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  1. Can you just come over and do it for me? 😂 This is all super helpful. It's very visible. The kitchen is open to the family and dining room. It's a small house so things are pretty tight. The back wall of the living/dining is all windows, but it's north west facing so the light is pretty dim. This is actually what I'm battling. My husband has begged me not to repaint the whole room because it tends to become a production when I repaint. As a compromise, I'm repainting the ceiling and trim, both of which are a light gray- a choice by the previous owners that dumbfounds me. They really had a love of murky rooms because the north facing master had an even darker ceiling and trim. So even though it's visible, the door will never get direct or bright light on it. The paint is Decorator's White- very bright. I used it on our closet doors. I don't think it'll be too glaring.
  2. I just realized that I mixed you up with Dawn in my door thread!
  3. Would gloss work? The leftover trim paint that I already have is gloss. Too heavy handed or ok for a garage door?
  4. How have you moved already?! Wow that went fast. Yeah, it struck me as odd when we moved in, but it's amazing how quickly you can get used to stuff like that. Like our bathroom faucets were installed backwards (we have to turn the lever away from us to turn it on). It bugged me for 2 days and then I completely got used to it.
  5. This is the door leading from my kitchen to the garage. It was painted like this when we moved in. I do not have touch up paint for it. I am about to do a refresh of all of the trim in the living areas and I can either paint it white like the trim or go purchase touch up paint for it. What shall I do?
  6. Well, if you contact the pd, maybe they could distribute flyers about the law and liability?
  7. Do you have a neighborhood NextDoor? Maybe post something? It will probably ignite WW3, as things tend to go on ND but it might also make the parents with younger kids think twice.
  8. Do you have an HOA? This seems like something that may need to be tackled as a neighborhood. It would technically be illegal around here, but sometimes there’s neighborhood rules vs Main Street rules. In our neighborhood it’s electric scooters. Incidentally, some of my favorite teen memories are when we would go to the river and our parents would let us loose with the golf carts. We were absolute idiots. Truly. But dang, it was fun.
  9. I certainly understand what you’re saying, but the parents were there. They weren’t asking for specialized care, they were asking for inclusion.
  10. I would trust that her caregivers knew that she would enjoy it. We’ve been judged for leaving ds home when we go to Disney rather than taking him even though we know he’d much rather be pampered by his grandmother for a day than be hauled around Disneyland. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
  11. I'm doing whole 30 right now and I miss dairy. It's the only thing I've truly missed. A dollup of sour cream on my potatoes or tacos, yogurt, cheese in my salad, CREAM IN MY COFFEE... I will for sure be adding dairy back in and praying that I'm not sensitive to it.
  12. You don't really know that that's what happened. For all we know, they did communicate with the camp and the leaders dropped the ball. For those of us that are parents of disabled kids, there are a million things going on. Our kids crave independence- how much or how little do we step in? Are we always the mom-buffer or do we give our kids the opportunity to venture out into the big scary world and navigate things on their own (while we LITERALLY follow them arounds and hide in the shadows to be available if they need us). We think we communicate with all the right people, but then those people don't do their job. So then we are left to either let others figure out their job or to go around doing everyone else's job for them. And then of course, the inevitible judgement- Mom is too involved, she's stifling the kid. Mom is too absent, she's neglecting the kid. What are those parents thinking?! So, yeah, maybe we can assume that the parents are doing the best that they can.
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