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  1. I only get upset by kohl’s cash when I forget to spend it. I got myself a cute tank and a new exercise bra this weekend! It helps that I pretty much use it as an opportunity to spend on myself, which I rarely do.
  2. My FIL has openly and repeatedly stated that he will not do chemo if he's ever diagnosed with cancer. Good thing that the one cancer he has had was contained in his kidney and treated by removing the kidney with no other treatment. He's in his late 70's and I'm happy to support him, though I think dh would have a hard time.
  3. I missed the part where first husband died. My mom would kill us if we tagged my dad’s surname onto her gravestone. You really should include the last 20 years of her life. It seems wrong to drop it off just because the kids are more connected to the first marriage. She’s a whole person, not just their mother.
  4. I'm not a feminist. If we parsed it out to its essence maybe I am, but the standard definition with all of its modern connotations? Nope. She had balls* to say that to her Women's lit class. I just keep my mouth shut in my classes. I have to disagree with her on the white men comment, but I understand the sentiment. *yes, I know...
  5. Yeah, my MIL would say things like, “it’s just around the corner, she can sit on my lap.” “Um, absolutely not.” Much like with my kids, I saved my no’s for when I expected complete compliance. You want to give my kid a Capri Sun with breakfast, I do not care. Ride on your lap in LA traffic? You’ll have hell to pay.
  6. Harmless. I want grandparents to respect my boundaries but I also need to realize that they are not the parents and I shouldn’t expect them to tow every line that I do as a parent. So I would say, figure out what really matters (like for me it was safety things like properly installed car seats and keeping the old grumpy dog locked in the other room when we were at the house), and let the other stuff go.
  7. If only you knew how ADD I am when reading threads. Read/skim original post, reply, skim backwards from my reply, see relevant info, edit reply, frog jump back up through thread, see a juicy reply, try to figure out where the back and forth began, jump back to the bottom to read new’s not effective and yet, I haven’t changed, lol.
  8. I don’t understand this response. Why do you think the ramps will collapse?
  9. Our civil engineer friend did a mock up for us and (because we are not handy) we had a company that specializes in home mods put it in. We had less elevation to cover than you do, so ours is an L that comes in from the driveway, hits a landing, then goes straight up to the door. With 36' to cover, I don't know that you have many options.
  10. That would scare the hell out of me, too!
  11. TBH, my friend has used her charter money to fund 2 trips to Hawaii and a DC trip, including flights. I was pretty shocked my that. Yes, kids around here do DC trips, but parents pay. Having used a charter to hs in California, I’m not upset by this article. Charter homeschoolers are legally public schoolers- that’s a well established fact and a line the HSLDA has always towed. HS charter abuse in CA is a problem. I don’t see any reason why HSLDA should be expected to defend hs charters or their students.
  12. Can you just come over and do it for me? 😂 This is all super helpful. It's very visible. The kitchen is open to the family and dining room. It's a small house so things are pretty tight. The back wall of the living/dining is all windows, but it's north west facing so the light is pretty dim. This is actually what I'm battling. My husband has begged me not to repaint the whole room because it tends to become a production when I repaint. As a compromise, I'm repainting the ceiling and trim, both of which are a light gray- a choice by the previous owners that dumbfounds me. They really had a love of murky rooms because the north facing master had an even darker ceiling and trim. So even though it's visible, the door will never get direct or bright light on it. The paint is Decorator's White- very bright. I used it on our closet doors. I don't think it'll be too glaring.
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