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  1. I have always loved to create and make things. I write, do photography, loom knit, sometimes draw or paint, sometimes make crafts or arrangements of seasonal decor. I also love food as art: beautiful breads or desserts. I’m planning to do the decor and some flowers for dd’s wedding in September. I’m sure I will show off lots of pictures of that when the time comes. I am also growing a lot of flowers for the wedding. Depending on how successful that endeavor is, there may be a lot of flowers from my own gardens or fewer. We’ll have to see what happens with that. I don’t maintain a bl
  2. My husband is very sensitive to road noise. I remember that being a major concern for him when we picked our lot because of the busy road out at the front of the property. All the trees deaden the road noise pretty well, though. You can still hear trucks and snowplows, but not every car that passes. For several years, our neighbor to the front had a school bus service. I *did* find that very annoying because of all the beeping and headlights early in the morning. The bus headlights would shine directly into our bedroom window.
  3. I live near a landfill. The county wants well access to our property because they can’t use the water in the industrial park due to contamination. I mean, I don’t really see it, or particularly notice it’s there, but it would be nice to not be as close as we are.
  4. When I looked on the appointment site Friday, it had cancer category as, “actively treating current cancer,” so I don’t think I qualify through that condition in MD right now. You know, this thread is making me wonder about going to another state near-ish by that has a more vaccine-avoidant population, because for me, that might be West Virginia. I don’t know if that’s allowed/never allowed or whatever. But I do wonder if it might be more possible to get vaccinated there, if the population is refusing. I know for a while, some people were going all the way to Florida from here beca
  5. Yes, that’s true. For my mama, though...I sure do hope she does not get COVID. I do not think she would survive. She has several advanced health problems and is on oral chemo medication currently. I also think there is a very high chance she would not go to the hospital or would make that decision too late.
  6. He didn’t at the time, but in a remarkable twist of fate, I just learned today that his brother, who cares for their very elderly, frail mom, just tested positive. So mama is going to stay with the vaccinated “tier-jumper” son for a few weeks. Funny how stuff works out. Your second paragraph: yeah, I expect it does not really mean me. I do not think it is 100% honest to say I fit in this category. It’s rather moot at the moment, because I can’t find an available appointment right now anyway. But it does amaze me a bit when people who *do* legit fit the tier, won’t get it because XYZ. My
  7. I also thought about doing this because neighboring DC seems more organized than MD. I dont know if they are checking licenses, though.
  8. I am in that same boat with my very high risk parents. It is part of the reason I want it sooner than later.
  9. What do we think about people “fudging” a bit to get vaxxed for COVID when their tier is not offered yet? I was initially irritated by someone I knew who got a vax through a college pass he has because he works in a trade on campus. So, he is tier-jumping. However! Lest you think I’m acting superior, I also became aware that “first line judicial support” members can get vaxxed now. It’s surely debatable if that would include a legal assistant, but I can’t say I will pass up the opportunity if I can get through on appointments. (So far, no appointments open.) Just wondering what the Hiv
  10. I always think of your horrific experience when this subject is discussed. I have only known one other person who had that type of emergency c-section.
  11. My dh is a plumbing contractor. He says whether tankless is better or not depends on a bunch of factors. You must have an excellent gas supply and big enough conduit; if it is too small it won’t work well. My husband is a Pro Referral Contractor through Home Depot, so one option is to talk to Home Depot and they can give you a list of vetted, local plumbers who can install and make recommendations for your specific house.
  12. We generally have a higher standard of preservation of life with humans than with cats and horses. And there are still many domesticated animal births intervened upon so the baby/babies and/or animal mama does not die. Shoulders get stuck. Babies are breech or transverse or posterior. Membranes rupture prematurely. Cords are entangled. Meconium is aspirated. Mama hemorrhages. Lots of bad stuff can go wrong and there is really just no good reason not to have medical care at the ready. I realize my opinion is strong on this point but I would tell my dreadful story to anyone close to me con
  13. I loved To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street as a kid. I read the cover off that book. I loved how it encouraged imaginative thinking. I don’t remember what stereotyping was in that book that hadn’t aged well, though I have no difficulty imagining there is some.
  14. No. I unfortunately learned experientially that things can go horribly wrong at the 11th hour, even in healthy women with a so-called “proven” uterus.
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