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  1. Like 'horrible burning' worse. It never really breaks out, it just stings and burns like all heck.
  2. I would guess thats it? But I've also tried the zinc ones and they're pretty miserable too. In fact, they're almost worse?
  3. Ehhh, its hard to describe me I guess. I'm fairly pale but tan quite easily but also burn easily? I've already got a decent tan because I'm outside a lot of the day year round. Yes my skin is definitely generally sensitive, but seems to be getting more so. I am wanting it for my face. I do not wear any makeup. I'm wanting to apply in the morning and have it on for some protection. Basically, I don't want to look old 😂. I don't care if I have to reapply several times throughout the day.
  4. I am awake as soon as the alarm goes off. I can't fall back asleep, it is annoying. Farmer habit I guess?
  5. I know a few people from church that have had the same thing. Nasty cold that just lingers and lingers, but repeated negative covid tests. So I assume its something going around. Between that and the wild fire smoke and crappy air quality, on top of everyone quarantining for so long, its no wonder everyone is passing gross stuff around this summer!
  6. that DOESN'T make me burn worse? Does such a thing exist? Seems like every one I've tried lately burns or stings or makes my face itch something awful. I am -wanting- to wear sun screen but just having a heck of a time of it the last few years!
  7. Dangit I'm late to the party, sounds like they must be fun people though!
  8. I am very probably a horrible person for admitting this, but this sentence made me snort coffee all over myself, my keyboard, and the kitten.
  9. Honestly I was just amused and slightly amazed that someone else on here actually lives in a town/county/area as small as mine is.
  10. You must live in a similar area to me. A whopping total of 1000 in the entire county, and several towns with populations well under 100. A town with 10,000 would be a bustling metropolis.
  11. I live extreeeeemely rural. Most of the people here that aren't vaccinated are unvaxxed because they opened it up for everyone right at the start of farming and going to town to get one is a 70+ mile one way road trip that usually only gets made for replacement tractor parts or the odd after church grocery run. I suspect the rates will go way up in the fall when the crop is in the bins and people have a bit more free time.
  12. I did such a stunt. Except I decided that the old butt ugly oven i am NOT allowed to drag upstairs (i mean, it IS avocado green...) works waaaaaaaaay better than the new "pretty" one upstairs. SO now I have to run down to the basement any time I want to bake anything finicky because I don't trust the stupid new oven 😂
  13. Oh my gosh, an ice road? You must be way up there! Prayers that the fire will be contained before it gets to your area.
  14. Ooof! Those things sound nasty. Glad we just have to deal with grasshopper plagues out here, they seem less enormous and loud that the cicadas. Is it true how bad they are in some parts of the country?
  15. HAH a convert! That stuff is dangerously good, I'm glad you enjoyed it 🙂
  16. We just had snow here in MT like 2 days ago, its hit or miss this time of year. Correct about the no road salt! Proceed with caution and make sure you're driving something thats good in snow as you really never know what you'll find. Lots of the old timers swear they've seen snow on the flats in every month of the year. Also it can get CHILLY at night year round. Bring pants and sweatshirts and maybe even a decent jacket.
  17. I second this, and add antibiotics to the list.
  18. I know its not QUITE the same as Yellowstone, but if thats too crowded and booked up don't rule out Glacier! Its gorgeous up there too, and Kalispell and Whitefish are both very neat towns. I may be slightly biased as I lived up there for some time but its definitely a super fun place to visit and there's usually decidedly less people.
  19. Very northern US and my darn cherry tree hasn't even leafed out yet this year.
  20. Oh sure, hence my last sentence. Just sometimes it kind of DOES work out that way. I grew up extremely isolated, not because my parents were thoroughly crazy but because there was simply no people left in that area. I did more or less run away and get shunned though 😄
  21. GT's Mystic Mango (or something like that?) is an excellent gateway kombucha. Its so good you don't even realize its supposed to be healthy. Bonus, it doesn't have a nasty after taste like some of the store bought ones do.
  22. Weird, but this actually happened to me. I had the sudden urge for months to move across the country to a specific spot I'd never been too. Specific spot was just as much a tiny, relatively isolated town as where I came from. Sounded horribly crazy to me but I wound up doing it eventually anyways, and I met my person like literally 36 hours later. It was kind of insane, honestly. No crazy fundie parents involved though 🙂
  23. What on earth happened? Sometimes being a chronic lurker is a bad thing :P
  24. Yep, loads of people do that. If you have the drive to learn and the ambition to work, its not too hard to find someone willing to teach. We're a pretty friendly bunch in the farming world.
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