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  1. Kombi or Columbia, we always got low end through consignment, thrift, WalMart, sporting good stores. Yes, to the above post, two pairs each. Never owned a boot dryer, hung the wet pairs next to the wood stove to dry.
  2. 20 minute bodyweight circuit. Felt good today.
  3. You should be able to upload a pdf into Google Docs
  4. @lmrich How did the armoire thread come up for you?
  5. 20 minute bodyweight circuit. I feel unmoored if I don't get this one done every week.
  6. 1km walk done with the dogs that behave off-leash. Way too icy to get the next 1km loop done with the dog who insists on leashing. DH says he will deal with, yay for doggo and my safety, not yay for fitness. Oh well, I'm in this for the long game. Was still pleasant 1 km despite the wipe-outs. ☺️
  7. My current favourite on YouTube is Yoga with Kassandra.
  8. 30 minute Zumba DVD with light weights.
  9. A fraught workday. 10 minute yoga video before bed, very soothing. (Day 6/30)
  10. 20 minute bodyweight circuit. Do side planks ever get any easier? It's been years... usually only weekly, but still.
  11. My upper back gets that way on rare occasion; getting a picked up hug from behind is usually a successful method to crack it.
  12. 20-minute YouTube total body workout with light weights. Very grateful to whomever mentioned POPSUGAR. So far this is the only one that clicks.
  13. The sad face is because I can empathize with dog drama. Keep walking! Darn dogs.
  14. A quick 10-minute full body Yoga flow with Kassandra. (Day 5/30, good for busy days)
  15. 20 minute bodyweight circuit - which is when I really resent my body weighing so much.
  16. 20-minute YouTube total body workout with light weights.
  17. Nachos, Thai Noodle Salad, Shrimp Ring Watched The King ❤️
  18. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/58444/ruths-red-lentil-and-potato-soup/
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