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  1. You are a brave and beautiful woman, Kelly. I wish with all my heart I had a magical fairy wand and could erase this diagnosis. It just should not be.
  2. Interesting! There has only been a single instance in which someone posted something I thought was inappropriate, but he was immediately called out by other NextDoor members. It was a member speculating on why a police car had visited a particular home.
  3. Quill


    Exactly. There are two people I am thinking of and would say I hate. But it isn’t currently a “hot” hate; I just know that, if they died, I would be indifferent or possibly even feel the world was a better place with them no longer in it. So, I don’t have this burning ball of hatred for those people at present. They aren’t in my life much (though I may feel the influence of their existence from time to time), so, as long as I don’t have to be involved with them, I just have a cold indifference to them. IMO, that is still hate. It’s just not raging, hot, angry Hate.
  4. I’ve used Stitch Fix extensively, Trunk Club twice, and had one Amazon Prime Wardrobe box. My college son also got I think hree Stitch Fix boxes. I like different things about each. Stitch Fix has a nice discount if you buy the box; Trunk Club has no discount. Trunk Club clothes are far better quality than SF usually is, but also is very expensive. I like the way SF creates styling cards to show you how to wear the items. This really helped DS19 to understand the style of how to wear the pieces. Trunk Club doesn’t group the clothes in a very useful manner. Once I got a stylist with SF who understood my style (or else they dialed in the algorithm', whichever), I liked SF more. My last box was practically perfect. TC annoys me because the stylists badger me and I want to ask them just how often do they think I spend hundreds of dollars on clothing. Prime Wardrobe is more frustrating to use because there is no stylist and you have to be very careful you are actually choosing a PW item. You may think you are, but when you switch colors or sizes, it is no longer PW. I have a notion they do this on purpose to “trick” people into buying things they meant to put into the PW selections. But the nice thing about PW is you have more control over the prices. From PW, I bought a black tunic top very similar to one that was offered in my TC at too high a price.
  5. Quill


    It’s interesting; it becomes a bit of a semantic argument sometimes. I think some people, through upbringing and/or religious teachings, cannot bring themselves to objectively consider they hate someone. So they will euphamize it, but it means pretty much the same thing, yet we can’t quantify a person’s emotions, so we can’t really argue with someone who claims not to hate, only “strongly dislike.” It’s a lot like that time we were talking about what is a lie. Some people simply cannot see themselves as having lied. Sure, they have fibbed, told a white lie, been less than perfectly truthful. But lie? Never!
  6. That’s so odd to me! I am on NextDoor for my town and I have NEVER seen a single political post. It actually bores me sometimes because it seems like my NextDoor is always posts about lost and found dogs and cats.
  7. Quill


    Yes. I don’t think it’s ideal but there are a few people, some famous, some personal, whom I think, if they died, I would feel relief. So that seems pretty much a definition of hate to me. Not proud of it, just being real.
  8. That’s funny. Tonight I was cutting my meatball in half and I was imagining the Chopped judges saying, “Unfortunately, my meatball is somewhat under-cooked in the center...” 😂 I was also thinking my presentation was rather caffeteria-esque and was in no way novel.
  9. BTW, I saw this map a couple months ago and I find it very interesting. I have to say it would influence my choices some if I were moving to another part of the country.
  10. That’s very upsetting, I agree. I wonder, though, about boycotting or switching to different brands. (I pondered this same dilemma wrt clothing produced by impoverished workers in Cambodia, Hondorus, etc.) If, say, people buy a different brand because of these conditions, the companies have lower profits and then what is the liklihood they will improve working conditions? Not to mention in many cases big businesses source from places like India because they can get away with horrible treatment of workers and can keep profit margins fat. 😔
  11. What’s really fun is moving in the opposite direction from your spouse.
  12. Well, I’m one of those rare people who believe requiring college degrees is worthwhile for many jobs. The purpose of a college degree is not and never has been job training. It is to make one a well-educated person, with a broad knowledge base and a lot of experience interacting with other people, including asshats; learning how to deliver required information, learning to communicate effectively, learning to problem-solve. As I said, I believe (cannot swear to it, but I think) one cannot be an official daycare teacher (not a home daycare) with no degree where I live. I think you have to have at least an Associates in Child Development. At facilities, I expect at least one lead teacher has to have a Bachelor’s. The tuition does not increase just because the staff has degrees, which is exactly what I was saying I perceive as a problem. Yes, childcare is crazy, nuts expensive; it is a big reason why some moms (or dads) decide to SAH.
  13. Welp. I disagree. When one tries to fill a position and all that is needed for entry into the position is a pulse and the ability to turn up at the job, the people applying for that job are overwhelming likely to be the bottom-of-the-barrel employees. They are the people who can’t or won’t work towards degrees or certification. It’s not classist, it’s just factual.
  14. I don’t disagree. And we have been supportive of the rare instances of employees with a negative background, who wanted something better and were willing to work. Twice we have hired young men like this. Twice in thirty years. One guy moved up to a salaried position as a foreman; he’s a stand-up guy. The other became quite competant at plumbing and, though he did not have the certifications, dh trusted him to be able to do anything he, a Master Plumber, could do. But, unfortunately that guy got into some bad, bad trouble with the law. So he effed up his whole life. My point is, it is not classist to acknowledge the reality that jobs with no barrier to entry are more likely to be sought by people who don’t have their act together enough to gain employment in a job that does have requirements to entry.
  15. Of course not. Obviously, someone with a proven track record does not need to go get papers late in life. Your middle paragraph is the reason I disagree with those (very prevalent in homeschooling circles particularly) who poo-poo getting a college degree, steer their kids towards not pursuing a degree and simplstically say they can go to college later if need be. I have been to college as a mom/adult and it’s hard. It’s a lot of juggling and it’s hard to balance what my kids need with what I want for myself and it’s all too easy to back-burner my degree at this point in life.
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