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  1. Thank you, yes, not his first rodeo. Cases like this just don’t come along very often, so most of the criminal stuff is pretty minor. I like this last paragraph.
  2. Thank you. Yes, that does help. One thing that has been important to me in my life has been Fair Trade practices, but I also had to realize that it is not possible to live in a modern society and take no part in unfair trade practices. I still do what I can often, but I cannot eliminate it completely.
  3. Do it! I went to college beginning when I was 38. It took me five years (PT) to get an AA. My fields of interest were almost identical to yours, except I also considered Communications with a secondary language (French). I ended up with a General Studies AA with focus in communication and language. If I had it to do over, though, I would do paralegal, because that is where I ended up. I also love psychology, but I decided against it because you typically need at least a Masters to work in the field. My interest in psychology is certainly quite useful in law, though. It helped to ha
  4. If you have advice that can help my perspective, feel free to share, but please just agree with me that this will be challenging. The attorney I work for has been retained for a (criminal defense) case that is repugnant to me. He knows how I feel about this person’s alleged crimes and he has told me he will not require me to read/listen to/view the discovery. I thought the person was not going to retain us because of the expense but a relative got involved and it’s a go. Philosophically: I do believe every person is entitled to a defense and is innocent until proven guilty. I
  5. I still think this is a possibility with those symptoms. I would also consider it could be a candida infection; those seem to go alongside diaper use.
  6. My boss’ garage flooded because his storm water driveway drain was so filled up with cicadas, the downpour we had had nowhere to go. So I can sort of imagine “shovel out the cicadas”, as he used his leaf blower to clean several hundred bugs out of his drain. The road I travel on my way home each day has cicadas all over the shoulders to where it almost looks like leaf litter does in the fall.
  7. They are loudest when it’s bright, sunny midday. They chill out a little when it cools off or rains.
  8. I don’t know if this will work; the file may be too large. But I took some short video a few days ago, just so I could share it with my no-cicada friends. IMG_7709.MOV
  9. I’m glad you pointed this out. What I see, working in law, is that if there are deal-breaker conflicts in the marriage this gets not any better if divorced. Because then there’s joint custody and mom can no longer mitigate what dad says about it when the kids are with dad. Not to mention other hardships like financial.
  10. I think this, pretty much totally. We *know*, for example, that children who are harmed in various ways (physically, emotionally, socially, etc) are much more likely to commit crimes themselves. It’s still a conundrum for me though, when the Josh Duggars of the world are revealed. I think that shows such a person was profoundly damaged in fundamental ways. But he still has to be kept from further harm of others. So I don’t always know what the solution might be.
  11. I would give it time for dh to come to grips with it, so long as he can keep his mouth shut while he struggles with it. Fortunately, we have already covered that subject in our “what would we do” conversations. Incidentally, we were just talking about a relative who has alienated his nephew and their parents, because neph was wearing rainbow accessories and had a “different” haircolor. This relative said something confrontational to the nephew and now he is barred from associating with them.
  12. I did not suffer a Covid-related loss, but I just want to say, Janaway, that your feelings about it and your sister’s feelings also, are very typical of grief. It is normal to feel anger or bitterness attached to whatever situation caused a loss for you. After my baby died at birth, I would feel annoyed for years when pregnant women would blithely assume everything would be fine in their pregnancies. Of course, it is completely normal to blithely assume everything will be fine in one’s pregnancy, and that is exactly what I had done before that happened to me. It wasn’t logical but it was
  13. I don’t know, but that is a very cute doll and it makes me wish I had a reason to buy it. That winter outfit is so cute!
  14. That’s what I wonder, if theres a stone or some type of blockage. I do remember, as a teen, I once had kidney pain that couldn't be pinpointed. I had to go to the hospital for a scan with dye, to look for a blockage. It yielded nothing. I cant really remember the details now, though, but I remember I dont want a scan with dyes if I can avoid it.
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