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  1. Just popping in to say we got a new washer installed via the utility company (another story) which uses a ridiculously low amount of water. The wash cycle is nothing compared to the few tablespoons of water that are used for the rinse cycle. There is no way dirty water and soap can be rinsed out with that amount, no matter how long it spins.

    Thanks to those here who recommended just running a second load. It seems to be helping. Our clothes do get actually dirty and the smell is horrendous. All those threads about laundry stripping and stinky workout gear make so much sense now. The synthetic fibres smell worst of all.

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  2. I brought a book, of course.
    Couldn't lift anything for quite some time afterwards. Kids helped me hang clothes on the clothesline. They pretty much had to do everything with that. It was a happy day when I could weed the garden.
    After a few weeks post-op, I found OTC menstrual products irritating and got a friend to hook me up with some cloth products.
    Other than that, best decision ever.

  3. 5 hours ago, TheReader said:

    So, as it turns out, DH is still there waiting on DS (they were supposed to be done at 1:30, it's 2:30 now...). He asked me to check with the mom in question that we know as to what time she was picking up, so he could either hurry (or not) the kids. She is home with hers already, having picked them up at the agreed upon time (and DS just didn't think to say "oh, yes, those 2 kids left already"). Ha. 

    So then I said "I wonder if (supervising mom) is out waiting on the kids like DH is" and she replied "Oh, she was walking around with them for some of it" and I was thus able to (honestly) reply "was she? Dh never saw her. Glad the kids had fun!" and that is that, and I think that covers it. 

    (DH being the more lenient of us, is allowing DS until 3:00 at which point they will leave, and I assume very likely that the parent(s) of the other kid is there waiting too, and will at some point text/call/hurry their kid/the others as well, but as those remaining are all together and the responsibility of the supervising parent, I think it's okay for DH to leave w/DS whenever he reaches his limit of "now we must go or else, traffic...."). 

    Perfect. Glad that worked out.

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  4. On 7/20/2021 at 9:07 AM, Jenny in Florida said:

    My employer is having our first big, whole-company social event since the 2019 holiday party in about a month (assuming the world doesn't fall to pieces before then). 

    It's at a country club, and they are renting a ballroom. It's a late afternoon/early evening timeframe.

    I don't anticipate there being any actual dress code. (So far, all we have in terms of details is a save-the-date with date, time and location.) However, I probably don't want to show up in jeans and a polo, which is pretty much the nicest outfit I have available at the moment. 

    I had a couple of nicer things, but I have gained some weight in the last year and can't wear them now.

    So, literally, what I have at the moment that fits is:

    • two pairs of very stretchy, almost jeggings, skinny-legged "jeans"
    • more Lands End solid-color v-necks and race-logo t-shirts than will fit on my shelves
    •  two casual blouses I don't hate
    • a bunch of shorts and black leggings
    • several pairs of Sketchers walking shoes and Bob's flats.

    I am 56 years old, grey hair (with purple highlights most of the time), 5'2", apple-shaped with a post-mastectomy flat chest. I mostly wear mediums in the kinds of casual stuff I have. I am self-conscious about my upper arms and some rolls around my waistline, and cannot wear shoes with any kind of heel or pointed toe (neuropathy). I do not wear dresses or skirts, because my knees are lumpy and anything long enough to hide them tends to be too much on my shortness.

    Most of the time, when I "dress up," I wind up feeling like I'm wearing a costume.

    Also, I work from home, have very little social life and am trying to lose the 18 or so pounds I have put on in the last year. So, I don't want to invest much in procuring clothing just for this event. 

    Let's begin with the assumption that I would like to look appropriate and presentable and blend with the crowd. 

    What would you suggest?

    From your existing list? Assuming the lengths and styles works, a blouse over black leggings with Bob's flats. Dressy jewelry.

  5. 10 hours ago, mom of 2 boys said:

    Hi there. I don’t know if you will ever see this. I know this is an old thread. I just wanted to let you know that I am the one who posted this unkind comment to you, years ago “You have called her a middle schooler, passive aggressive, not a grown up and stated that you have very little patience for her. The answer to your problem is right in your question. She can't talk to you because you will belittle her instead of trying to understand. I'd suggest you let her be while you focus on improving your own habits of relating for awhile, and when she perceives a difference in you, she may slowly start to test the waters of a relationship again” 

    I just wanted to let you know that it has bothered me ever since I posted this, that I was unkind and unloving towards you. I even stopped frequenting this website because of it. This situation with your family was really none of my business to stick my nose and opinion into, and I do sincerely apologize to you and to anyone else that I upset on this board. If it helps, The truth is that I believe I was projecting my own problems onto you and your situation. I really am sorry, and I do hope that things have worked out for you and your family. 

    I can relate. I can think of times I wish I had written less or nothing, and times I wish I had posted instead of keeping quiet. Funny how it can stay in our minds for so long.

    Your apology is inspiring. Well done.

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  6. I've been at my new FT job, with a commute, for 4 weeks now, and survived a week-long heat wave.
    I'm hoping for some fresh motivation with slightly cooler temps and trusting I have adapted more or less to my new schedule.

    Started a new Yoga with Kassandra series, 15 minute evening yoga. The first affirmation was, "I am grateful for my health", with which I absolutely concur!
    Happy Independence Day to all of you south of the border.

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  7. I went to work close to home at a not-particularly demanding job 2-3 days a week. I also began volunteering with a local group. As the kids have started leaving home, work has increased to 4 days a week, with the odd 5th day as holiday coverage, and my volunteering role has expanded. I've tentatively tried to figure out gardening and fitness.

    Grandkids are still a few years away so I've taken a more demanding FT job in a nearby community starting Monday. I'm not sure how that's going to affect the local volunteer group, but we shall see.

    All of this *is* fulfilling on some level, but none of it holds a candle to the sense of purpose and meaning I had educating my own kids. So grateful for the journey. 💕

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  8. 26 minutes ago, ktgrok said:

    I mean, it isn't confusing or difficult, just a lot of dishes to wash, lol. 

    Brown the meat, add some seasoning if you want. Ground italian sausage is WAY yummier than beef, fyi. 

    Mix up some ricotta with spices - italian spices in a jar is fine. Maybe add in some parmesan. 

    Buy the sauce, for sure. 

    Grease pan, layer noodles, ricotta, meat, top with shredded mozzarella. 

    And those little first kitchens make it feel like a LOT of dishes.

  9. I cook up nine lasagna noodles in boiling water while I'm scramble frying the ground beef. Just an extra pot and colander, which granted is intimidating for young people who have not washed like thousands of dishes, lol.

    Grease a 9x13, lay down three noodles. Next half the sauce, a bunch of cheese, spinach if using, 3 more noodles, the other half the sauce, more cheese, last three noodles, and finally more cheese! Bake at 350 for 30-60 minutes while you clean up the dishes, browse the internet, walk the dog, clean the bathroom, fold laundry, whatever..... EAT.

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  10. 44 minutes ago, alisoncooks said:

    I have a kiddo who hates ricotta AND cottage cheese, so I have a mozzarella-only variation. Just mozzarella (I use two 8-oz pkg of sliced), 10-12 noodles, 1 lb beef and 24 oz of sauce (which can be doctored with herbs). Easy peasy.;) It fits in a loaf-sized pan (I usually cut it into 6 servings).  Very basic. 

    Same. I could get away with adding a layer of spinach leaves, and adding in a variety of other cheese (whatever I had on hand: parmesan flakes, cheddar/mozza shredded mix, etc.) 

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  11. I haven't read the whole thread but just wanted to throw out there that A ) Dyslexia is genetic and B ) time management is part of that issue. So what's happening is understandable. As a tutor however it is not up to you to coach an adult through issues they should have found coping mechanisms for by now. But it is part of why some kids don't get the help they need.

    If you do decide to continue tutoring dyslexic families, clear explicit expectations - i.e. please log into the Zoom link 15 minutes ahead of time so you can contact me if there are technical difficulties - will certainly be necessary. Having said that, inconsiderate behavior is also not your problem. If it is to be, it really is up to them.

  12. You apply for Job A and don't hear back. You apply for Job B the following week, they reply interviews will be in two weeks, but don't contact you at that time.
    You check on Job B and negotiate an interview for the following week. Job A calls (it's now been a month) and negotiate an interview for the following day. It goes well. They phone the next day with a job offer, you accept.
    Do you attend Job B interview anyway, just to see what's out there, or do you explain and cancel?
    My real life pool of interested parties are split. Three of them think Job A is a better fit anyway, so cancel. One person understands your mom/wife dilemma that Job A is FT, Job B is PT and thinks you should check it out.

  13. On 4/30/2021 at 9:28 AM, wathe said:

    Yes and no. 

    We didn't have a New York-like first wave here, so Canadian data will change.

    I think younger people actually are worse off because of the sheer volumes of them.  We are overwhelmed with younger people, and going to have to triage/ration care among younger people.  Young and otherwise healthy people who would have previously have been chosen for the bed in a triage situation will now be competing with similarly "young and healthy" others.

    The variants are certainly more contagious, and hence at the very least they indirectly more deadly - they've pushed us into an overwhelm situation. 

    Have age demographics changed that much? I thought Canada was still heavier on the older end of the population scale.

  14. 2 hours ago, Not_a_Number said:

    But if your decision is evidence-based, why not work through that evidence with other people? Isn't that your point -- that you made an informed decision? 

    Why on earth would she have to do that? Who made you the final authority on anything? Her decision does not need to be discussed with you. For goodness sake.

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  15. On 4/26/2021 at 6:23 AM, PeterPan said:

    https://www.lowes.com/pd/Rubbermaid-Rubbermaid-Microfiber-Wringable-Flat-Mop-Refill/1003196404 I just got this and tried it out this weekend. If you want the effect of hand wiping (which I too have done for years) without being on your hands and knees, this is pretty close. When you pump it the slider wrings it out. When I mop with a rag, I wring it dryer, yes. But I went behind with a towel and it was fine. I keep $1 thin white towels from walmart for wiping floors, drying the dog, things like that. 

    I also have a Bissell Crosswave that I got at Kohls (stacking deals) that I like a lot. It's loud, but the floor actually gets CLEAN in one pass. I still wipe with a towel after it.

    I think I'd probably tell the man to figure out who is the despot in the house and it's not your SIL. Just saying. There's zero wrong with using Murphy's Oil, and I put it in my Bissell Crosswave JUST FINE. It's great stuff, cleans great, works great.

    For reference, I have hard surface flooring through my whole house. I've tried other kinds of things, some of which are currently sold in stores. But this new Rubbermaid Wringable is pretty smart. I have some Swiffers (wet and dry, though the fragrance is horrible). I've done changeable velcroed microfiber heads, but they're such a pain to wring out. So for the quick I just want to mop this, the Rubbermaid Wringable. And when you want to haul it out and get crazy clean, the Bissell. And for me, I'm using water with the Wringable and Murphy's Oil with the Crosswave. I use Murphy's Oil on my commercial grade vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood (sealed) counters, and hardwood floors. Zero issues and that's been 12+ years. Using it with the Wringable would require a bucket. I could do it I suppose, but oh well.

    I have a similar mop. It is the bomb for wiping up melted snow or dishwashing splashes. Not so great for actual mopping as my pad keeps coming off the head. Maybe it's just old.

    On 4/26/2021 at 8:17 AM, Pawz4me said:

    I use an O'Cedar spin mop and a splash of Mr. Clean concentrated all purpose cleaner. Sometimes I'll add a drop of Dawn dish detergent. It's an engineered hardwood floor and I have no idea what kind of finish is on it (it was here when we bought the house).

    FWIW (not criticizing what anyone else uses or does, just posting my own experience) -- I've tried Bona and found it to be an absolute, complete waste of money for my floors and the type of dirt we have. IMO it cleans about the same as plain water. I've also found that flat microfiber mops don't work for my floor. They do about as much good as Bona, which is . . . nothing.

    I have used a similar mop and was pretty impressed.

  16. I personally wouldn't do a backsplash with quite that many spots for things to get lodged in, though it is very pretty. I would try for something similar with a smoother finish. A microwave shelf where the compact fridge is now might work well for someone sitting on a walker. Or the drawer style dishwasher mentioned up-thread. Could put garbage can below.
    Another vote for rectangular sink.

    ETA: Although that pretty tile as a horizontal accent strip might be super cute.

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  17. 4 minutes ago, JennyD said:

    I posted a few weeks ago when I got my second Pfizer vaccine -- just the 'usual' side effects of sore arm, feeling cold, etc.  

    A few days later, I got my period at 16 days, which never happens.  Still, I honestly didn't think anything of it, since well, I'm 48.  Time for things to get weird.

    However, in recent days I've seen mention of the vaccine possibly being linked to menstrual weirdness.  I dismissed it until I remembered, oh right, I had this weird thing happen myself.  It still seems entirely possible that it's unrelated, and I haven't read any convincing explanation of a possible casual mechanism between a vaccine and one's menstrual cycle.  Kind of hoping it's connected, though, as I'd much prefer this to have been a one-off thing related to the vaccine as opposed to a new normal.  



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