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  1. On 4/30/2021 at 9:28 AM, wathe said:

    Yes and no. 

    We didn't have a New York-like first wave here, so Canadian data will change.

    I think younger people actually are worse off because of the sheer volumes of them.  We are overwhelmed with younger people, and going to have to triage/ration care among younger people.  Young and otherwise healthy people who would have previously have been chosen for the bed in a triage situation will now be competing with similarly "young and healthy" others.

    The variants are certainly more contagious, and hence at the very least they indirectly more deadly - they've pushed us into an overwhelm situation. 

    Have age demographics changed that much? I thought Canada was still heavier on the older end of the population scale.

  2. 2 hours ago, Not_a_Number said:

    But if your decision is evidence-based, why not work through that evidence with other people? Isn't that your point -- that you made an informed decision? 

    Why on earth would she have to do that? Who made you the final authority on anything? Her decision does not need to be discussed with you. For goodness sake.

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  3. On 4/26/2021 at 6:23 AM, PeterPan said:

    https://www.lowes.com/pd/Rubbermaid-Rubbermaid-Microfiber-Wringable-Flat-Mop-Refill/1003196404 I just got this and tried it out this weekend. If you want the effect of hand wiping (which I too have done for years) without being on your hands and knees, this is pretty close. When you pump it the slider wrings it out. When I mop with a rag, I wring it dryer, yes. But I went behind with a towel and it was fine. I keep $1 thin white towels from walmart for wiping floors, drying the dog, things like that. 

    I also have a Bissell Crosswave that I got at Kohls (stacking deals) that I like a lot. It's loud, but the floor actually gets CLEAN in one pass. I still wipe with a towel after it.

    I think I'd probably tell the man to figure out who is the despot in the house and it's not your SIL. Just saying. There's zero wrong with using Murphy's Oil, and I put it in my Bissell Crosswave JUST FINE. It's great stuff, cleans great, works great.

    For reference, I have hard surface flooring through my whole house. I've tried other kinds of things, some of which are currently sold in stores. But this new Rubbermaid Wringable is pretty smart. I have some Swiffers (wet and dry, though the fragrance is horrible). I've done changeable velcroed microfiber heads, but they're such a pain to wring out. So for the quick I just want to mop this, the Rubbermaid Wringable. And when you want to haul it out and get crazy clean, the Bissell. And for me, I'm using water with the Wringable and Murphy's Oil with the Crosswave. I use Murphy's Oil on my commercial grade vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood (sealed) counters, and hardwood floors. Zero issues and that's been 12+ years. Using it with the Wringable would require a bucket. I could do it I suppose, but oh well.

    I have a similar mop. It is the bomb for wiping up melted snow or dishwashing splashes. Not so great for actual mopping as my pad keeps coming off the head. Maybe it's just old.

    On 4/26/2021 at 8:17 AM, Pawz4me said:

    I use an O'Cedar spin mop and a splash of Mr. Clean concentrated all purpose cleaner. Sometimes I'll add a drop of Dawn dish detergent. It's an engineered hardwood floor and I have no idea what kind of finish is on it (it was here when we bought the house).

    FWIW (not criticizing what anyone else uses or does, just posting my own experience) -- I've tried Bona and found it to be an absolute, complete waste of money for my floors and the type of dirt we have. IMO it cleans about the same as plain water. I've also found that flat microfiber mops don't work for my floor. They do about as much good as Bona, which is . . . nothing.

    I have used a similar mop and was pretty impressed.

  4. I personally wouldn't do a backsplash with quite that many spots for things to get lodged in, though it is very pretty. I would try for something similar with a smoother finish. A microwave shelf where the compact fridge is now might work well for someone sitting on a walker. Or the drawer style dishwasher mentioned up-thread. Could put garbage can below.
    Another vote for rectangular sink.

    ETA: Although that pretty tile as a horizontal accent strip might be super cute.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, JennyD said:

    I posted a few weeks ago when I got my second Pfizer vaccine -- just the 'usual' side effects of sore arm, feeling cold, etc.  

    A few days later, I got my period at 16 days, which never happens.  Still, I honestly didn't think anything of it, since well, I'm 48.  Time for things to get weird.

    However, in recent days I've seen mention of the vaccine possibly being linked to menstrual weirdness.  I dismissed it until I remembered, oh right, I had this weird thing happen myself.  It still seems entirely possible that it's unrelated, and I haven't read any convincing explanation of a possible casual mechanism between a vaccine and one's menstrual cycle.  Kind of hoping it's connected, though, as I'd much prefer this to have been a one-off thing related to the vaccine as opposed to a new normal.  



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  6. 9 hours ago, Jean in Newcastle said:

    The border between the US and Canada is still closed.  It was just extended to April 21 but I don't know what will happen after that.  (There is some "essential" travel allowed.) 

    I can't remember the exact interval but the closure extensions seem to be a formality. The last impression I had was Biden was hoping to open for July, our Prime Minister said September, and I'm sure with rates the way they are currently no one will press for sooner than that. In fact, I think the US currently has a travel advisory against Canada. For all the good any of that seems to be doing.

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  7. 11 hours ago, wathe said:

    This is a pure JAWM, please.  Please don't quote.

    We are really struggling with covid here.

    Our third wave is the worst one yet, and is well en route to becoming a true catastrophe.

    Covid hospitalizations and Covid ICU admissions are at an all-time high. Provincial ICU admissions for Covid peaked at 410 last wave. Yesterday's number was 659. Today we are at 725.  It's only going to get worse.  Greater Toronto Area ICUs are full.  They've been shipping patients out to peripheral hospitals for weeks.   The peripheral hospitals are in turn filling up and shipping out further afield.  It's only going to get worse over the next 3 weeks or so.  Paediatric tertiary care hospitals have opened their ICUs to adult patients - this is unprecedented.  The SickKids adult ICU unit filled within days.  There has been a formal request to have HCW sent from other provinces.  True healthcare system collapse is a real possibility, maybe even probable.

    Vaccine supply remains a problem.  Just over 2% in the province are fully vaccinated, and just over 20% have had their first shot.  Eligibility is still restricted to 60+ year-olds and certain high-risk groups.

    Our provincial government is decidedly lacking in backbone.  This wave was entirely predictable (and was predicted by the smart people our government hires to predict such things) and preventable.  They've ignored their own science table's policy recommendations,  and dragged their heels and waffled on decisions.  They like to make announcements announcing that there will be announcements.  Then leak details.  Then make policy based on public reaction to leaked plans.   Then walk-back policy within 24 hours when people complain (in the case linked, complaints are legitimate, I think).  It's exasperating.

    It's been a year - we know how to prevent this.  It's heartbreaking.

    Health care workers are so tired.  It's beyond burnout for many of us at this point.  "Moral Injury" is the term I'm hearing - it's apt.

    Since this is JAWM I cannot respond to the many political points in this point.
    I do want to acknowledge the very real place GTA is at right now, though, and let you know you are seen and heard. This is the nightmare we have been hoping to avoid for 13 months, and I will be thinking of you in the space between vaccination and the virus variants over the next few weeks.

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  8. Daily 2km walk, bodyweight circuit + 10 minute yoga (25/30). Was vaccinated yesterday, so was prepared to abandon the push-ups if my tender shoulder dictated, but it seemed to make no difference.

    Spent some time checking out DDPY today, the thread on here sounds cool but doesn't look like a fit.

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  9. Have spent the past 24 hours considering applying for an office job in a nearby community. I could come home and work out, rather than being so tired from my current, rather physical job, that a walk is about the best I can do. But maybe I'm kidding myself.

    Anywho, got my daily walk done, hurrah, lol.

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  10. I try new recipes semi-regularly:
    - Chocolate Orange Cake for Easter
    - Carrot Cake Swirl Cheesecake for ds' birthday back in March
    - Zucchini Oatmeal giant scone/cookies with pumpkin seeds for lunches. That was a winner, for sure.

    I am not a puzzle person, so starting with a 1000-piece difficult one has not been progressing very quickly.

    Trying not to kill my houseplants, does that count?

    DH tries new things with seeds and gardening every year, can't even list all the things he's got on the go right now.

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  11. 1km walk, flatter route. Since it was going to be a leisurely amble, I grabbed some disposable gloves and a trash bag to pick some newly deposited litter I'd noticed on the little access road next door. The dogs enjoyed all the sniffing opportunities and I still felt like I'd accomplished something. Still freaking windy.

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  12. Quoting Allan Savory, a Zimbabwean ecologist not very popular with vegans:
    "All beef is plant based. Either we let nature continue doing what she does and has done for many billions of years, or we use our new technology to falsely manufacture meat from monocultures of plants in agriculture, which is already the most damaging industry in history ever."

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