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  1. I’ll never forget it because I have a relative who is very similar to Marnie. I had a different relative who was obsessed with everyone sitting in the seat she had planned.
  2. That was my 2020 word, too. I also feel the word took on quite different dimensions than I envisioned, at least in some respects. I do think my 2021 word is "Open". It's the word that is calling to me.
  3. Here's a possible personal Covid experience that has a slightly funny aspect to it. We very recently rented out one of our properties to a young man. He sent dh a message asking if something could be done about the air quality in the apartment and said he felt like it was stale and "hard to breathe". We replied that it seems surprising because no other tenant has mentioned that, and suggested that perhaps the air is a bit stale because it has been vacant for a few months, and we did repairs and such. We suggested cracking some windows to get some air exchange and also suggested that he could g
  4. I personally wouldn't, because it should cost hundreds of dollars, and most people underestimate in their expectations. Also, I have done cross stitch, but doing someone else's project would be a drag.
  5. I have a new favorite thing: Betabrand dress pants yoga pants with 7 pockets. They had (but may now be sold out) a charming pattern that looks, at a glance, like houndstooth, but is actually a tessellation of black and white cats. It’s called “catstooth”. The pants themselves are absolutely dreamy to wear; they look good and are literally as comfortable as leggings.
  6. I’m sure I have asked you this before, but how do you do it?! Like, how much time does it take for you to regularly trek ten+ miles? The only times I have logged ten+ miles on my Fitbit has been when I’m in Europe and I’m walking around a city all day long. I always *wish* I could have a way/a reason to walk so many miles at home, but I can’t *go* anywhere on foot from my home. (I.e., I can’t walk to the post office, or the store, or...the road I would need to travel has no shoulder and people drive like maniacs.) Do you walk *to* somewhere? I know you are rural.
  7. I walked 3 miles today back and forth on my (long) driveway, while listening to Olive, Again through headphones. Then, we brought in all the Christmas decorations from the garage attic and then spent a couple of hours decorating, which is a pretty good workout.
  8. I like that King and Country version of Little Drummer Boy. Also, I dig the Dickensonian costuming. Here's a version of Mary Did You Know that I think is lovely. This is one of my favorite versions of Oh Holy Night.
  9. Absolutely take the meals! I hope you can get to a better place for yourself soon. (((((Hugs))))))
  10. Friend of my dh tested positive on Monday and is now in the hospital. He is in the 50-60 age range. I am not sure if he had any pre-existing conditions.
  11. That’s how I view the song. It’s like, when an “ordinary” woman is pregnant with her first child and she tries to imagine what it will be like to have a baby. Someone may tell her, “you will love your child so much it will literally make your heart ache sometimes,” but you don’t really, truly get it until you have your own baby. (Presumably the same with adoption, but I haven’t experienced that - just didn’t want to leave out moms who have not been pregnant.) You intellectually know being a parent will change you dramatically and you intellectually know you are embarking on a wild ride, but yo
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