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  1. After my dd6 was born I had some severe complications and ended up in the hospital for a week. When I got home after than every little pain would make me lose it. If I got a pain in the back of my leg, I was sure it was a blood clot etc. After that I did talk to my OB and all he could prescribe would have been for postpartum etc. I just wanted something I could take when absolutely necessary to calm me down and not something that would constantly be in my system. I have found it very hard because most just think you are trying to get drugs. I even had a hard time getting pain pills after my last csection one week out because my dr went out of town. I have always had severe medical anxiety though. I needed several surgeries as a child and have a life threatening allergy where I needed an epi pen several times. I just have always been aware of what could go wrong etc. Given the medical nature of my anxiety I do not like to take any medications. I just cant deal with the side effects. My dr once prescribed me a med for a uti and I totally freaked, had a mega panic attack and just couldn't take it. Luckily, I went and got another test at my Ob office and they sent it off and I did not have a uti. As far as birth control I would never want to take it. Even if I did eventually get on a med to take only when my anxiety got really bad. I would be so freaked out the whole time about blood clots etc. An IUD I would be freaked out for the same and that it could become implanted somewhere else causing medical problems, the need for surgery etc. All I see are lawyer commercials with horrible side effects for all the bc out there. If I ever get my insurance back I may try to see if a dr will prescribe me something just for when I'm really freaking out. Like right now I woke up last night with my left leg tingling and my heart racing. Now this morning my left foot still really hurts and my toes are still tingly and there is a part of a vein on the top of my foot that is pronounced and you can see a purple dot on the vein next to my toe. I am now freaking out...I'm crazy. So now all day I will be focused on my foot and leg and of course that magnifies the pain. It is so annoying. I do have serious medical things going on that I am not imagining and id prob have more if I actually had the insurance to get diagnosed. I am not sure about the OCD part but I will say a lot of my anxiety is more of not being sure when to get medical attention. LIke if someone told me I had a blood clot id say great lets go to the er and I'll get on blood thinners and hope all turns out well. But if I have a bad pain in the back of my leg and I have to wonder..should I go, Its probably nothing, but what if it is and I don't go to the er, what if I leave my 5 kids to go to the er and it turns out to be nothing then I have the medical bills. Same thing if my heart starts beating irregularly or skips or I have pains in my chest. And then another part of my anxiety is that if I ever did have to get to the hospital my dh would likely not be able to leave work so then how to I go with 5 kids. Ugh, as you can see Im a nut case, but thanks for letting me vent. Off to try not to think about my foot today and check in every 10 seconds for change of the purple dot.
  2. I have severe medical anxiety so I get it. I'm actually having a panic attack right now wondering if I need to go to the ER for once again something else. Everyday is something that I think could be life threatening. Its exhausting. Not completely the same thing, but I understand. :grouphug:
  3. Thanks everyone. That gives me some things to look into.
  4. I just saw a lawyer commercial for essure. It didn't sound too great, lol. My greatest fear is being put to sleep so I could never have a tubal. I will march hubby down to the vasectomy dr though. Hopefully he will be getting it done next month after the move. I could include family planning and maybe condoms. I don't know if he'd go for that after a vasectomy, but sounds good to me.
  5. One of my favorite songs. I love listening to it first thing in the morning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRnG2xzzEaU Also love Acts chapter 5 and the testimony of Gamaliel "for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it;"
  6. Is NFP family planning? We use condoms as well. Every. single. time. But now I am kicking myself in the butt, for even doing anything when I knew I was ovulating. We used family planning before which I admit probably isn't a good method on it's own but it worked in between kids and for four years so I thought we were good. lol
  7. Is there anyway to actually prevent pregnancy, besides abstinence. Ugh. I'm totally all for that, but I don't think dh would be, lol. Seriously, I was convinced that there were no accidental pregnancies until I conceived my daughter in 2012. I was sure that it was miraculous one time thing. Apparently not because I conceived my son in 2013. Womp, womp. This was after having planned 4 children and 4 pregnancies and then going almost 4 years with our bc method and not getting pregnant. I would love to have all the children. I have always wanted 20 kids. Mentally and physically though I am just done. I have had 5 csections. I have other health issues as well that would make it very risky for me to have another. I also have severe medical anxiety. I could never take bc pills or have something implanted, and iud etc. Honestly I don't know how anyone does that, but I know the majority of ladies are fine and have none of the side effects/complications. I have never been pro any type of permanent bc, such as a tubal or vasectomy. My last csection was an emergency situation at a different hospital/different dr and they asked me before hand about it but I just couldn't do it. Dh has said he is getting a vasectomy which is fine, his decision, but I've heard of so many people getting pregnant after that I will still be paranoid as all get out. I have seen some people say they use two methods. I'm not sure how this is possible if I'm not willing to use hormones or something implanted...I guess its not. :( :( :(
  8. I try not to allow screen time until 4 pm and then it is only until 6 pm when dinner is ready. If I cave and let them to it before then, all hell breaks lose. They turn into little demon children whose heads spin everytime I ask them to do something besides play games. It is hard for me to stand my ground though when the babies are screaming and I really can't do anything besides take care of them and then the older one start at it with "can we just play for a minute". Ugh
  9. Hehehe, I just saw this. That's funny. For our picky/allergy ridden family it worked out well.
  10. That's wonderful! I hope I can make the same post in 17 years when it is time to graduate my youngest. Uhh that feels like such a long time, lol.
  11. Aww, Im sorry. I have issues as well. Can they put it through as urgent....my brain has shut down and I cant remember if that is the word or not that we had to use to try to get them to move it along faster.
  12. There is nothing wrong with sending her to school, if that is what you feel you need to do to take care of yourself. I also agree with just calling it quits for the remainder of the year. We have had multiple births and surgeries, moves etc. and I took way more time off than I care to admit in the early years. Honestly all that stuff is so repetitive you really only need a year for grades K-3 IMO. We have a cover school too, but we are able to count whatever we want for days. You could get some educational movies, audio books, you tube videos and sit back and let her read and do some math facts and call it a day.
  13. It fell a little bit but not much. It is sounding like I did overproof it. I am in a FL hot/humid kitchen as well. Next time I will judge by the amount that it rises and not set the clock. I think next time I will try a loaf pan too. I think it might have risen more horizontally once in the oven and if I used a loaf pan and let it rise in a loaf pan it would have gone more vertical. I am obv not a baker lol. My one question is...is the bread supposed to do all the rising outside of the oven or is it supposed to rise more as you bake it? Does it need to be the size I want it when I put it in the oven in other words?
  14. I braided it. If I could post from my phone I would post a pic, lol.
  15. This is the recipe I tried.... http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/chernowitzer-challah-235871 The bread actually turned out pretty tasty but pretty flat...it rose a little bit but not much. What did I do wrong? I followed the directions pretty much exactly. The only thing that I might have messed up was when I let the dough rest for 2 hrs I may have only let it rest for 90 min instead of 120 because of the way I just noticed my oven timer works. The dough doubled in size though and tripled the second time I let it rest. I mixed it all by hand and kneaded by hand because I don't have a fancy mixer. Could that be why? ETA- Another thought... I did just let it cook on the pan as shown in this recipe...maybe if I had it in a loaf pan it would have risen more.
  16. Me! Well, actually in the morning. We are doing chocolate in the middle because I think that is the only way that my kids will eat it. I was thinking of trying a cherry filling. I would like to try it the traditional way as well.
  17. Hmm, thanks! Now I am deciding between russet and golden potatoes. I guess I will see what it on sale, lol.
  18. I just looked at the links to both bridges...I am pretty sure I have had nightmares about these bridges and I've never even seen them before. I'd go around lol.
  19. Ugh, just wanted to say that I feel your pain....or anxiety. We are moving back to our old house and there is a huge bridge that I have to cross to go to church...basically everything. I am dreading it.
  20. If for a girl I saw a few books written by Elisabeth Elliott along those lines. Those might be considered dated though lol ETA- I had to look up the one I had in mind for my boy. It is Thoughts for Young Men by J.C. Ryle. Again prob dated but these are the ones I will likely use along with whatever else is found between now and then.
  21. So, I'm making baked potato soup tomorrow for the first time. It seems super simple. I have about 3 recipes that I've found that I am pulling from as I usually can't find just one recipe that includes everything I want, minus what I don't want. Any favorite recipes that you'd like to share that I may not have seen? I think I am going to make it with milk vs chicken broth and I also want chunks of potato. lol. My other question was, how do you think red potatoes would do in the soup? I wasn't thinking and bought a bag to do roasted potatoes but im thinking we are going to be potatoed out after the soup. Should I add them in or just use russet for the soup.
  22. I'm in a very bad mood today, so take with that in mind but id prob start listening to it too and making a fool out of myself and ruin it for them. Who wants to listen to what their parents are listening to. LOl I might have a more mature answer for you tomorrow.
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