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  1. We get 90% of our groceries at Aldi. Their prices are so much cheaper and excellent quality. Some of our favorite items we buy every week: Organic coconut, olive, and avacodo oil Nuts Cheese Free range eggs Grass fed beef Frozen chicken breast Parmesan crisps Spring mix salad/spinach Fruits/veggies Organic yellow corn tortilla chips Grass fed butter Organic bone broth Organic whole bean fair trade coffee
  2. Happy Face killer podcast by How Stuff Works.
  3. I have recently read that there is a link between aluminum and Alzheimer's. Metal toxicity is responsible for many health issues.
  4. Plant Therapy has a great wood grain diffuser that I have my eyes on. It gets great reviews and has timer options, which are a must have in my opinion.
  5. No. I dislike MLM companies that claim their said company has the only pure oils on the market, astronomical prices, and promote unsafe usage. I like Edens Garden for affordable oils with transparency of third party testing of purity. Plant Therapy is another good one.
  6. Oh my goodness, you are right about xylitol! I didn't know that,and I usually check if ingredients are ok. I will stop giving him the Barleans and go back to Nordic Naturals. Now I feel like a terrible dog owner. Thank you for warning me.
  7. I add Barleans key lime flavored fish oil and a plain yogurt to dry dog food. My dog gobbles it right up and it is good for him. He also loves coconut oil. I also give canned food. I buy it from Trader Joe's and can get three servings out of one can. Just enough to moisten the dry food and for extra flavor.
  8. Fancy bar soaps Yankee candle Good quality organic coffee beans, if they are coffee drinkers
  9. We don't take a supplement, but brew our own Kombucha.
  10. Interesting, Rosie! I am fairly new to brewing Kombucha, been brewing for a few months. I keep hearing from other seasoned brewers to never use teas with added flavors or oils because it can ruin or alter the culture, and to always add flavor in the second ferment.
  11. I have found Old Navy curvy fit me the best.
  12. Another option that is not invasive and very accurate is to do Nutritional Response Testing. Our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner helped us figure out the underlying problems our son was having. We thought he was sensitive to gluten, but it was more than just gluten. He is so much better since we started going to the NTP.
  13. I am still a newbie on brewing Kombucha, but you should never store scoby or starter in the fridge as it will kill off the yeast and bacteria, making it susceptible to mold. The Kombucha Nation FB group is a great source of reliable and knowledgable information on all things related to Kombucha making.
  14. I use Mitchum. It is far better than the clinical strength deodorants out there, and it is much cheaper. The natural deodorants never worked for me.
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