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  1. Which just goes to show, so often it is not only about doing the right thing, it is about reassuring those watching that you are doing the right thing. An inefficient, but apparently necessary evil.
  2. This whole TP thing is such a weird social experiment in scarcity mentality. People overhear fear that their TP is made in China - without actually looking - and copy the poor behavior of those in another hemisphere. Huge blip in the supply. And then it trickles down: families that might otherwise wait a week or two think Oh, there's some in stock better grab some. Hubby stops at the store for milk, honey if you see some TP grab a package, just in case. And it just goes on and on and on. CRAZINESS.
  3. THIS is one of my worries; with so many bills coming to email or directly to your phone (or even you just having to remember them), it sets up for a much less reliable system than good old snail mail and paper billing used to be. I could go off on a whole rant of how ridiculous I think some company's billing has become. Down thread was a great suggestion to make a master list which I plan to implement.
  4. No, people are not seriously contemplating that yet because we are not there yet. Assurances have been made that there is plenty, it is just insane purchasing disrupting the entire supply chain. If and when that changes, I'm sure people will adapt.
  5. Which reminds me, The Middle can be pretty funny too. ETA: Whoops! KrissK beat me to it.
  6. My hubby learned much from The Gulag Archipelago (Solzhenitsyn), though I'm not sure how readable that makes it. Recently I actually enjoyed A Gentleman in Moscow (Towles). ETA: Historical fiction, but maybe not an epic.
  7. No. If the snow ever melts, we are just finishing up winter when we do a lot of that. So no, just did that, ready to start enjoying the freedom of movement that usually accompanies spring and summer. But apparently not.
  8. A quick google search suggests you could use Just Joking Defense, Just Kidding Excuse or Just Joking Justification, which has a nice alliterative ring.
  9. Are you saying that is what 'my bad' means? I do not think it means what you think it means.
  10. The three Christies that stand out most for me are And Then There Were None Murder on the Orient Express The Murder of Roger Ackroyd There's nothing like a quality murder mystery to work on critical thinking, in my mystery fan opinion. :-)
  11. The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey sprang to mind, but it was written in 1951. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie was another, but yes there could be dated references in there that I no longer remember. Would the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency count?
  12. Current faves: Celestial Bengal Spice - no sweetener needed Stash Decaf Earl Gray - with or without cream and sugar, good both ways Stash Christmas Eve herbal tea - no sweetener needed, using this up, will be sad until next Christmas, lol.
  13. How much writing are we talking about? If the 3yo will allow it, write during scouts. If it needs to be more frequent, realistically what's left is after bedtime and weekends when you probably would like to connect with your dh, or mornings when you would probably like to capitalize on sleep opportunities. Gym membership - tack sauna onto PT appointments or yes, pitch it. You are probably getting a functional amount of dog training, housework and schoolwork in. Sounds like you are prioritizing some weekly outside time on Friday mornings. Realistically? I think what you are pulling of
  14. I read the first post and was thinking IBS, then clicked to the last post. Thanks Jean!
  15. If you know someone crafty, a men's western shirt turned into an apron is so comfortable! I had a couple from my DSIL and they were the best. I wore them right out. They hid stains very well.
  16. The last one I had went on so long, I went to the optometrist. He said their latest thing to try was drinking tonic water. It contains quinine, which they gave to malaria patients for help with muscle spasms. I bought a 12 pack and drank one a night with dinner. The twitch did go away. Can't say whether it was the tonic water, but it didn't hurt. Might have tasted better with a little gin.
  17. I try to leave the door open for a couple hours every day to let it dry out in there. DH built me a little metal hook so I can leave the door partially open, too.
  18. I was going to say Skype on an inexpensive laptop or tablet that they can set up on their dining room table or somewhere central. Affordable, fast internet is the key in our neck of the woods.
  19. Do you find there's a limit to how many times in a row you can do this?
  20. So what is the recommended course of action when you are in the yellow zone?
  21. The problem I've been noticing in myself lately is that I yell when I feel I'm in the right. I don't yell as often now, with older children and less overwhelm, so when I do I'm (alarmingly) not experiencing regret - it's the fault of those clearly in the wrong. (eye roll) I'll be following this thread because there's got to be a more appropriate response level to match even the most unreasonable level of provocation advanced by others. I was "the peacemaker" in my FOO, so it's weird to be perceived by DH as part of the problem. He's obviously WRONG, but you know, I'll try to keep an open min
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