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  1. Grocery trips two days in a row?!? Good for you for saying no!
  2. It sounds like the mom needs help getting groceries since she can't drive. I think I'd take her again, but leave your ds at home so he can't carry in the groceries. I don't know how to avoid the overly long time spent shopping - What does one do in the grocery store for that long?? - other than to say he only has 25 minutes and then you'll be leaving, but don't threaten it unless you are brave enough to actually leave him at the store. You are doing a real kindness to the elderly mom.
  3. This was our experience, too, except that only one of my kids needed it. I wish we had tried it sooner.
  4. I bought this ice cream scoop this summer and love it:
  5. I would guess they'd be packing right now if it weren't for the polygamy. That puts them in a bad spot.
  6. No experience, but I'm in the same boat. When I found out how inexpensive a masters degree is and what a short time I'd have to work after earning it to earn that money back, I decided to do it. I think. Starting next year. 🙂
  7. I get the same treatment with my family - of course Pattie will take care of it all. No big deal! Ugh, I think there's no point in complaining to your mom, but instead, you need to figure out what you need to make this easier and even enjoyable for you. Tell your brother that it's a potluck this time, and ask him to find out what they can bring. Even if they only bring 20% of the food, it will help your attitude and make your company feel more vested in the event. Ask your mom to bring dishes and silverware. eta: even if it has backfired, you need to take care of you and your immediate family first. Tell them it's a potluck.
  8. I'm wondering if this is the first year that they've substituted prizes, or if it's an ongoing practice.
  9. We have had three cats that we adopted as adults who all came to us declawed, and I can't think of any issues they had because of it. They spent at least part of every day outside and had no problems catching birds and mice, climbing fences, or keeping other cats out of our yard. The first one lived until he was 20, and towards the end, he wasn't able to hold his own in cat fights and had a few abscesses until we quit letting him go outside with out us, but I think that was due to his age rather than having no front claws. When a relative had her two declawed, they did it when they were being spayed/neutered, and she didn't think they were in pain because of it.
  10. If you do use vinyl for the floors, what will you do with the stairs? (I'm in the same quandary.)
  11. I wanted to be sure I was cleaned out for the procedure, so the night before prepping, I had soup that I had made by boiling chopped carrots, celery, and onion in chicken broth and then straining before drinking. Also, I made my own finger jello with fruit juice. That helped me to feel like I was eating something, but it was less sugar than traditional jello. It really was not a difficult procedure, and I'm a wimp! I enjoyed having my only job on the day of prepping be to get the beverage down and use the bathroom. I watched movies and was very lazy the day before and then the day of, so it was kind of a vacation!
  12. When my son complained, I doubled whatever he was complaining about - the math assignment, the chore, whatever. My friend tried this with her son, and when he complained about xyz for breakfast, he had to have it again the next day. It gets the point across about how much complaining is going on and that it's unacceptable. It only took 3 days to change his behavior.
  13. That reminds me of the time we hired a driver to take us to the airport. The driver had just one arm, which was a little surprising, but when his cell phone rang and he answered it while driving down the freeway?!!!! I was sitting behind him and have no idea how he did that! (This was before using a phone while driving became illegal.) I hope your hand heals quickly!!
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