no data needed, let's just talk about the Duggars and use them to represent an entire people group.
  15. What about this angle- 2 athletes commit the same crime, 2 very different sentences.
  16. Most of mine have been said. Did anyone say The Wedding Singer, yet?
  17. I would probably ask forgiveness rather than permission in this situation. Just do it.
  18. Ask dh how he plans to handle house guests. Plunger lessons? Tp rationing?
  19. We had to evacuate because of a fire. We had just moved in the week before, so a lot of stuff was still in boxes, which wasn't a good thing. We grabbed about a week's worth of clothes, pictures, and important documents. It was fine. Had my house burned down, my answer would probably be different. We ended up having to be out of the house for 5 or 6 days, so it wasn't bad.
  20. You're asking, is it racist to believe that being a distinct minority will add stress to the college experience? No, I don't think so. I grew up in what I now realize was a magically diverse neighborhood. My neighborhood group of kids was Mexican, black, Japanese, Filipino, white, Persian, you name it. My best friend was black and I grew up being very comfortable in that culture. I really, truly mourn that my kids haven't experienced the same thing. I had no idea how rare that was and how hard it would be to replicate outside of living in a community like that. I would send my kids anywhere that was a good fit, that they could see themselves thriving, that had the academic programs that they need, and could financially work. I wouldn't eliminate a school where they would be in the minority solely based on that, but I also wouldn't pretend like it wasn't going to effect their experience. It's not racist to recognize that being in the minority changes things. I have a kid who overestimates herself and she crashed and burned this last year (her freshman year of college). CRASHED and BURNED. I totally get your position. You are trying to anticipate her weaknesses. My suggestion would be to drop it. If she wants to pursue the school, do a visit. See if they have an overnight/dorm visit. Let her do the heavy lifting. My guess is she'll probably drop it.
  21. We keep one stick out in a dish, except in the summer. We don't have ac and it gets too warm to leave it out.
  22. I price and purchase everything PPD- Postage Paid Delivered. Meaning my sale price includes postage. I prefer to buy from sellers who also sell ppd.
  23. For school I only remember The Outsiders, which was pretty provocative, now that I think about it.
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