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  1. This is very encouraging. I have a child who loves language, too, but is still learning to read well. I've been feeling stressed because I'd like to give her the gift of a foreign language before high school, but I am not fluent in anything. And it's been hard to find materials that are engaging for her and not boring (either over her head or below her level.) Thanks for sharing the success story of your child. I have a "one and only" right now, so I can't learn from her other siblings!
  2. Okay, hubby checked out all the suggested material, but doesn't feel like he can teach it. The curriculums you each have suggested seem to be written in French, or at least their websites associated with them are in French, and we can't read it enough to know if the programs will work. Plus, a promotional website in French seems to indicate that maybe the materials don't have any English in them? We are continuing to look on the internet for other options that will work for non-fluent parents and be appropriate for early elementary. Thanks for responding, anyway! I'm glad you all have found things that work!
  3. Thank you! She would love the cutting and pasting crafts! We will check it out. Open to other curriculum suggestions if anyone has one to recommend....
  4. We are interested in starting a foreign language with our first grader. I am looking for a natural approach. I don't want material that expects the child to read and write the language at first. I also think programs that start out with full sentences/conversations in the target language are too aggressive (but I am open to input if I am wrong on this.) Has anyone helped their child learn French and has a good curriculum to recommend? We really want to give her a good foundation before puberty, especially. Hubs speaks with a good accent but is not fluent. (He will be instructing.)
  5. Thanks so much! I am going to check scope and sequence and if it seems we can swing it, just jump in with B. Thanks to all who responded with encouragement or advice.
  6. I read through this thread, but didn't see this particular question answered: We did a more traditional math program last year for Kindergarten. Can I start right in with Rightstart B (second edition)? Or do we need the foundation in A? I am concerned there won't be enough practice of the basics before the program moves on. On the other hand, I don't want DD to be bored.
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