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  1. I was a childhood sufferer of CHRONIC UTIs. My suggestions is to see a kidney doctor, pronto. If your dd had not been checked previously, she needs to be tested for reflux. You should be aware that chronic kidney infections can lead to permanent kidney damage and if left untreated, full fledged kidney failure. This is nothing to mess around with. I would also keep her on lots of water, and real cranberry juice.
  2. My van is 5 years old and we're on our 3rd battery. I'm not sure why we've blown through so many.
  3. We've been there. Dh was laid off within weeks of finding out that we were pregnant with #3. We went through 5 months of unemployment. God was so great to us though. So many miracles happened during that time. There was one day that I looked at dh and told him that we needed $1000 before the end of the week to meet our bills. He left and checked the mailbox on his way out, there was a check for $1000. In the end, dh got a job that was the best position and pay that we ever had. He lost his job in Dec of 01, got his new one in April of 02, had #3 in August, moved into our first home in
  4. Well the upside of Chea is free room and board. Does anyone know if chea Santa clara is as big as long beach? Modesto sounds great, but the cost of a hotel might negate the cheapness of the convention itself.
  5. Oh, that really stinks!! Truly, that sounds like something that would happen in our family. Did I mention that we're moving n the next month?
  6. Thanks for the input. I've heard good things about the Valley H E, but it's hard for me to imagine anything huge happening in Modesto! Time to check my calender : )
  7. California has so many conventions/conferences, I'm not sure which to go to. I was spoiled in Florida, because FPEA had a HUGE convention in our city. I like workshops, but what I really want is a very large and diverse curriculum hall. I do not care if it's a Christian association or not. I'm in NorCal, but could easily attend a conference in SoCal, as I have family to shack up with down there. So what's your fav?
  8. I would continue to work on printing through 2nd grade. Some fun things that have helped ds improve his handwriting are dot-to-dots and mazes. Anything that works on those fine motor skills and is fun will help in the long run. We love HWT.
  9. Churches are chock full of unbiblical policies. Why not have a gathering at a local pool or other body of water and have your dh do the baptism? Nothing biblical about only pastors being able to baptize. (ps, my dh is a pastor : )
  10. We have friends all over the country and it's a fantastic way to keep up with everyone. I think if a person is ok with using email to keep touch, Facebook is like that, but enhanced. I can share pics of the kids with many people, all at once. I can see pics of my friends and their kids, all in one place. It sure beats visiting individual websites. I love it.
  11. This reminds me of a story that a youth pastor friend told us. He was on a missions trip to Poland with his group from Cali and another youth group from Georgia. One of the first nights, Georgia's pastor pulls our friend aside to talk over a problem. One of the students is using bad language. Student said the S word. This being really out of character for that kid, our friend says, "he said sh*t?!" No code word. Georgia youth pastor sputters, "No! He said sucks!" Sucks was "the S word" for that group. Our friend let Georgia pastor know that Cali group would do their best to respect
  12. June-ish. We have a move looming in the next 1-2 months and I'm not entirely sure how much it's going to throw us off track.
  13. Yard care. Since you don't know them well, I'm not sure how they would feel about you cleaning the inside of their house, but you could always offer. Food could be a big help, but I'd be more inclined to do freezer meals, just in case you are not the only one making them meals. Airport taxi is a good idea. I just can't imagine what they are going through. Do they have other kids? If so, I'd offer to help with them too. You are a good neighbor.
  14. From birth our kids are hearing passages read aloud. From about 7, dd started reading on her own. We don't do KJV. Dh is a pastor. He exposits from the original language. I prefer NIV, to get the jist, and really only depend on the original language for the real meaning. I believe dd has NIrV. Dh prefers ESV. If you depend solely on an english translation, chances are you are not getting the true meaning of many parts of the bible.
  15. Help this southerner. So is she swimming under ice?
  16. Oh Denise, your story just cracks me up! I'll bite. Brace yourselves- when I was a s*x crazed 16yo, my boyfriend and I had s*x on a playground. A church playground. That boy is now my dh. My dh is now a pastor. Fitting, no?
  17. I wonder if they are clearancing it because of the new laws. Time to stock up!
  18. The first HS book I read was "The Ultimate Guide to Home Schooling" by Debra Bell. It's a nice overview of the whys and why nots. It touches on approaches and learning styles, but does not get into CM, classical, unschooling, ect. It's a really great intro to hsing. I would hesitate to hand WTM over to someone who could be overwhelmed easily. WTM has the ability to inspire and/or terrify.
  19. I would absolutely pay for recordings. Hope you can work that out!
  20. I have a few questions. Have her parents asked you to work with her on academics? Is she visiting with the expectation of doing schoolwork? Honestly, it sounds like you have good intentions, but I'm really not sure if you could get anything meaningful accomplished in one week. Also, if this isn't agreed upon in advanced, you could be in danger of stepping on toes. If I were in your position, I'd bring her to the library or book store and let her pick out a good book. I would also have her give me a hand and help with the kids. I would include her in our days as a family. I would get
  21. I can only speak for the first 2 books. They are a great supplement (we are long time MUS users), but I cannot see them being a stand alone at this level. There is simply not enough repetition for them to be effective on their own, for my dd. That said, she loves them and I think they're a great new path for math to really solidify in her mind.
  22. Wow, that's one for the record books. On the curriculum, could any of it be salvaged if you have it rebound?
  23. I am flexible, patient, loyal, forgiving, not easily frazzled, phased, offended, or undone. I enjoy being the place that people drop their kids off. I like a house full of screaming children, who leave huge messes and occasionally break things. If I'm helping a friend by taking those kids, that's great. If I get to visit with a friend by hosting, that's even better. Thankfully, my friends are such that this part of me is never abused and often reciprocated.
  24. Back in my non-hsing days, I had two in school and 2 at home. I would go to bible study, grocery shopping, WORKED OUT, visited with friends and was much less frazzled. In fact, one of the moms in our bible study had 4 hsed kids, but they were 11+years old. She was the first HS mom that I ever heard speak about envy of moms who sent their kids to school. She was so real about it, that it actually made hsing seem more realistic to me. Before that, I thought of hsing as something that only super-moms did. And I am not a super-mom. For me, now that I know what it's like to have my kids wit
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