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  1. I have a rising 5th grader and rising 2nd grader this coming school year. We’re going to use Elemental Science Biology for both (logic level for 5th grader, grammar level for 2nd grader. MY QUESTION: is there a simplified schedule to do these together, “one room schoolhouse” style? I poked around the elemental science website and saw they had a loose recommendation to rearrange the logic unit sequence to line up with the grammar sequence, but it still doesn’t seem to line up well. ***ETA: Their suggestions are in the teacher’s guide, not on their website.*** I’d love sugg
  2. Using tables in a PowerPoint or KeyNote program allows for maximum flexibility in where you place your elements. Plus you can create a master slide and apply it over and over as the template for subsequent slides. The slide sizes are fully customizable so you can make a standard letter sized page. Plus, you can add tons of other elements to draw interest or offer a different way for the students to take notes or solve problems. I personally love using KeyNote to make things for my girls 😄
  3. We've used Claritas as our Memory Work "launch pad" if you will. We used cycle 2 and cycle 3 so far and I have cycle 4 coming any day now. I loved the memory work aspect but never could pick out the pegs for myself. I didn't want CC as I researched them a few years ago and it left a sour taste in my mouth. (And after reading Leah Bortin's book I just couldn't tolerate any more from that whole company.) So far, we've loved the music that goes along with the Memory Work book and it takes us about 7 minutes in the mornings to run through the songs a couple of times. The fact that it's a 4 year cy
  4. We’ve been using the Claritas Cycle 2 memory work this year and like it a lot! It’s more expensive than the C.C. materials because you have to buy each cycle separately. But I find it completely worth it because I love the 4-cycle format that makes it line up nicely with SOTW, and (this one is major for me) I’m not hounds by C.C. directors trying to recruit me into their communities. I’ll be buying the rest of the Claritas materials this summer to reduce my shipping cost and to be prepared for the upcoming years. We don’t use memory work out of context so I happily keep it in our lessons.
  5. I inherited my Grandmother’s Spode Christmas Tree set this year. We started using it Dec. 1 and I won’t put it away until Jan. 1. We’ve got 5 piece place settings (dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, tea cup, and saucer), soup bowls, water gobblers, Irish coffee mugs, and a whole slew of serving pieces (butter dish, S&P shakers, ice bucket, bakers, fruit & salad serving bowls, cake plate, creamer & sugar bowl, etc). It stays boxed up for most of the year, so I want to use it the whole season.
  6. We're using the God's Design series from Answers in Genesis. We used God's Design for Life last year and we're using God's Design for Heaven & Earth this year. Lessons are succinct, the projects/experiments are simple enough to execute, and it doesn't take forever for us to accomplish. It's for 3-8th grade levels and them challenge sections for 6-8th grade seem challenging enough without taking tons of time. My oldest is a technical "1st grader" per state cutoffs, but we're working on a 2nd grade level. We do modify the questions and quizzes to a point to make my 1st grader stretch but be
  7. Out of curiosity, where'd you find these cards for free? Was it directly from their website? Thanks!
  8. We'll be using the Claritas materials for the first time this coming fall! I can't wait! I have some aversions to CC but like the idea of not having to do all the legwork for memory work. Claritas fills that need for my family.
  9. Is this site still fully functioning? I checked it out for recommendations for our upcoming year and every link to the actual lesson info was nonexistent. 🤔
  10. Limit her choices to "a" and "b"... May simplify the process🤔
  11. Around 20F with snow falling! We're winter people to the core! If there's not snow falling, I want it to be overcast. We thrived in Wyoming where it was winter for ¾ of the year. Now in northwestern Wisconsin, we're 100% OVER the summer weather. It's only 3 months long, but I've had enough. And we'll likely have a full 3 months of fall, only 3 months of true winter, 3 months spring... It's kind of sad to me that winter is so short when there are so many great winter sports and activities that we have available out here.
  12. My heart goes out to that little girl! I'd like to know the other perspectives from the antagonist and witnesses on the plane. But ultimately, the antagonist/angry woman shouldn't have engaged the child/child's parents. Instead, she should have called an attendant to handle the situation. Poor choices seem to have been made all around and the little girl was the least capable of handling the situation.
  13. I agree 100% with reducing the sugar! It's a major factor for my skin.
  14. I have pretty bad TMJ disorder (have since I was young). I've done the TMJ specialists (with oral splints, muscle relaxers, powerful anti-inflammation meds, cortisol shots, the whole gamut) and chiropractors. While those things helped short term, I had to stay on top of appointments to maintain. I changed my diet to Nutritional Ketosis and my TMJ has never felt better. Eliminating sugar and other inflammatory foods has improved my situation beyond what a practitioner had ever helped me achieve. I've been off meds and only use my splints when I notice I'm more stressed than usual. I'm a firm be
  15. $69.99!!!! That's an awesome price! I was looking at these today and may just have to jump in on this deal. I have zero experience with the Instant Pot or what size is best given family size... Following for sure!
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