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  1. I’m not a huge fan of staying in bed, but I would take it easy and stay home. Feel better!
  2. This was going to be my suggestion. I’ve done Abide (123 John), Better (Hebrews- not currently available because it’s getting put out by life way, but my absolute favorite), and Exodus. Her studies are the best. I would print the whole thing up and then do them at my own pace and listen to each audio teaching once a finished a week.
  3. Are you guys super rule followers? Personally, I'm a rule interpreter...
  4. One sell might be she'll get to cut in line (at least on some of the rides). Would a leader be willing to rent the electric chair on her behalf?
  5. I have been in school for a few years now plugging away at prerequisites. Last year was the first that I officially crossed into full time territory. Up until this point I haven't taken the AOC. My tuition costs are low and I have several more years of school ahead of me that will be much more expensive. AOC is a 4 year maximum credit and I didn't want to start taking it too early. However, I was looking over the guidelines again and it says that it can be taken for the first 4 years of full-time enrollment. Does that mean it cannot be saved for future years that will be more expensive (but still undergrad)? Any thoughts? Just to give an idea, 2018 tuition was $1300, I estimate: 2019- $1100 2020- $1400 2021- $4500 2022- $7000 2023- $4000 (At this point I will have a bachelors)
  6. My favorite cab is Ferrari-Carano. It's a splurge, but not crazy expensive.
  7. For most of our hs years we had a combo of kids going to school (either private or public) and homeschooling. It’s just a different type of effort. I think the emotional burden on mom that first year of psing is pretty high. You spend a lot of time thinking about and praying for them. There’s also just the adjustment to being beholden to other people’s plans/schedules. I still hate that we have to deal with the school calendar. We sent 3 in at the 8th grade mark. I do think it’s a good year to make the adjustment. As as for the combo, expect your ps kid to feel a little left out. Even my kid who had the dream year in 8th would complain sometimes that we were doing things without him (even though they were things he wouldn’t even want to do- lots of ballet/theatre). Their world is shifting. I tried to do fun things just for him. Expect some growing pains, but like most things in life, you’ll get used to it.
  8. I don't feel anywhere close to coasting. Micro- 2 lecture tests and one lab practicum to go- about 50% of my grade. Big genetics and metabolism test this week that I am soooo not prepared for. Stats- 2 more tests, 4 more problem sets, and the final- 45% of my grade yet to come. They sure to throw a lot in the last 6 weeks!
  9. We had one kid that friendships were never a problem, one that it was so bad that it did end up being the driving force in her going back to school, and a third that I worked hard to make friends happen for. That last kid I found one homeschool family that ds seemed to connect with and I created a way for us to meet up weekly. For us it was lunch at the skate park on fridays. What kids have in school that they don’t necessarily have in hs is consistent time together. So I got really purposeful about making and pursuing time with anyone that he seemed to click with at all. At the time our hs group was girl heavy in his age group so I had to look outside of our group for these opportunities. It sounds like you have them involved in plenty. I would just have your eyes peeled for a family that you could start to meet with regularly. My son is in public high school now but still regularly hangs out with that friend.
  10. I would prioritize school district. Two of the younger kids can share. They’ll get their own bedroom as the older kids move out.
  11. I just recently found this store via Instagram. We don’t have any nearby. How is the quality?
  12. Thinking about it, I wouldn’t commit to getting the smoke smell out. That can be someone else’s problem. If they want to walls washed, I would calculated in a once over and beyond that they might have to hire a smoke abatement company.
  13. I would say $500 just for the cleaning. The smoke issue would really depend. It could take 10+ man hour and a lot more equipment to deal with that.
  14. We had this and there was no moisture issues at all, but we did have vaulted ceilings and I think that helped. It was a fairly big bathroom.
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