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  1. Here’s me, looking at my old PMs, trying to decide which to delete: ”Awww, there’s the one where that poster said I have nice hair. I don’t want to delete that....oh, here’s the one where a boardie offered to help me with something IRL; I have to keep that’s that poster who always remembers my baby’s birthdate, she’s so thoughtful to send me that PM...” 😄
  2. I have several books, a few CDs and took a class on meditation, but my favorite is the Calm app on my iPad. It is not a free app but, IMO, is way worth it. I am following a series right now by Jeff Warren called How to Meditate. Every day, I just do the meditation lesson on the app; it takes about 15 minutes. I also have used the Daily meditations by Tamara Levitt and have used the sleep stories at bedtime uncountable times. I have even used very short meditations when I was in a stressful situation, like I did a 2 minute “safety” meditation before I went in for dental work. It was very helpful and I kept using the mantra, “I am safe” in my head during the procedure.
  3. This idea came up in the Christmas card thread. I am willing to organize, for a short window of time, a list of real names and addresses of members here who want to send out and receive Christmas/Holiday cards this year. Here is my post from the other thread: I will cap this at around 25 participants. And I will delete this content once we’ve reached that amount, or by Thanksgiving (Nov 28), whichever comes first. So if you think it would be fun to send and receive physical mail from your Hive buddies, PM me your details and I will get the compiled list out to participants around Thanksgiving, if not before. Cheers!
  4. Well, it’s like three packages. It’s a normal “case” of TP. I’m pretty much positive it happened through my son’s Alexa, though it might have been his roommates ordering it, either for real or for a joke.
  5. No, because I have never used Amazon for household goods. I think I see how it happened, though. My son has Alexa, though I don’t, and I think that’s how it got ordered. But it defaulted to my account.
  6. Like, somehow I received a shipment of toilet paper. The name and address is correct for me. There is no packing slip. I have no idea why this turned up here today! The only possibility I can think of (besides a prank) is if my son in college ordered it and forgot to change the shipping address to his apartment. But I can’t imagine he would order just thing - three packages of TP - and be done.
  7. Ok, I said I wasn’t going to make a new thread about it, but we only have a small number of participants for the Hive Happy Holidays Card Exchange, so...I might. I might post a new thread with that title so we may get more participants. Good idea?
  8. That sounds great! I hope you love how it looks together!
  9. I connect with much in this post. I am one who felt my own parents virtually ignored me once I was in my teens. I felt they provided zero guidance and very little practical help. They are also extremely devout Christians, so there were many taboo subjects that could never be discussed because XYZ was just categorically “wrong,” so what was there to discuss? I very much wanted my kids, as young adults, to be able to talk to me, bounce ideas off me, ask for advice, mull certain things over philosophically without judgement, yet not be unable to move on something without my orchestration. This is the relationship I believe I have with my big kids. I also used my MIL as a model for many things, especially when I was in my 20s. IMO, she provided the right mix of advice and support, while yet being not at all enmeshed or helicopter-y to her own young adult kids. So, for example, she was very smart with money and she accurately predicted that certain land lots for sale in the area would surely increase in value. She advised my dh (before I met him; his early 20s) that, rather than move to an apartment as many of his friends were doing, he should stick around at the farm and buy a lot for the future. Honestly, this was probably the pivotal decision that changed his financial future for the better (by a lot). (Lol, a pun - buy a lot.) So, to me, a lot of the things my MIL did provided a template for how I wanted to be with my kids and, so far, it seems to be panning out. My dd was just Facetiming me from France, where she is teaching as part of a government program). She is considering her next steps; she wants to go to grad school and there are scholarships associated with the program she is currently in. She is talking to me about different ideas and what options she could choose. I cannot and will not be providing financial support anymore, nor am I doing any of the legwork to find out what programs she could pursue or what pros or cons would be there. But I will definitely note something I know, such as as, “Well, don’t forget if you move to that area, the cost of living is sky-high.” (I will say though, this is not my child with EF deficits.)
  10. Dh has several things he likes to say, which are things his father said to him. A common one is: “When you’re ripe, you’re rotten; when you’re green, you grow.” Said to an overconfident child who doesn’t want to hear advice. One that I say in my own head and have used as a guidepost throughout my years of motherhood is: “Make sure the message of love gets through.” I picked this up from an unlikely source (unlikely because I generally don’t like this man’s parenting philosophy) but this was something Dr. Dobson (Focus on the Family) once said and I thought that was very good advice.
  11. You’re not wrong! It takes so much time to tailor cover letters, attach additional documents if needed, figure out if this is a job that one wants. Best of luck to your dh.
  12. Oh god, you’re my sister! Or my niece! 😄
  13. I totally agree with your complaints, except I do actually appreciate some pictures of local activities (walkable or public transit accessible). If it’s a beach house or a ski rental, I appreciate pictures of the beach or skiing we will walk to. I have used VRBO successfully many, many times; I have only used AB&B once I think. Your complaint about picture order makes me chuckle, because I just loaded photos on Zillow for a rental and I am very particular about the order. It must be logical, as though you are walking in the door and see the living area, then the kitchen, then bedroom, bath, then up the stairs, new bedroom, bath, etc. I do think, no matter what, it is fairly tedious to make sure you’re renting the right place. I usually spend several days combing through, and then I will look at my finalists carefully to decide who wins.
  14. Bumping for participants in Hive Happy Holidays card exchange. 💜
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