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  1. It's been 10 years since we lived near Orlando, but I can only imagine there are more homeschoolers. There were a ton of groups, non-traditional private schools, and opportunities. Hopefully someone with more recent intel can help you with more specifics.
  2. A dress shop lady told me that the vast majority of brides fall in love within the first 3 dresses. So I think even when they plan to make it an all day affair, it rarely is.
  3. Suck it up, Buttercup! Said with love and sympathy. I think you should definitely go.
  4. I grew up with one and we also had one for 6 years. We LOVED, adored, cherished our pool. Missed it so much when we had to move. I’m a huge fan.
  5. Our piano lives tucked on the other side of the dining table, flanked by dog crates/beds.
  6. The hospitalist had to google it. It’s one of those respiratory viruses that is so common that no one knows it by name. I think this is just an extremely virulent strain. It usually falls under the banner of common childhood respiratory virus. Fever, deep wheezy chest congestion, flowing nasal drainage. What I noticed with my son was that the secretions he coughed up were incredibly sticky and thick. In myself, it has taken a lot of effort and some violent coughing fits to pull this junk up. ETA: ds did vomit a few times but that was associated with the coughing fits. Not sure if he had underlying nausea, as he is non-verbal and unable to tell us what he is feeling.
  7. Parenting young adults is the worst. The absolute worst.
  8. There is a gnarly strain of human metapneumovirus going around. My son was hospitalized with it for 5 days last week. They ran a viral panel after the flu test came back negative. It’s like a weaker cousin of RSV but it packed a hell of a punch. I’m currently a week into my own infection and just barely feeling better. You have my sympathies! ETA: this is soooo contagious. I would very much recommend not trying to go to services this weekend, which I know is painful. We will be skipping tonight’s gathering and wear masks to Sunday’s.
  9. On the CC idea, it takes drive to pass college classes. More drive than it takes to pass a high school class, with everyone pulling for you. I would very much push for him to do what it takes to pass these 2 classes because I don’t see him (or at least this current version of him) being successful in CC.
  10. That's interesting. I've never interpretted that as an absolute and only. Do you never pray corporately?
  11. I've never seen this outside of being in the literal church building. Out of that setting, as a Christian I would find this encouraging and affirming (though I think I would still have a knee jerk weirded out reaction). As a non-Christian I can see it being 100% weird.
  12. Does the school district have an alternative high school? These high schools are generally geared to only dying on the hills they must. Lots of structure, but also lots of freedom. They get those kids across the finish line who otherwise would be lost causes.
  13. I'd take the keys. He's only paying for half of his freedom. I'm all for giving our young adults agency, but to me, this is a situation where you go the other way and shut down all the things you can. I would also make sure the school is giving him an alternative plan for completing his classes (independent study or some other way to accelerate) rather than trying to get him to make up for all the missed work.
  14. I’m not a huge fan of staying in bed, but I would take it easy and stay home. Feel better!
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