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  1. My sister, BIL, niece and nephew all have COVID. She says it is quite unpredictable; one will get a little better and then worse again. One of the children has a fever. Sister says her cough is unbelievable. BIL, who is a chef, lost taste and smell. All find it very exhausting.
  2. I’m sorry. I hate being the bearer of unwelcome news.
  3. One thing I do sometimes when I have to tackle a task is run a timer and see if I can complete it (or complete some step in the process) in 20-30 minutes. I get a little pop of pleasure if I can beat the timer.
  4. What a neat story! Thank you for sharing!
  5. All-One-Love-God! I used to read the lables often as a teen. I still love the Sal Suds version for all-purpose cleaning.
  6. I’m sorry. I know of two clients waiting on Worker’s Comp checks that are weeks delayed. It stinks for sure.
  7. I did just receive what I think was the last of my Hive Holiday Cheer cards. 🙂 I have never received a pair of pants intended for dd. It may never come. 🤷🏻‍♀️ In other mail-fail news, the number of statements I never got in December, or checks I mailed that did not arrive until this past week, is hard to imagine. My credit card company locked up my business account - I never got a December statement (didn’t realize it) and was past due by several weeks. Supply house payment was so late they thought I never paid in December, though I did. And our business policy was about to cancel f
  8. True story: when a friend of mine was dating the guy who eventually became her husband, once she had a silent-but-deadly slip out at her home. She cried, “Oh, Angel! God, this damn dog!” And then she got a paper towel and “cleaned up” non-existant dog poo to cover her smelly escapee.
  9. I am so terribly sorry, Janeway. It did not come from your plastic bag. Please don’t take that burden upon yourself. I’m just so very sorry.
  10. OP, I would let it roll off you, no matter the bagger’s issues. Currently, we have to bag our own due to COVID, but some of the places I shop also charge for plastic bags, and so I’m bringing my own bags no matter what. I would despise plastic bags even if they were not terrible for the environment and flying around getting caught in trees; they are floppy and don’t hold enough groceries.
  11. Hell no! And, are you being facetious about another few hundred thousand people dying? I will happily take it of my own free will, the day it is available to my category. It has not been released with no understanding of efficacy and safety. They dont just release vaccines willy-nilly and hope for the best. Also, to the thread in general, I have my own skeptical conspiracy belief that we are being told “they” dont know if the vaccine prevents transmission because “they” want people to remain compliant with masking, distancing, sanitizing. I suspect that once millions of peopl
  12. Coats/layers/sweaters/boots are seriously a major reason I don’t want to live any further south than Virginia. I don’t like the cold but I LOVE cold-weather clothes! I have a red dress coat that I now get to wear to work. I swear I feel like a million bucks in that thing.
  13. It’s a scare tactic from the anti-vax nutballs.
  14. Other smarter people have given good responses to what the reason might be, but I just want to say I am so sorry about your dad.
  15. I was able to catch bits of it at work; it was running on my news app, but I had to keep silencing it to get the phone. I did hear all of both swearing-ins, and all of the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. I couldn't really see dresses and things too much; my eyes were elsewhere. And I was wearing out my phone battery and needed to quit while I still had battery for the rest of the day.
  16. I was going to suggest jjshouse as a source, in part because they have a zillion colors and you can order swatches. I like all of the linked dresses, but I think the second one and the last are best. I like the dark navy of the first one. What I like more about the second one is, the appliques look more like vines and therefore, look more like the “found in nature” theme. You will definitely want your dress to be in harmony with the wedding party for pictures. Navy ought to accomplish that, or a dark grey or green.
  17. You could pursue this legally as a medical malpractice claim. I mean, I probably wouldn’t, so long as I had no lasting effects from the mistake. But if the surgery notes indicate the mistake, it would probably hold up to legal scrutiny.
  18. That is hilarious! I love the part about..”the old family iPad that won’t hold a charge and so has to be plugged in to work”. I swear we have that iPad here...
  19. Interesting...I would not think that at all. For me, the answer to, “Wouldn’t you think an all-female firm would keep their bathrooms tidy?” is a puzzled, “No...” I know men who keep fastidious bathrooms and women who are slobs. To me it has nothing to do with gender; it has to do with whether the person is fastidious or not. Out of my three children, the one who likes things neat and orderly the most is male. My dd is on the messy side and is marrying someone who likes order a lot.
  20. He definitely wants familiarity; I can assume that from him asking me to call him by his casual first name. I am thinking about your second question...I think the answer is No, but I do get a strong vibe of gender stereotyping from him. For example, he was talking about an all-female firm where he said, “The bathroom was filthy...wouldn’t you think a firm full of females would keep the bathrooms clean?” And other similar things. He also tried out some racial stereotyping on me early on but I shut it down. We had a pretty significant argument over that.
  21. He did ask if he could call me Dani. I could have said, “No I prefer that you use my formal name.” However, it was my first or second day of work and I was keen not to be difficult or reject an attempt at increasing familiarity. He did ask me to call him by his first name, which is an already-casual name (think a name like Toby), so I guess that was his first effort to de-formalize our interactions. He does seem to hold gender stereotypes, though; that’s why I think he wanted to “minimize” me.
  22. My boss calls me by the diminutive form of my name, and I think it is an intentional way to “minimize” me. (I.e., he calls me “Dani”) I do not think he decided to do this in a conscious power play, but I think that is the subconscious reason. I am not hugely bothered by it, and I suppose I could always have insisted on not being nicknamed, but I do think there is an actual *purpose* in using the nickname, whether consciously done or subconscious.
  23. The murals are weird and the demon-in-the-suitcase is off the charts, but the “Chive” examination of the weirdness is also weird. Also, I would have to see the monument with my own eyeballs to believe it says that New World Order stuff on it. I have been to Denver Intl twice but, silly me, I wasn’t wise to look for that. I think the Au Ag thing is definitely meant to be “Silver and Gold”, particularly because it is in a mining cart, though I admittedly don’t know why Silver and Gold should be on the floor in front of that stupid mural. Unless it’s to say, “Chasing after wealth is what br
  24. And here I am debating over whether to buy two end tables from Wayfair or not, based solely on worry that it is poorly made and will not hold up! So naive...
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