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  1. Quill

    S/o Getting Rid of it All

    Yeah, and generally, that is my thought, too. BUT! One thing I’m decluttering now is tons of homeschooling books and materials. My sister has younger kids she plans to homeschool, so some things I want to pass on to her. But I also have a friend who is heading up a homeschoolers lending library and I want to give a bunch of things to her as well. This is why I have a bunch of piles on the floor of my homescho9l room, going to neither... It’s also hard to admit to myself I don’t have the whatever-it-is to sell my perfectly good materials. On the one hand, I tell myself I am blessing another homeschooler with my materials, but on the other hand, I feel like I’m ignoring an obvious source of recouping some of my investment. So I get stuck there as well.
  2. Quill

    S/o Getting Rid of it All

    “Honey, where are my snow skis? Matter of fact, where are my fishing rods and my tackle box? And, now I think of it, I haven’t seen my tennis raquet, either.” ” was a big box the elliptical came in...I made a rule...”
  3. Oh my goodness, you all. I inadvertantly found a way to get me from the mental note, “Next time I do a declutter, I’m taking that Guitar Hero thingy...and that clock we all hate because it ticks so loudly...and that spare landline telephone...” to actually stuffing it all in my car and driving there immediately. We have a HELOC that came due; we had to either pay it off or refinance it, so I have sent paperwork in to refinance and dh has spoken to the loan officer there several times. Well, last night, dh starts a discussion with, “Now, don’t freak out...” Due to cancer treatment and the slow yet relentless tide of stuff, I feel as though my house has never been a bigger disaster. That was his reason to warn against freaking out. I freaked out anyway. An assessor is coming here next week. AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH! Luckily, I had already nagged my kids while they were all home to go through certain clutter nooks, and I serendipitously just put my home office in order yesterday. So I had a jump on it. But still. ALL the junk - in the car you go. No more dithering about where the optimum declutter recipient shall be; I’m just getting rid of it all. No more waffling about whether that read-in-bed prop thingy should really be kept or decluttered. Out it goes. And I hear a beautiful sound coming from the basement stairs - ds vacuuming.
  4. I’m so glad you got to meet a fellow Hiver and BAWer. How fun! I hope you ate having a ball in The Netherlands. I have a very old book I “borrowed” (presumably this won’t go back to her now) from my MIL. It is called The Woman You Want to Be by Margery Wilson. My MIL’s copy was the fifth edition, probably printed in 1948, but early copyright is 1928. I grant you, a hard-core feminist might find it tough to read, but there is still loads of good advice in there about how to be a good host, how to join in a conversation, how to put others at ease. It’s a sweet book.
  5. I finished reading Property by Lionel Shriver. This is a collection of short stories and two novellas. I love Shriver’s wordcraft. Even the title was so profoundly perfect in how each story had multiple takes on property and ownership and who owns what (or whom). It was a great book. My favorite story was Domestic Terrorism about a failure-to-launch adult kid who would not move out. I am intrigued by the Something Old category and I have a book on standby that could go with that. It is How you can give yourself The Priceless Gift of a rich, cultural education. This is an old OOP book written by Cornelius Hirschberg in 1960. I love these old self-help kind of books. They are thrilling. @Lady Florida., I have Becoming in my Audible que and hope to listen to that soon. Currently on Audible, I am listening to American Radical. It is a fascinating memoir of an undercover agent who speaks native Arabic (from Egypt) and is a Muslim. In this manner, he is able to infiltrate jihadis. The one thing I find disquieting in listening to this book is how deceptive he (obviously) needs to be in order to make this bust. It’s sad, in a way, to hear how he manipulated the terrorist’s committment to Islam to make him think he was one of them. It just makes me sort of sad to know that people can and do manipulate people this way, even though I am glad for the eventual outcome.
  6. I love listening to Anne Lamott narrate her books. She cracks me up! When I read her books, I still get the delivery just fine, but hearing her say it herself...she has great comedic timing!
  7. For the past many years, my office for dh’s businesses has been located at my MIL’s house, though I do have office space at my home. When I was dx’ed with cancer, though, I abruptly moved all my essentials to my house so I would be able to do my work totally from home. Due to the unplanned execution, though, I brought the files I need to have, supplies I expect to use, computer, machine and made a printer desk out of a folding banquet table I usually use as a homeschool desk. The problem has been it is a chaotic mess because no file drawers and no closet space for supplies. So it has been a TOTALLY disorganized mess with files stacked on the floor in piles. I cannot stand working in such a disaster area but there just hasn’t been much helping it recently. I was even on point to just order a filing cabinet from Wayfair because I was so aggitated by the mess, but then it snowed here and my driveway is no joke; UPS won’t traverse it if it’s snowy/icy. Which is probably wise, tbh. (An oil tanker got stuck in our woods one winter when it slid off the driveway. That was an adventure!) I swung by Staples today and found two legal-sized file storage totes (9.99 ea.) and one letter-sized flip-top filing tote (14.99). I also bought two accordian files for paid bills and these have 24 slots, so they will each last two years. They were 12.00 ea. I also got a binder and a set of tabs for my rental records. I just spent several hours restoring order in that room with my little low-budget filing solutions. Now I feel like I can breathe in there again! Adding a photo. Sorry I don’t have a “before”.
  8. Quill

    Fitbit and sleep tracking...

    All I know is that I’m always disappointed that when I’m being so “good” about going to bed at the right time, this does not translate to 7 hours of *sleep*. It translates to 6 and a couple of minutes. Wah.
  9. I LOVE this idea and wonder if I could get in on that! I loved my public speaking classes in college. I was sometimes nervous but in reality I love to teach/inform a roomful of people of something. I don’t think much of the term “resolutions” because it just connotes lies we tell ourselves every January, but I do evaluate goals and create new strategies and habits. I have made substantial progress on those. First, I went back to a physical book planner (although I still get digital notifications, which is good), because I need to have all my little goals and chalenges contained in one place. Something I can keep, like a journal, and refer back to; digital calendar deletes stuff. Plus, I just really enjoy physically writing and using nice pens and stickers and things. I have my Book-a-Week goals in there and other goals. Secondly, I am committed to using my time differently in the morning and using all of my time more wisely. I don’t want to waste time on TV and least of all listening to disturbing news first thing. The radiation therapy I am doing, oddly, provides an ideal structure because I need to accomplish my morning goals before leaving for therapy at 8:55, so I am not dawdling on FB or piddling through emails or watching upsetting news. I still have to figure out a good way to spend time with dh in lieu of this TV news thing but...oh well. I’m using my morning time to read, meditate, do yoga, walk, and write. Thirdly, I started to segment my hobbies into what I call “classes” each day. A “class” is 30 minutes; some days I have double classes in a subject, but the class model is a good way to nibble away at several things each day: knitting “class”, reading class, writing class, ukelele class, for example. (This idea came from the book Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher.) I also write all my classes down in my planner when I complete them so I see that I worked on my knitting each day, worked on writing each day, etc. I am having a ball with my goals and I feel like they have good staying power!
  10. Quill

    Kids movies I hate

    The problem I had with this is the initial scene where the hot little mermaid is draped over Prince Eric on the beach. It wasn’t so much her voluptuousness in general but that scene was pretty s3xualized, IMO, for young girls to idealize, and my dd was the target audience when it was popular. I also didn’t like the general message of impetuous girl makes a mess of everything and the male characters bail her out.
  11. Quill

    OMG! I'm back!

    What a very nice thing to say! Thank you.
  12. Quill

    Does anyone else watch Hoarders...

    I think eventually Neicy did come on that show but when I was watching it, it was Peter Walsh. (I believe that is his name; the man who wrote It’s All Too Much.) He was the one brow-beating the man with the roll-top desk. I just thought it was harsh and unnecessary to chuck the desk. One thing I did like about Walsh, though, was that he believed in giving important items “pride of place.” So if someone had a collection of army commendations and medals from a relative, but they were stuck in a shoebox in the closet, he was a big believer in giving those items a shadow box or something and hanging where they can be seen.
  13. Quill

    Does anyone else watch Hoarders...

    Yes. I began to feel the same. Each show seemed to be finding increasingly horrifying situations. There is a point - usually somewhere between unremoved pizza boxes and dead cats - where this is intractable mentall illness. It was awful to witness.
  14. Quill

    Does anyone else watch Hoarders...

    I used to do that some with a different show...I think it was called Clean Sweep or something. It wasn’t as extreme as Hoarders but it was usually people who had gone pretty far in the disaster direction. The team would come in and would do a big yard sale to generate dough for their project and then would makeover their house and clean and organize everything. For that show I would often side with the “hoarder” for certain things. One I remember in particular was an old guy with a roll-top desk he had used for a very long time. But it wasn’t “the most efficient” desk for his needs, so they convinced him to sell it. I thought that was barbaric. One that I thought was sort of funny was this woman who had a trmendous plethora of storage totes. She couldn’t see the problem with her excess stuff because it was all so nicely sorted and organized. Well, yeah, it was towering stacks impeding moving freely about her house, but, by golly, it was organized!
  15. Quill

    OMG! I'm back!

    I remember you, Manager Mom!
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