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  1. I remember now it was called Study Dog. Not sure why I remember the Elf more so than the dog.
  2. Anyone remember what the phonics software that had a cute little elf? It seems it was free if one qualified for free or reduced lunch. Then it seems it was put on AOL Kids or KOL. If I remember correctly he would also knock on some door. Anyone remember this? This was software that you had to download, but on AOL you didn't have to download. It would progress to more letter sounds too.
  3. I remember a few years back someone posted a site with details on the history of public schools, and how education was better before compulsory education. I can't find the link, would know it if I saw it. Does anyone have any idea which site it could possibly be?
  4. Could be an allergy, even to ear drops. Think carefully about anything that you could have used.
  5. Thanks everyone for understanding. It appears someone opened the package and didn't reseal or put that it was opened for inspection. I emailed asking for a replacement, hopefully they will send it soon. I got a few items from the book Depository in the past, they were a little slow, but the price was good. I just find it unbelievable that all my packages lately have been inspected where as in the past they weren't.
  6. A bit ago I read a thread about the PO inspecting media mail packages. Since then I have got packages that were opened for inspection, packages from businesses not just individuals. Everything was in the packages, until now and I can't quite figure this one out. We ordered "The Art of Argument" from The Book Depository in the UK. We ordered from them because it was cheaper. Today we get an opened envelope with only an invoice no book. This has never happened before, I can't believe opening a random package someone would hit the jackpot with this book. I can't imagine the envelope opening itself and the book walking away on its own. It will just delay things with the one subject. Money is beyond tight right now, we had a couple of major setbacks with our budget that will take about 2 months to get back on track, so we can't spare the money for a replacement right away. Please keep an eye on all those media mail, and international packages. I can't believe the PO has all the extra time to inspect so many packages to make sure people are being honest with media mail, or that the book we ordered was wanted by an inspector somewhere. When books start to come up missing from packages it sets off alarm bells for me.
  7. My son does not enjoy social studies at all. We did a VA last year to discover that instead of K12's history they used social studies. When he first got the book and looked through it he was disappointed. He wanted to know why it was important to put slang from other areas into a textbook. According to him the textbook was full of gibberish scattered with bits and pieces of real information.
  8. http://www.drvoyageur.com/stern.html http://www.christianbook.com/eat-your-way-through-the-usa/loree-pettit/9781931397346/pd/436501
  9. I've not read this thread in its entirety but the flag is part of history, and not about slavery. The Civil War was about so much more than just slavery. When you did really deep you learn more than you knew before.
  10. I read about this a few months back from other sources. These special economic zones do not sound like a good thing at all.
  11. YES! Strong durable fabric, and quality paper could be made, hemp has many industrial uses. I think it was known only as hemp long ago.
  12. Years ago I knew a man who had a business in one location, then in other surrounding areas he had a phone number that was nothing more than a local answering service that would take messages for him. Thus giving the illusion of having business in these other locations. Often in construction type businesses, the business is located in one area yet services other areas out of town. So here is my question, suppose there seemed to be another area where there seemed to be some work available. In order to save money, do you get a phone number in this area that will ring to your current location, placing ads in the yellow pages to get some exposure? Then if it seemed like a viable location get a small cheap office in that location? Just curious, wanted to get some input. We want to move to be closer to other relatives. We would just need to propose a plan to my husbands boss/brother. He seemed open, as he would get to keep his best employee in the process. We are not keeping all our eggs in one basket, or counting chickens before they hatch. We have made up our minds that moving is best for our family for many reasons.
  13. Hemp can also clean radiation from the air and soil, and bring nutrients back to soil.
  14. I think hemp gets a bad wrap, and is not exactly what we have been taught about it. Our FIRST FLAG was made from hemp, the first Levis were made from hemp, superior paper and fabric is made from hemp...... Hemp makes a supstance strong enough to build a car and fuel to run the same car. There are strains of this plant that will not get anyone high, one can only guess why this stuff is not legal, it would create too much competition for certain industries. One way to make sure you don't have competitors is lobby for laws to quash your competitors, seems to be the American way.:tongue_smilie:
  15. I wish I could say this man was not a jerk. Not long after the pay cut we had to attend an out of town funeral. That was a tough month having to forgo a days pay it threw things way off balance. I felt horrible not being able to be with family more than just the day of the funeral. Years before when we went to a funeral, there was no decution in pay then. We could not afford to take a vacation, not that there is the benefit of vacation pay. I told my husband I just can't hide my feelings about this. My husband is not one to speak up about anything at any time.
  16. A few months back my husband got a paycut of $125 a week. It took a bit to adjust, but we are managing alright. Things are not perfect, but things are not desperate either. Friday I had to pick up my husbands check for him because he was not able. Imagine my surprise to find his check had more than 50% more money that usual, I was unbelievably happy! I was grateful he had so many overtime hours. I called him as soon as I got home beaming with excitement telling him how I splurged on apple pie and ice cream since we had been scrimping so much at the grocery store. He assumed it was bonus money for jobs being done ahead of schedule. Never in a million years did we think the secretary made such a mistake! We bought a printer, since ours was broken for over a year, we bought many school books that we had been waiting to buy, along with some splurges like paper towels, stain remover for the laundry, and tag renewal. Never in a million years would I intentionally spend money we don't have or put these things ahead of paying bills. My husband calls me today telling me he has some bad news, the extra pay was a mistake, the pay was meant for his boss/brother! We must pay it back, it will all be taken out of his next check. No questions of will this be ok? Do you need it broken up? Nothing! I am not the one who made the mistake they are, just seems like they could correct it better than this. My sorrow and disappointment can't be expressed enough. The first of the month, do they not realize the date on the calendar or the short notice? What kind of brother could care less if his brother will be able to feed his family or not next week? Returning everything purchased would be expensive, almost impossible. How to you package up a printer and ship it back? Sometimes when you go without for so long, it is hard to continue to do without when money is in hand. I spent money in haste and feel so guilty, I thought it was ours to spend. I feel horrible about it. Now it is our kids who will have to suffer for this. We were supposed to visit relatives this weekend, but now can't afford to go. I am really beating my head against the wall on this one.
  17. Do you know about the printed versions? I don't want to have to purchase both.
  18. You can preorder now from Amazon, and a few other sites, but it says the ship date is January. PHP does not have a preorder date set yet. I have called bugging them several times already.
  19. We choose Art of Arguement, based on their online samples. To be fair we have not seen samples of the other.
  20. I posted a message that has got no response asking the same question. Then I called, and unfortunetly didn't get an answer from PHP. The lady said they have several projects going on at the moment. I preordered through Amazon, but if PHP puts it up for sale sooner I will purchase from PHP, or preorder with PHP if they get a definate ship date that preceeds Amazon. I got my fingers crossed that we will have this for next school year, I don't want to switch programs.
  21. We were planning to order this book along with the answer key. AMSCO wants a teaching certificate faxed in, which I don't have. Why are they so picky? This has never been an issue with other curriculum providers. When I explained we were homeschoolers, they want some sort of proof, how does one provide proof? I don' like these sorts of hassles when ordering.
  22. Entertainment is entertainment, but at what expense? Sure I believe the little boys are cute and adorable. Is it my imagination or do they need speech therapy? I prefer clear speech and don't think kids should be encouraged to prolong babytalk. What happens when they are grown and don't speak clearly, it makes someone appear less educated, no matter how smart they may be. These boys are not 2 anymore.
  23. Can you please tell us about next year, when will level 2 be available? Will each new level be available each year?
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