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  1. I am going to be a MIL! That is all.

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    2. klmama



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    4. mathmarm



  2. Guilty confession: I'm considering rewashing two items that I didn't hang soon enough, to avoid ironing. 

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    2. MerryAtHope


      Sometimes putting them in the dryer for 10 minutes or so with a wet washcloth works!


    3. melbotoast


      Anything is better than ironing!

    4. dsmith


      I refuse to iron! I rewash or do the wet washcloth tip mentioned earlier.

  3. Great big thanks to those recommending Self-Reg (Shanker). I'm adding this keeper to my mental list of best parenting books.

  4. Going to try working out with the new puppy. Should be interesting.

    1. KathyBC


      Once he realized that putting on my running shoes did not mean we were going for a walk, he curled up and had a nap. So no problems tripping over him, yay!

    2. Lizzie in Ma
  5. The next big invention should be some sort of vacuum-assist lint trap for dryers. My very dusty laundry room would be so grateful!

    1. KathyBC


      First world problems ;-)

  6. My 14yo told me I sound mad in my texts to her. Apparently putting periods at the ends of my sentences makes me sound mad.

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    2. KathyBC


      Hahaha, I will have to try both of these excellent suggestions :D

    3. Farrar


      She's not alone though. There's actually been a good bit written about this by actual linguists and so forth.

    4. MerryAtHope


      You use sentences?!


  7. I'm thinking a housework club might be more motivational than a book club, at this point. Anyone want to join? :D

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    2. KathyBC
    3. Faithr


      I would. I always need all the help I can get.

    4. GailV


      I've often thought that, too. But how would you all fit in my bathroom to cheer me on while I'm cleaning the tub? Ooooh, maybe we could Skype each other while cleaning!

  8. BPA-free canning lids have made it to my locale and I just noticed. No wonder I'm having such an unusually difficult fall with lids not sealing.

  9. so happy when My Content is working. :-)

  10. Reading Middlemarch. Eliot's penetration is making me wince.

    1. Orthodox6


      One of my top novels!

  11. Snarky admissions people. :p

  12. I'm trying to smile because it happened, not cry because it's over, but regular sessions cleaning out the homeschool cupboard leave me nostalgic and weepy.

  13. Gah! Making chutney, but added lemon juice at the beginning of the cooking time, instead of at the end. Hope it still turns out!

  14. 14yo ds is watching a nature documentary. Apparently raccoons who spend a lot of time with their mothers as kits are considered more intelligent. Interesting. :-)

  15. Why would my child rather split firewood than write a couple of paragraphs about Ivan the Terrible? sigh

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    2. Stoll6923


      Definitely a boy thing. My son detests writing.


    3. KathyBC


      Lol, SparklyUnicorn.

    4. marbel


      Most boys I know would rather split firewood than write. But sometimes after a good session of splitting firewood, it's easier to sit down and write.


  16. My son's BF is hosting a birthday party with his school friends. His mom keeps posting pictures of all the fun on Facebook. My kids often look over my shoulder when I'm on FB. Guess I have to block her for the weekend. sigh

    1. Dmmetler


      I hate it when that happens. Bad enough to leave a kid out, but sharing the pics with those who weren't invited is just painful.

  17. The same USB drive that went through the vacuum cleaner just went through the washer and dryer. Still works! That things has nine lives.

    1. PinkyandtheBrains.


      Once they are cleaned up and dried out they keep on working!

    2. PinkyandtheBrains.


      Once they are cleaned up and dried out they keep on working!

  18. Accidentally vacuumed up one of the kid's USB sticks. Was able to perform an easy rescue because of the new-fangled Shark vacuum cleaner.

    1. LucyStoner


      I am glad it was an easy save.

  19. If your appendix was removed 10 days ago, you would recognize that dodgeball was a contact sport, right? That's because you are not a 17 yo boy. Arrgh.

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    2. EKS


      If you're good, there's no contact at all...

    3. EKS


      BTW, I totally get it about 17yo boys and their decision making ability.

    4. KathyBC


      LOL, Kai. Maybe that's the problem - he didn't realize he'd slowed down enough there would be contact.

  20. Ever wish you could tell someone IRL that you're having a JAWM moment?

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    2. SorrelZG


      Oops .. I mean. "Yes, I too know how that feels." (In true JAWM spirit LOL)

    3. Jean in Newcastle

      Jean in Newcastle

      I tell dh the same thing! I phrase it as "I'm going to tell you something but I don't want you to fix it. I just want you to listen."

    4. KathyBC


      Lol, Mrs. P. I phoned a family member to vent, only to realize that we all love playing devil's advocate *way* too much. I'll have to work on beginning conversations with, "Just agree with me on everything I am about to say." LOL

  21. Threads aren't loading, I'm getting proxy error messages. ??

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    2. Mommy22alyns
    3. swimmermom3


      Is OtherJohn aware of the problem? I can't get into the Site forum.

    4. Dana


      yup... most of the day. Very very annoying.

  22. There is a bunch of new-to-me stuff in My Content this morning. Yay!

  23. All FB friends reposting GMO rants with logical fallacies have been removed from my news feed. Ahh, I feel so much better now.

    1. PinkyandtheBrains.
    2. KathyBC


      That's awesome!! :D

  24. I saw this cartoon on Facebook today and thought of you. I see your post has disappeared, but thought you might enjoy it anyway.


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