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  1. I’m a naturally neat person who lives with not-naturally-neat people and I think that list is too long and too nit-picky. I don’t do anything about my son’s room. He can’t have things unsanitary in there and I do implore him to return clean clothes to drawers every once in a while, but as far as the way he leaves his bed or the i sides of his drawers - *shrug* I can’t be bothered. Same with dh’s mail area. It bugs me but if I nit-pick him about it every day I only upset myself. I concentrate on the kitchen and dining room. And the public bathroom. Those are the only things that get daily attention and those are built in to our normal routines.
  2. I don’t know, though there was definitely a phase - probably through most of the 1990s - where the thinking (in the US) was to never get hungry because that meant destabilized blood sugar. This was when grazing was touted. But even at the same time, I did not agree with that theory because people can feel hungry on cues and not from physiology, like Pavlov’s dogs.
  3. I think the bolded is a really important point that (at least if we’re talking about American culture) few people understand. I see a lot of people behave as though it is a dire emergency if they or their kids feel hungry. I think past generations of Americans were better about this. There was an expectation that, if you were hungry, that was okay (assuming we’re not talking about some dire problem); a meal would be coming along in an hour or two and you would be fine. My mom’s oft-repeated line when we kids said, “I’m hungry!” was, “You’ll survive.”
  4. I would take the prophylactic if it were me. I havent used it but I would rather give it a go than hope I dont get it. He may be better by Tuesday, but doubtful he’ll be in good shape for a college visit.
  5. Quill


    Peter Leeds, the stock matket investor/analyst shows many reasons to believe a recession is coming soon to an economy near you. One is the “velocity of money” or how long it takes a dollar to circulate. One phrase he uses that rings true IME is “irrational exuberance.” Investors begin behaving as though the stock market can only go up forever. He uses another phrase, which also rings true - “aggressive unbelief.” So, if he warns someone that a fall is coming, they get aggressively angry about the warning. They have “aggressive unbelief.” I have witnessed both irrational exuberance and aggressive unbelief regarding the economy in the past year. I also saw this just before the dot com bubble burst and when housing starts tanked. Because my family is heavily involved in housing construction, I saw this up close and pesonal. I remember hearing my BIL flatly claim that due to where we live (DC Metro region), there was no way housing starts could really fall here. Well, obviously, that is wrong. If people lose their jobs, they can’t move into a $700,000 house no matter how desirable the area or convenient to the cities.
  6. Sometimes I think I radiate a “No” vibe because I don’t get asked special requests very often.
  7. I have done something like this before, indicating the varieties on my graph paper plan.
  8. Also, I do think the first one is cherry because the bark looks like cherry.
  9. I think this is the way to go! You probably don’t remember this but several years ago, you gave me several recommendations for tomatoe varieties you found to be good bearers. I just started my seeds today and I still think of you when I plant Arkansas Traveler, Pantano Romanesco and Cosmonaut Volkov.
  10. I’m being facetious. 😂 But I did realize what might be a solution to a small, yet maddening problem in my vegetable garden every year. I grow many of my own plants from seed and I’m always trying to figure out an effective yet inexpensive way to label and keep track of the varieties. I have written on craft sticks, but they soon “disappear” once the tomatoes or peppers get tall. I think they decompose or something. Anyway, the disappear. Sometimes I use plastic sticks, but they get a but pricey and it bugs me to then have dirty plastic sticks all over the garden. And they still tend to get buried in foliage such that I can really find them, either. But! What if I make a little cardstock tag, laminate it, and attach it with a twist-tie or string to the top of the tomato cages? This would work, no?
  11. One thing I considered a perk of being in the homeschool community is a lower amount of social obligatory spending. My niece, for example, had this HUGE clique of girls. It was like, twenty girls, who all invited each other to their parties and the “correct” gift was $20 in a card. I just remember thinking that wasn’t going to fly with me. (It didn’t go that way partly because groups of homeschoolers are smaller and partly because most homeschoolers we know are not elaborate.)
  12. I think I saw that back when I wrote my Burn Book review. I think it said something like, “Because if I don’t think it is worth five stars, what hope is there?” *hard eyeroll* I don’t know how far in the minority she is to do that, but I personally have not seen other authors do it. Most have the decency to favor-for-a-favor boost their cronies. Then at least it’s not so obvious they have no clue.
  13. My policies were similar, except I did not pay for their normal chores. They could earn extra from doing particular harder jobs, like grooming the dog or cleaning out the garage. My boys also had a candy sales business at co-op. They had to pay me for their inventory candy. I also made my kids pay for their own pets (not the family dogs and cats, but rabbit, hamsters, lizard.) I also made them buy birthday gifts for friends if invited to their parties.
  14. I don’t think it’s so much no more fresh water exists. It’s the distribution of who doesn’t have enough water and who has too much. If five hundred farmers are all trying to irrigate from a stream in a low-rainfall area, that’s where it becomes a problem. And if streams and rivers dry up or diminish, the wildlife relying on that water source also suffers. And of course, polluted water helps no one. I remember reading about some bodies of water in the southern US so polluted the frogs were born without eyes. And many other similar negative effects.
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