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  1. DH passed away in 2008 and I have not really felt like doing Christmas since then. DD7 has been asking for a 'big' tree so yesterday we bought and decorated a much larger tree than we normally have. Anyway, DD wrote me a note to thank me for buying and putting up our tree. Her sweet gesture really warmed my heart.
  2. I think if you're having this much doubt, I would trust my instintcts and try to find a different home. Is there a Maine Coon Rescue in your area? The breed-specific rescues usually have pretty strict requirements for new homes. Good luck!
  3. All of the above, plus, you really have to watch the caffeine.
  4. What a nice gift idea! http://www.catholiccompany.com/catholic-family-bible-black-p1001394/ ETA: This company will personalize it for you.
  5. I voted Yes. I live alone with dd, so I prefer to leave some lights on even though we are in a safe neighborhood. My bedroom is right by the front porch, so I simply cut the light down to about 1/2 throttle via dimmer switches. I believe that any amount of light is a great deterrent to criminals. BTW, I have an alarm system as well.....helps me sleep better!
  6. I was browsing around the Parent-Teacher Store yesterday and started chatting with a woman who has just opened a Montessori-based Enrichment Center near our home. She basically said that dd probably needs some real life application in order to make it stick - ie, 'give it some meaning'. Thanks!
  7. So is there a curriculum that anyone could suggest that would accomplish both goals (facts and the 'why's' behind them)? I realize there is no one magic bullet, but for a variety of reasons, I need to keep it as simple as possible. FWIW - DD is using Houghton-Mifflin (sp?) at school.
  8. I will take all of this great advice into consideration. I do realize that there is alot more to it than just drilling math facts and now just need to decide the best way to proceed with DD.
  9. The list IS endless! This will be perfect for DD!!!
  10. Does xtramath help with learning the math facts or just drilling once they are already memorized? At this point, DD needs to learn the facts *cold* so that she doesn't fall behind in school. Once she gets comfortable with the facts, I will AS with more of a mental math kind of program.
  11. These are some very helpful ideas. DD is reading like a champ, but is definitely lagging in math. I just want to get her off to a good start so she doesn't get it in her head that she's 'bad' in math! Thank you all again!
  12. DD is in 1st grade in a small, private school. One month in and it is painfully obvious that she needs to be AS in math. The teacher sends home flash cards every night, but DD is clueless and completely guessing. So my question is this: Is learning the match facts simply a matter of memorization or is there some work I can do with DD to help her along? I would love some suggestions of straightforward curriculum we could do together; however, DD is very much a 'do-it-yourselfer' and would do well with computer based learning too. Thanks for any suggestions!
  13. I did dilute it in 8 oz. of water since I wasn't sure about the taste. I've taken some pretty nasty (natural) things before, so the ACV actually didn't seem that bad!
  14. I will just see how it goes, I guess. I'm just excited to get started and reap some of the benefits of ACV!
  15. I want to try Apple Cider Vinegar for acid reflux and for general health. If you take ACV on a regular basis, how do you keep it from eating away the enamel on your teeth? I've read brush right away, wait 20-30 minutes before brushing to prevent further damage, etc. It's very confusing and I'd like some advice from the BTDT crowd. Thanks!
  16. What channel is this show on? It sounds right up my alley!!! I always feel so counter-cultural, so some affirmation would be a good thing for me.
  17. If you're considering Le Creuset, please do yourself a favor and at least check out Staub. The Staub is *heavy* but is so pretty that I leave it out on the stove. There's something about Staub cookware that makes food taste better....really!
  18. DD had a bowling party back in October. It was so much fun, even the parents are still talking about it!
  19. You might want to check out Jamison mattresses. They are the only kind I will buy as long as they're in business.
  20. My dad has the Kindle DX and I have the smaller one. I much prefer mine. The size of mine is more like a small, thin book; however, the font can be adjusted to be larger if necessary. I can stick it in my purse and go. The DX seems a little large for that....depending on your purse size, of course.;) My dad got the DX because of vision issues, but even he says he prefers the smaller one. JMO!
  21. Does anyone have a fabulous recipe for Buttercream Mints? I've been searching the web, but most recipes I've found the mints need to be refrigerated and I would like to give these as gifts. I'm looking for the creamy, melt in your mouth, not *too* minty but just enough type. Also, I prefer the type that you pipe out of a pastry bag rather than using candy molds. Thanks!
  22. DD6 was pretty scared at certain parts...grabbing on to my arms and such, but she is very sensitive. I just asked her if she liked the movie, and she said 'some of it.' Me and my mom both loved it!
  23. If it's the kind of sick where I can eat, my 'go-to' comfort food is creamed egg (white sauce w/ chopped up hard boiled eggs) served over toast.
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