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  1. Are you not allowed to take walks? That is one of the few things keeping us sane right now.
  2. That makes sense to not throw things out that still have life left in them while there are shortages or while things can be put to use. Long term, I will still probably give things away if I can place them with a good home (like homeschool books or the fabric you mention) because fabrics and elastics deteriorate over time. My dad is depression era and he keeps *everything* so there has to be balance. If you were to see my house, you would be able to see that we have not embraced minimalism to this point. I have to work on bringing less in...I am overrun by Legos. edited to add - I think the minimalism we should be striving for is not the purging and throwing things out or donating things to make ourselves feel good that really no one will use (that has been what is popular lately-places like Salvation Army don’t actually have a use for all the clothing donated), but actually buying less stuff, and being will to spend enough to buy things that are well made and don’t fall apart. The current problem is that expensive clothes aren’t necessarily much better made since everyone has jumped on the make it cheap bandwagon. Our desire for those disposable clothes to just pick up without thinking as we stroll through target and lots of cheap stuff in general is a big part of our reliance on China (and other poor countries) for cheap labor regardless of the social and environmental problems caused.
  3. That is sort of my point. Unless you know the specific underlying assumptions of every iteration of the model then it is impossible to use the results in any meaningful way. Did the predictions change because they changed the assumptions or because the situation on the ground changed? The data posted earlier today had charts for 50 states that have full social distancing in the title to make their predictions of peak resource needs, but actual implementation is different between different states. Are they assuming where every state would hypothetically be if they implemented the strictest measures then it isn’t very useful as a short term tool or does it assume where they will be if they keep on their current plans.
  4. I like this list as well. I see people out walking their dogs in all sorts of weather. I have no desire for a pet, but decided I should start walking myself every day. We also live walking distance to Kroger and I really never learned good shopping habits. Quill, I like your list as well, but am a bit confused about the last item. Why aren’t you decluttering any more because of covid? The more we are in the house the more I can’t handle all the stuff.
  5. This is the first time I have looked at these models, so forgive me if this is a dumb question. What are they considering to be “full social distancing until May”? Actually I think it said through May. Does that mean until May 1 (the end of the federal slow the spread) or the end of May. There is a statement in the FAQ that roughly says that any extra measures would be implemented within 7 days, but what measures and 7 days from when? If the model is assuming behavior not yet implemented then I don’t think it provides a valid short term prediction. The problem with modeling in general, not just medical, is it is only as good as the background assumptions made.
  6. My sentiments exactly as I was much more concerned about people eating cherry pie. I never buy the round silver sprinkles because they are so hard, but this was a mix that had some colorful round ones in it that I probably should have tried first. I didn’t buy them, but I am not sure getting to the bottom of why they are in the house is going to be well received. They are currently in the trash. This particular child has had more tooth issues than his three siblings combined. He chipped and eventually had to have his baby front tooth pulled when he tripped up the stairs in the garage as a toddler. His first permanent molar appeared between 6 month checkups and had a small hole that had a cavity in it already. My husband has had issues with his teeth which I used to think were do to nutritional issues growing up (they were pretty poor), but I am thinking may be somewhat genetic as this child has never lacked in that area.
  7. Ok day...Mass online, short nap, rosary over zoom with MiL and SIL. Things fell apart after the rosary. Big kids had cherry pie for their dessert, but the two younger ones had ice cream and sprinkles. The 12yo chipped (not sure how bad) on one of the sprinkles. At least it is a baby tooth, but totally not what I needed tonight. It isn’t like I was encouraging to go learn skateboarding... He says it’s a dull pain, but not bad. I am not even sure how to deal with the dentist at this point...are they even open? We agreed to reevaluate in the morning.
  8. Today started off with dh taking dd out for driving practice. I hope it aging him too much. I might pick quarantine over taking out a new driver. I did get a start at cleaning up some of my paperwork sitting around and graded a couple of tests. I also made my first attempt at cutting my youngest son’s hair. It probably should have been shorter, but I was worried about messing it up. He is six and is a moving target, but it looks ok. I will be happy to get him back to someone with experience (and speed).
  9. I think scenarios like this are coming to the forefront during this crisis. Never before in human history have we had so much international ownership (and general corporate ownership of agriculture) and production of critical supplies. In this mad rush that we have had to find the absolute cheapest location to make goods and allowing purchases of domestic companies by foreign entities, I think the potential consequences have been overlooked. It is all a very tangled up mess that we are going to have to sort through. Any time one produces a product in a foreign country while being based in another country or registers a cruise ship in a foreign country one opens oneself up to a very big can of worms in an unstable situation. Hopefully we learn for the next time.
  10. There is nothing about where we are globally that could be called a “good place”. There will be ruffled feathers and I think think is a good example of why closer attention should be paid to where important items are being produced. I hope that lesson won’t be forgotten once the crisis has passed. I don’t know all the details of the shipment to Germany, but it may be that they were not that company’s to sell to that buyer when the deal was made. Things to be thankful for...that I am not the one negotiating all these deals. I can barely keep my house clean without making people mad.
  11. But wouldn’t the droplets from coughs and sneezes land on your hands which people promptly put to their face? I think there is a difference between hands and general surfaces/packages sitting on a truck for hours being the main means of transmission. Also, we are learning more about this new virus all the time so I don’t think the previous advice was wrong, but we have have learned more so they are adding recommendations rather than changing.
  12. Since it is close to Easter, what about a spiral sliced ham? Costco is good, but I am seeing it on special in grocery ads this week. It is precooked and will just need heating, so pretty low prep. I see potatoes everywhere at the stores, so mashed potatoes or some sort of an gratin potatoes , and green beans.
  13. I can’t stand Menard’s and will never, ever give them my money again so it doesn’t surprise me they made some policy without thinking it through. Sure, as a general rule kids shouldn’t be on the shopping trip, but not everyone has the luxury of grocery delivery or pickup or leaving the kids at home. I leave my kids home because I can and I could afford delivery (if I could find a time slot), but it isn’t fair to place my decisions based on my options on other people with significantly fewer options and resources.
  14. My sister is named Amy. My mom loved the named from Little Women, but the year my sister was born everyone on the face of the earth named their child Amy. When I came along my mom was determined never to let that happen again so the went digging through the family tree and came up with Dorinda. I also found it interesting that the original Ann Dorinda (circa early 1800’s) was married to a man named Major. others... Athur Monroe Olin
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