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  1. We have all four discs with Weiss. I didn't know there was an earlier version.
  2. I'm considering purchasing Teaching the Classics DVDs and workbook, but want to hear btdt advice first. If you've used it, please give your honest feedback. What did you love about it? What do you feel could have been done better? Is it geared more for the classroom? The description in the iew catalog makes me wonder if it is a good fit for a homeschool classroom or if there are better resources for literary analysis and/or Socratic dicusssion geared toward homeschoolers.
  3. I know abeka puts out a health curriculum, but I haven't purchased one from them since I bought the one designed for use in second grade. (It certainly didn't touch on the birds and the bees... ;) ). I have no idea what the content or quality of the upper levels would be, and I assume that there are better resources. So, for all intents and purposes I just want to say ... Bump
  4. I didn't read all of the replies. However, I am a BCBA and have two kiddos with autism. Many of the characteristics you listed remind me of my 2e son and several clients. However, if your son makes eye contact and displays joint attention, then I doubt it's autism. I will say, though, that I've also seen several sets of parents who truly didn't see the more subtle qualitative differences in those two characteristics with their autistic kiddos. If you're at all in doubt, get a thorough evaluation with a developmental pediatrician who has experience with gifted kids, asd kids, and 2e kiddos.
  5. https://adaughterofthereformation.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/plagiarism-wilson-and-the-omnibus/ Any thoughts?
  6. We use BA as a supplement, but really I just want to commend you for not backing away from challenging math simply because your daughter tends to get frustrated by it. So often I see parents asking about new curricula options sothat they can continue to ensure that every moment of their child's education is sunshine and rainbows. Good for you for stretching her and creating an environment in which she can learn both challenging mathematics and coping skills! :)
  7. I don't have any experience with barton or AAS and clicked on this because I'm curious about them for my middle son. That said, I wanted to highlight the above. I would encourage you to step back and look at which of these two programs meet your son's needs rather than those of your tutor. Which program will address his needs best? Worry about how to make it accessible to the tutor once you've answered that question.
  8. If you need a pretty wide variety to keep everyone engaged, Rush Hour and Risk are strategy games that haven't been mentioned. All my other suggestions were already mentioned upstream. :)
  9. Beast Academy not only won't help with this: , it will actually likely make it worse. BA is designed to challenge kids who love math and to whom math concepts come intuitively. A child who is strong in math, but doesn't love it can slog through, but it isn't something I would recommend to a child who is struggling in math. Plus, you've identified that your daughter needs more review to solidify concepts and there is very little repetition and next to no review with BA. If the short spiral from Horizons isn't working for her, you could look at a longer spiral (like Abeka) or at a mastery based program (like Math Mammoth or Singapore, with MM having more repetition).
  10. I agree. Since you already have 3a and 3b, go ahead and do them. It will be a review of concepts, but in a different, deeper, and fun way. Then do the placement tests to see if you should purchase 4a-d or move into 5a.
  11. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/494523-does-anyone-else-think-classical-conversations-is-neither/
  12. All I've got, other than a hug, is a suggestion to take the handle off the water spigot outside. You and your husband will need to use a wrench to turn the hose on and off, but it will eliminate your son's unauthorized access to the hose.
  13. Have you considered purchasing Barton and implementing it yourself? Dig around on their website and see if it's something you think is doable for your situation. The more frequent exposure that you would be able to provide implementing it yourself daily (as opposed to weekly with the tutor) would likely help him as well.
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