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  1. It hasn’t been too bad here tonight, not as many as normal. I did prefer it when it was illegal in Michigan to shoot off anything much larger than a sparkler at home.
  2. I would agree with this. I knew very little about it when I saw it initially in London last year except for a 60 Minutes interview of Miranda. I am partway through the book Hamilton and what I find so amazing is that Miranda could read that book and say to himself, you know I think I could make a Broadway musical out of this guy’s life. To think that and then to be able to get the right meter and rhyme Hamilton’s life story is artistic genius. The music isn’t my typical genre, but the creation of the show is brilliant. Yes, the music is original, but I also think one thing that doesn’t come across on the movie form is just how unrelenting a performance it must be for the cast. I am an engineer and not a musical theater type or a dancer, but unlike most musicals there are no actual set changes. The movement of the props are all worked into the choreography, the movement is constant, and those with smaller parts are someone different in the second act. Like the careful word choices in the lyrics there is nothing extraneous in the set or how the cast moves around. There is a 20 or 30 minute documentary on Amazon Prime that goes into the musical roots of Miranda’s work and Hamilton in particular. I don’t remember the name of it, but it was interesting.
  3. Be careful with this one. We tried three times with amazon to get the edited soundtrack and all three times they set a set with two copies of one disk and no copies of the other one.
  4. My first exposure was completely cold and it was tough, but there was definitely no dozing off physically or mentally during the show. I was tired and energized at the same time.
  5. I didn’t know what to expect walking into the theatre, but it was unlike anything else I have ever seen. It seems tough to put Hamilton and the Sound of Music into the same bucket even though I love them both.
  6. We are so excited! My son and I saw it unexpectedly in London last summer. We weren’t going to see a play, but we saw the marquee coming out of the train station and my son knew it would drive his sister crazy if he saw it first. Probably should have previewed it before seeing it with a 13yo boy, but oh well. It was tough to keep up with the lyrics, but the experience was amazing. We were both on the edge of our seats the whole time. My 17yo daughter now has it memorized. When we realized it was coming out I told her she had to finish up economics before she could watch. The 7yo has prohibited everyone from singing or listening to anything Hamilton related for the last month so the drought ends tomorrow and she plans to be done with economics tomorrow...we can’t wait 😊
  7. I love all the stitching, but ever since my fourth kid my eyesight isn’t what it used to be and I can’t see well enough to stitch on linen. Boo! Here is my lockdown project...when the schools shut down first we made a run on the library the afternoon it closed and the next day I made an emergency trip to the yarn store. I have never attached a picture to a post so I hope it works.
  8. Oh, I attended Baylor in the early 90s. The girls weren’t referred to as Baylor Bowheads for nothing 🙂
  9. My post last night disappeared when my iPad lost charge, but I would agree with this completely. AHG is conservative, it is pro-American, but it is not school and is not out to teach American history. I am sure we have all sorts of political viewpoints among parents (Catholics aren’t universally one party) and I know we have all sorts of economic backgrounds (I was troop treasurer for 7 years), but those old etiquette rules about not discussing money or politics seem to be followed pretty well. I would say regardless of politics our families do attend Mass weekly. We are a fairly even split of homeschool and public school with one private school family with three or four Spanish speaking families. We have been in our troop since my daughter was in first grade and she is currently fundraising for her Stars and Stripes project - yea! It has been a very good social and growth outlet for my daughter. On the Catholic troop front, being Catholic (or not offended by Catholic practices like making the sign of the cross before prayers or saying a Hail Mary) is important. We have had several non- Catholics in our troop over the years that did well, but we are up front that we are a Catholic troop. Here in the mid-west, the larger Catholic parishes with schools are still dominated my Girl Scouts so a Catholic AHG troop is a bit of an anomaly. Because of that I think we pull from a broader geographical area because for many years we were the only Catholic troop in the state outside of a couple closed (school only) troops. I would be hesitant to attend a troop exclusively tied to a school or a really tight knit church (Catholic or otherwise) because it can be very hard to break into those social circles. As for the books, they needed updating, but I haven’t seen them. It does seem that they have eliminated some of the cutesy titles in favor of something more descriptive of the actual badge content. There are religious awards associated with the optional level awards. AHG has recently written their own and I have seen one of the Catholic levels from a distance. Few people I know in AHG or otherwise have been fans of the girls Catholic scouting religious awards so I assume it will be an improvement I can’t speak to Protestant awards, but you can earn either version regardless of the religious affiliation of your troop. We complete our religious awards outside of troop meetings. Hope that helps. As others have said, you really need to visit the troop in question to get the vibe of those attending.
  10. Crazy was sort of what I thought it meant, but it didn’t seem to fit in the example so I was thinking I was too old and missed some new definition. It has happened to me before 😉
  11. I read the story (by the way the picture is from March - a bit deceptive) and then read a story in the Detroit Free Press. Apparently, one kid who went to the bar went home to Grosse Point and held a huge part WHILE SYMPTOMATIC and then didn’t tell people until at least a day after he knew his test results. Seriously, I think it is tough to pin all the blame on the bar. Who in their right mind stays at a party where the host is symptomatic and getting sicker? And then one of those kids went and hosted their own party that same weekend? You just can’t help some people.
  12. I did something like this several years ago when our garage was a disaster and I was tired of repurchasing things I knew we had...somewhere. The week I had all three kids at day camp I took every single item off the shelves in the garage on put them in piles on the garage floor with like items. Every night he had homework when he got home from work to sort through what he wanted put back and what should be stored together. I don’t think the shelves had been wiped down in decades. I bought totes for the shelves and labeled them. It is about time to do it again to at least clean the shelves, but when I mention it I do get a bit of initiative. But no, you can’t decide what is valuable to someone else although my mother tries to do it to my father without success. Interestingly, my husband cleaned out his closet of his own initiative the first couple days of the stay at home order (boredom?) and then it sat on our cedar chest for 3 1/2 months. I was SO very happy when the resale shops reopened. I can’t handle the visual clutter, but the rest of family could care less.
  13. I don’t think that would necessarily be true. With an exponential growth curve I would think it would depend on how many infected people were in the crowd...not as many infected it would take longer to double and be noticed. Protests in a city where there were more infected people in the crowd would make a more noticeable surge in a shorter period of time.
  14. I believe Roger Ackroyd was my first as well when in middle school - so 12 or 13. I love Dorthy Sayers as well - Lord Peter Wimsey series is fun.
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