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  1. Salzburg, Austria. I don’t know guys; I have to pick my worst photos just to make it go on here right. 😞
  2. A couple more pics for your viewing pleasure:
  3. ok idk why this is so difficult to post. I have to make them small and then I can’t change the orientation.
  4. A couple more pics for your viewing pleasure:
  5. So happy for good outcomes! Freya is beautiful!
  6. We are in Koblentz now. Walked up to the fortress summit at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel rivers.
  7. I’ll be in Europe for 2 1/2 weeks. She continues teaching until May. Her bf is coming out to visit her when the school year ends and they plan to travel for around two weeks. Then she comes back to the US.? 🙂
  8. Regrettably, we won’t be in Switzerland except for I think about an hour between transfers on the way back. But yes, it was quite mild yesterday, though it was colder today and rained and hailed. We had an awesome German dinner - and no, I’m sure I can’t exactly spell this - I had Schweinenschnitzel mit Pfeffer sauce. Tommorow, we go by train to Koblenz.
  9. Just checking in to say I am on vacay with dd; she met me in Paris and we are now in Germany. Having a great time!
  10. Sending love to all the babies and mamas.
  11. Natural Calm is available in a powder you can make into a beverage, hot or cold. I’ll make it like a hot drink before bed. Does it help reduce anxiety? Well, it ain’t Xanax, but it seems to be better than nothing. Sometimes I do have intense anxiety and all bets are off for non-pharmaceutical options. I mean I might still give it a whirl but nothing really works like prescription anxiety-reducing meds. But I can say I have never drank the Natural Calm and then had an anxiety attack. So it’s worth a go.
  12. I combine those strategies. I take D3 every day, calcium every day, a probiotic capsule (for digestive health/IBS) and a multivitamin every day. If I’m around sick people or particularly concerned, I will take Emergen-C for a few days. If I have problems with bathroom habits or anxiety and insomnia, I will take Natural Calm. So that’s what I do.
  13. I have been thinking about this off and on for more than a year. I would really like to be part of a regularly-meeting (say, 1x month) group of men and women who meet with the goal of discussing, with civility, the issues of the day. Ideally, this would be 6-10 people, someone would be the moderator, which all would have to agree to curtailing by the moderator. It would be nice if it was a varied demographic, so we get many perspectives. I have looked in places like Meet Up but I haven’t found something like this yet. (The closest thing I found was a philosopher’s group, but that’s not quite right; I want to discuss current events.) I didn’t really want to start my own but it seems likely I won’t get one any other way. I also don’t know how I can go about inviting members. I really, really want to attract people who can remain calm when opposed or when opposing. Have you ever been in or even heard of a physical (not online) group like this? A friend of a friend told me she was in one in Virginia once but had to quit when she moved. It was couples. Other than her, I haven’t heard of anything like this. I have considered mentioning it on my FB and seeing if it draws any interest, but I’m worried about the possibility of a FB friend who is probably not well-suited to it wanting to join. Or what if there’s a whole lot of interest but I have to pick amongst friends and acquaintances? Can you tell I always fear the unknown? 😬
  14. This is terrific. It is a perfect summary of my view of this event.
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