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  1. She was there for four months for her Study Abroad. So this is nearly twice as long.
  2. Kareni suggested this in my other thread and I agree it is a good idea. It would be so nice if I could have some little care packages or small gifts ordered and shipped to where she’s staying in Reims. I know there is an, but I don’t think that’s he best option; she used it before and it is not like US Amazon. Ideas appreciated.
  3. Christmastime would be difficult, although I’m sure it would be pretty over there. I am trying to get a job and that is one thing impacting if I can even go at all, let alone soon. I also have intense anxiety about having a flight when ice and snow are a potential problem. Just being real, here.
  4. Wow, 6 years! So wonderful! Thanks for those tips. I had wondered if I could send her some gifts but I didn’t know if there was an economical way to do that.
  5. Shamelessly bumping with a photo. She’s boarding now...
  6. Yes, I just got WhatsApp a few weeks ago. She used that last time to communicate with her bf and friends.
  7. @Lanny The boots are very similar to this, though I think they are a different brand. There are many color iterations and you can get them as tall, medium or short boot styles. This is what the coat is like.
  8. I think most, if not all, US health plans cover reconstruction so long as it is done within some time-frame (say, two years). I remember reading an article about this when the tide turned because it was (finally) acknowledged that this is an important psychological need for some or many women and it does not fall under the category of vanity. When my mom had BC surgery, they basically instructed her what they would do (which s different from how mine was handled, which was much more in my own court). They did the flap procedure because she had enough abdominal tissue. They also reduced the unaffected breast to create symmetry. I personally thought it was a little weird that they instructed her with the plan rather than provide options, but maybe some of this depends on the personality of the patient (my mom is acquiescent and doesn’t project assertiveness about health decisions) and probably also age of the patient. On your last point about having cancer in the other breast, this partially depends on the type of cancer and is not necessarily the case for every BC patient.
  9. She is teaching in France for seven months. We had our “last supper” last night here: steak and shrimp, asparagus with shaved parmesan, a beautiful garden salad with more shaved parmesan. Her bf - our “extra son” - was here. I’m happy for her, but I will miss her, too. This is the first Christmas she will ever spend away. I bought her two early Christmas gifts - a down parka that packs down into a little pocket and a pair of duck boots, which are meant to be her main shoes because they will weather anything. I may go visit as I did last time she was there, but it wouldn’t be until spring.
  10. Thanks for that, @KungFuPanda. I have all but decided not to go. Or rather, to just go for a hike in Harper’s Ferry during the day, and maybe hit a craft brewery beer tasting either on the way home or another day. The trees won’t have fully turned here by then, but it’s simpler to arrange and much less expensive.
  11. I hear ya. Someone I am close to had a bad reaction with reconstruction and that was firmly in the back of my mind if they were going to recommend bilateral mastectomy for me. Yet I don’t know if I could go bilateral with no reconstruction, from a psychological standpoint. I don’t’re right; it just stinks to try and make these decisions.
  12. It’s hard to be sure, since I was able to get lumpectomy, but I think in your shoes, I would do bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. My understanding of unilateral reconstruction is that it’s pretty difficult to achieve symmetry if one is reconstructed and one is natural. I think that might displease me enough that I would rather do both. (Although who am I kidding, actually, because lumpectomy and radiation also created asymmetry and I find I can’t seem to care...) I think the choice I would be least likely to pick would be unilateral with no reconstruction, because psychologically, I think I would worry inordinately much about people noticing asymmetry (outside my clothes) and viewing myself might bother me a lot. Hugs to you, Jenny. I hate this illness.
  13. No, I don’t think you’re right on this. The issue in question is, do they allow equal access? So, are they permitting a Christian Club but not a Buddhist Club? Are they permitting Young Republicans club but not Young Democrats? Our Christian homeschool co-op sometimes uses the meeting room at the local public library for organizational meetings - this is, tangentially, using taxpayer dollars to support a religious group.
  14. Oh brother is right. Sounds like the kind of story that will probably be on a certain cable news channel today. This kind of thing is always framed as a war on Christianity. Nevermind that there is no reason to have a church worship group at a public school during school hours anyway.
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