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  1. Note to self: NEVER forget to take Ibuprofen before heading off for school. Or at least find some to take along. GRR!

  2. Ree's crash potatoes, a surprise Honey Baked ham, salad, apple pie and Sherlock.

  3. Discovered my 6yo had written on the patio in chalk, "Mom's a robot." I was so impressed with his correct use of the apostrophe.

  4. I'm thinking a housework club might be more motivational than a book club, at this point. Anyone want to join? :D

  5. We've finished the I See Sam readers! Celebration!

  6. About to walk in to my first job in 10+ years. Feeling butterflies and like I need to throw up.

    1. KathyBC


      I hear that. Peace and strength - you are capable!

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  7. Ordering IEW SWI B for my kids. . .best homeschooling choice EVER!!

  8. The introduction to Augsburg's Drawing suggests that children bring knives to school for object drawing. Yay vintage!

  9. My last year of homeschooling is beginning. I don't whether to be happy or sad.

  10. I love how the spam bots have improved the quality of their thread titles over time.

  11. Doing test prep, trying to explain the concept of a carpool to my 9 year old... "You mean the mom isn't with the kids?" #homeschoolproblems

  12. Being a mom requires doing a lot of therapy. I never realized how much till I had two tweens. Maybe I need a license?

  13. Getting really good at setting mousetraps tonight. Not really a skill I wanted to have to master.

  14. I just want to say thank you for being so kind to me in the past few days. Y'all are really sweet and I appreciate your support, advice, and kindness so much!! (Hope that's not too gushy. :-) )

  15. OMG lice. Someone please hold my hand. Alex has waist-length hair.

    1. KathyBC


      BTDT. LOTR movies are about the right length for nit-picking. Sigh. I feel your pain.

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  16. I have decided that I am very, very, very fortunate.

  17. Ice storm here. We have done school, played outside and nowit is time for Star

  18. I love it when DD homeschools wearing her princess crown.

  19. Why oh why can I not skip the freaking out and just skip to the sucking it up and doing the inevitable?? Everything is fine now except the splitting headache from my hissy fit...sigh...

  20. DD landed a gorgeous double toe-loop in her competition today!

  21. I'm sorry to say, dd, that you will have to change out of your pajamas for your Friday afternoon play date.

  22. Sidewalk chalk, Skip-Bo and 5-year-old Tomie dePaola learning to tap dance - it has been a good day.

  23. Deer tenderloin, mashed potatoes with gravy, biscuits, fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob. Dh cooked a wonderful supper!

  24. Read Outlander. Wanted to like it. Couldn't finish it. Totally disappointed.

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