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  1. We are all ready. If she had a good day she should make the cutoff for NM. However, her ACT didn’t go as well as expected so I think she is anxious. She is scheduled to retake the ACT a week from Saturday, but I can tell she isn’t in the right place mentally at the moment to do her best on the ACT. Depending on how the PSAT goes, we might postpone the test date.
  2. You didn’t know that Santa sometimes shops at Target? Sometimes the elves get a bit busy. I think my oldest son was about 5 when I bought some remote control lightning McQueen car that didn’t work and we took it back to Target to exchange it. Santa left me the receipt just in case.
  3. I think you should be ok since that is just under two weeks before Christmas. I would go ahead and put it the tree stand and water it every day. Most trees at big stores have already been cut at this point so you will be starting with a fresher tree if you cut it yourself. We plan to cut ours this weekend.
  4. I believe she said he would read LoF and Beast Academy guides, but not work any problems.
  5. This is such an interesting discussion...thanks for including us in the discussion. I am an engineer and have had many discussions about learning concepts and applications along with math facts vs drilling facts for years. My kids span a wide age range, but my youngest is in first and my second is in algebra this year so I am sort of starting over again looking for the best balance. Do either of you have experience with right Start? It seems balanced, but I tend to second guess myself.
  6. I am only just entering the college search arena, but I consider a safety to be one my daughter is almost guaranteed admission and we can pay for without too much trouble. The local university near us offers scholarships based on gpa and sat/act score and she already hits in the $9000/yr (out of 13000 tuition this year) and it is close enough to commute. Two more points on the act and it goes up to 12,000/yr. That is her safety, but stuff like that can change year to year. I am concerned about the student body’s academic qualities and the fact that it is a commuter school, but she seems relatively happy with it so I don’t want to say negative things right now. After PSAT scores come out we can possibly widen our search, but she doesn’t seem to be overly geeked about going out of state. My concern is she feels that way because she is getting a bit freaked out about turning 17 this weekend and only being a year away from adulthood. My youngest niece is a sophomore music major and watching that audition process freaked me out (we are a family of engineers). I am so glad none of my children show any potential in that area. Still, it would be a very boring world if we were all engineers! For an art major, I would still assume that she would need to be 75th percentile for stats to be reasonably safe for admission even if the portfolio is the most important consideration. Prepscholar has a cool tool when you look up individual schools that you can enter gpa and test score and it gives likelihood of acceptance.
  7. Yes, slow down, but I would pick steady and more distance between cars to avoid the need for sudden acceleration or braking. I don’t see as many people stuck on hills as I used to since the advent of front wheel drive and traction control. Traction control has kept me from getting stuck on the hill at the end of my street many times - glorious use of technology! My pet peeve is with people who speed by in their 4x4 or all wheel drive thinking that will help them on ice. They obviously missed the unit on friction in physics class.
  8. I may have to look into speed queen. My old whirlpool died last year after 17years of service, but I couldn’t find anything comparable. I ended up with a GE because it was the only one that I could select the load size/water level myself. It is OK, but not great. It is sensitive to overloading and since it locks the lid during the spin cycle you can’t stop it to open up and rebalance the load. It also doesn’t show where it is in the cycle like my old one did. I don’t know about speed queen, but while my GE has knobs, it is still all electronic for the actual operation. I really want my old machine back! If speed queen is this good, I should probably buy a backup now to have around when this GE dies.
  9. Interesting thread! two years ago I was in the middle of making a pecan pie and my caro syrup was significantly past its Best Buy date, but the store was closed so I couldn’t get more. A quick-ish google search showed the manufacturer believes it never expires regardless of shelf or refrigerator storage, before or after opening. I used it and the pie was exactly as expected. I do always smell/taste nuts before using because those do go bad and I always store them in the fridge or freezer. My understanding is that that companies aren’t allowed to date past the two year mark even if the product is still fine. I don’t extensively home can, but I do love making jelly. The standard recipe in the pectin box has enough sugar to be shelf stable for years. I do a hot water bath canning to be sure to get a good seal, but it isn’t required. Historically, issues with canning have been with canning meats and low acid foods such as tomatoes and green beans. Those require pressure canning. I also use the latest Ball canning cookbook recommendations along with always using a new lid. My father was an agriculture major in college before he joined the Air Force during the Korean War and was a fanatic about cooking meat well done and not leaving food sitting out. My biggest issues are not commercial foods used past the Best Buy date, but leftovers and food generally not handled properly. My MIL grew up on a North Dakota farm that resembled Little House on the Prairie and never throws food out. At 94 she may outlive us all if it weren’t for her recent heart issues. That said, my deal to go visit is my husband has to go buy me coffee in the morning after her half and half curdled in my coffee on more than one occasion - she reheats her coffee all day and is known to leave the half and half out (and lots of other stuff) on the counter for hours before putting it back in the fridge. I am trying to brace myself for Thanksgiving at my sister in law’s house on always feels risky to eat there (especially leftovers) as they take after their mother. I don’t think I would eat anything from 2011, but a couple years is usually fine...except for the cake mixes, those do go bad and I don’t want to waste the other ingredients if they don’t work out.
  10. I like the norwex cloths for my stainless appliances. It takes a bit of elbow grease, but it cleans them better than any spray I have found. The same ones work really well for mirrors. All they use is water. Wool dryer balls are cool as well with some essential oil to make the laundry smell nice. They also help your laundry dry faster. I gave up dryer sheets a long time ago. I got mine on etsy, but quite a few places sell them now. You might check out grove collaborative. I don’t exactly love their model, but they do have a good selection of green cleaning products to see what is out there. I love their blood orange hand sanatizer.
  11. I would say that there is at least one person coming that is allergic or afraid or generally doesn’t like dogs. I think many people don’t like dogs, but are afraid to say so. I have been stuck at MIL’s house when one of dh’s siblings or their kids bring dogs. One of my kids gets freaked out by dogs that get too close. I would be quiet, but fuming inside to be invited without being informed a dog would be there. Yes, you will know the puppy is there. You can say crate only, but it will likely be let out by one of those 24 people in the house who feel sorry for it. I would say no.
  12. You might want to look at Mother of Divine Grace as an alternative to Kolbe. I have never used either, but have friends who use both. Both are solidly Catholic, but MODG, while classical, strikes me as more standard than Kolbe. MODG has learning support available which is a weekly meeting with a class and a teacher to introduce topics and review. The teacher also does the grading.
  13. Adding Memoria Press Online Academy to the list. They have a diploma program that is priced with 5 online classes, but you can homeschool or use a different provider for 2 additional classes per year that they will add to your transcript so it is all in one document. I would declare them rigorous, but not crazy. Something like Stanford online high school you need to qualify with test scores and essay and is definitely geared to gifted. It is also expensive...full time is 24000.
  14. I plan on keeping a consistent grade scale across classes. I have used different providers with different scales so 90-100=A is what I use to keep the transcript consistent.
  15. Besides word of mouth, how do you evaluate if the de classes are any good?
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