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  1. Yes. It reminds me a lot of fundamentalists in a religion. “Well, I interpret the Bible literally, so I believe the truth.”
  2. I had something like that happen too, in my early mom years, except it was books. My friend lent me books I did not ask to borrow; basically, she wanted me to be storage for her. She did make it extremely clear that she was just lending them to me and wanted them back some day for her future grandkids. I am sorry to say I did not have the good sense to refuse this arrangement. My kid literally barfed on one of the books when she was sick in bed. That’s when I realized this was a really terrible idea and I would never again “borrow” something I didn’t request. And actually, I knew about a
  3. Yes, it has to be a CD+G (I assume the “G” stands for “Graphics”) because that is what makes the words to the songs scroll onto the machine the singer is looking at. You can just play regular music CDs on it for fun, but you will be singing over the voice of the real singer, and you won’t have words scrolling on the screen. So that wouldn’t really be any different from just playing a music CD and singing along.
  4. Well, that would certainly flush her out if the story I heard was not what happened. I can’t say I really want to “go there.” In the end, I kinda don’t care if she’s lying or not, so long as her plan failed and I get my CDs back along with a new machine. When I did this before with the maternity clothes I mentioned upthread, I went to the friend’s house to get the clothes, she walked upstairs to me and then said something like, “I got rid of the older things; they were falling apart. I can’t get to the others because they are in the attic behind other furniture.” It was some really hard
  5. Is your thinking on this that it would force out nefarious plans? Like if she can’t produce the broken machine at all? She did already replace it. I got a brand new machine shipped from Amazon yesterday.
  6. Well, interestingly enough, the delay of a couple of weeks, she said that was the plan - to repair or replace the cord. But when I continued to follow up, she dumped that idea and just ordered it. I think she was a little bitter about that, too, because she made a remark about how the machine probably costs more than it did when I bought it several years ago. (Actually, it was about the same. )
  7. Get The Singing Machine. It’s a really good one. Good enough to end friendships over, apparently. <kidding. Maybe.
  8. I’m coming to this conclusion. Even in @Garga‘s scenario where she’s young and just can’t focus on getting them here, it takes a fair amount of planning and proactivity for her to get them back to me in a timely way and f she hasn’t done it so far, it doesn’t look good...
  9. Yes, that was the possibility that moved me to contact her in the first place. It had been about three weeks since the party and I hadn’t heard a word. I didn’t want time to get away (whether her intentions were innocent or not) so that’s when I sent the initial text saying I hope it was fun for her and let’s arrange for a return. It was around midday yesterday that I sent the text about “oh, forgot about the CDs!”
  10. Maybe but it seems doubtful because I expect then she would tell me, or at minimum, my dd, that story up front. When I made the first arrangement to receive back the machine, I was the one who contacted her and I said something like, “I don’t want time to go by and have it forgotten about...” because I was making it known by doing so that I did want the machine back and wasn’t going to just let it be “forever borrowed”. In my imagination, that was when she first thought, “Crap. She really does want it back...”
  11. It’s so true! I did learn that lesson early in my adulthood when I leant all of my maternity clothes to a friend and she did I-don’t-know-what with them. Presumably she figured it was a gift, though I was trying to help her out and fully expected to borrow them back for my next pregnancy. That was when I instituted my above policy, but I have rarely, rarely, rarely had occasion to use it. I do remember declining a request to borrow a book because I very much suspected the asker would keep the book and I wanted to keep it. I remember how awkward it felt but I said, “Well, I actually use that bo
  12. @Pen and @Reefgazer your box won’t receive messages. I notified @stephanier.1765 @Sneezyone, @whitehawk
  13. Throughout most of my adulthood, I have had an unspoken policy not to lend things to people unless I am mentally giving it away. Then, if it is soon returned and in the same condition, that’s just gravy. However - possibly because this has been my standard for years - I haven’t even had much occasion to lend things. Most people I know don’t borrow things; if they want/need it enough, they get their own. If it is a negligible enough item - say, a math curriculum my kids no longer need, I just give it away and never think of it again. But. Dd’s friend asked to borrow my karaoke machine for
  14. Aww. What a sweet start to my day.
  15. I have bought drapes from Amazon before. Could you poke around on there? Filter for colors that look good with your decor.
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