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  1. The bolded - I think it's way more complex than what this question implies. There are many levels of the Bible being "true". It is also an entirely separate question than God speaking. I understand that there are people to whom it is very black & white & simple but it is not that way for everyone.
  2. It isn't a feeling at all. It's what I need to satisfy that part of me that needs to be loved in a way that no human being is capable of doing. God's love for me has to exist because I would die without it.
  3. Xian and gay are not mutually exclusive. Xian and being part of a secular group are not mutually exclusive. The OP is Xian as are several other members of their secular group.
  4. I would love to travel that way alone - and the other people wouldn't bother me unless they were really needy but I imagine that would be rare. It would not be as comfortable travelling around "other people" with my DH or children along. I guess I feel more comfortable and able to not be an intrusion if it's just my own introverted self. I don't know how I'd feel if it were my kids - I'm not there yet and only have boys.
  5. I have all my kids in public schools this year for the first time. I have 4 between 2nd grade and 9th. It's been an adjustment. I was over the hurt part of it before school began in the fall. We are all happy with how it has turned out, even though there are things that are less than ideal and difficult. Homeschooling wasn't perfect either. Best of luck to all of you. It will be OK.
  6. Melissa, I hope you're able to do something good for yourself today. I'm so sorry that this has been so hurtful. Ditto what Rosie said.
  7. What you've described is not OK with me and I would have a hard time balancing saying something and respecting my child's wishes. I understand that could make things awkward/difficult having 2 classes with this yahoo. Someone who would speak to kids under his care in this way is not someone I would be able to trust to react professionally to a parent complaint.
  8. I would not get her gifts anymore. At all.
  9. You've been married to this guy for 25 years. He doesn't know that you'd like some acknowledgement on your 25th anniversary? He doesn't notice that you're crying and if he does, he won't respect you? You can't tell him you're hurt because it would be an argument? I'm truly sorry if this is your situation. You deserve better from your life partner. Do whatever you need to do to help yourself deal with this.
  10. I don't generally care about gift-giving and am not into jewelry. But you should go out and buy yourself whatever you'd like and not have an ounce of guilt or negativity about it. Is your DH always such an ass?
  11. You did a good thing. You are doing a good thing. You will do good things. :001_smile:
  12. Right. We're damned if we do & damned if we don't. Either way, we're forced to live with massive amounts of guns in a country with massive amounts of gun violence and TPTB are doing everything they can to keep it that way. Because *that*'s helpful & REALLY damn healthy.
  13. Yes, really. These are my own children & their schools. It varies by school district so I don't know how common it is. My 14 year-old's job is to barricade the door with a bookshelf. My 7 year-old worries that there aren't enough hiding places in the classroom. He's right, there aren't.
  14. No. A lock down drill is simply a lock down. Classrooms locked. Hallways cleared (get in the nearest classroom). Active shooter drills involve lock down and hiding within the classroom (or closet w/in classroom) or going out the window (this is only discussed and not practiced yet). Barricading the door with furniture. etc.
  15. For clarification, are you doubting that schools do active shooter drills? I can tell you that they most certainly do. Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Of course, you're still only hearing about it so you still don't actually *know*. But *I* KNOW. Schools do, in fact, hold active shooter drills.
  16. yeah, it's nasty. I mix it with water to dilute & chug it. I have barrett's esophagus so it's worth doing even just for the soothing properties.
  17. I also take meds for this. Zantac works the best for me. Have you tried aloe juice when you start to wean off the meds? It helps to calm & soothe my stomach.
  18. I've never heard the word "gross" used to mean messy and painful and challenging. I don't see that definition anywhere but maybe I don't know the latest dictionaries. We can discuss just about anything, but if we aren't interested in being sensitive to people's feelings and situations, when we know that there are people in the discussion who have personal experience with these things, then that says something about our character.
  19. Im out of likes so consider all your posts liked. thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing. im so sorry that people are so hurtful and arent able to apologize and see the hurt they cause. hugs.
  20. Oh, what a great story! LOVE IT.
  21. Oh, the Gaithers... Not really my thing anymore but they feed me like comfort food sometimes. My parents still spend hours watching their concerts. I knew that DH was a keeper when he could spend all day with my parents, listening to the Gaithers, and not lose his mind.
  22. Eliana, I think you've explained it very well and I share this view as well, even as a xian, when I actually think about who he was. I don't think you've been disrespectful and I don't hear criticism of xianity. Thank you for sharing your perspective.
  23. Umsami is not a Xian. You cannot expect her to use the proper lingo to fit your worldview/religion. Biblical has more than one meaning. 1) it is in the Bible. 2) it's what the Bible says/means. If you read the words of someone who is not a xian without graciousness to understand what they are actually saying it comes across as a "gotcha". That's what it sounded like to me. Umsami was not making a statement about xianity, but about BG.
  24. then your accusation to umsami doesn't make sense.
  25. I have good memories of BG, watching him on TV as a kid. Just as I am is very comforting to me because of that. I think he did a lot of good and he tried to do his part in God's Will. He was sometimes wrong, very wrong. He acknowledged a lot of those wrongs and I give him credit for that.
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