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  1. How about Mr. Q Chemistry? I used his free Life Science with my DS when he was in first grade. He really enjoyed it and the experiments were easy to do with common household items. I haven't used the Elem. chemistry PDF but that is what I'm planning on using this coming year--my DS is 8. You get a PDF student book and PDF teacher book. We just put it on the iPad and read it from there. I had is on my computer too, so I could print out any necessary activity sheets. I had a very good family friend review the Adv. Chem level for me that I may use with my DS 12. My friend has a Phd in Chemistry recently retired from years of working at a very high level in the pharma industry. Although you wouldn't use the Adv. Chem level for a 7 year old, you may find his limited review helpful. Here is what he said regarding the Adv. Chem. level: "The material for the adv course looks appealing and nicely laid out.The example chapter reads well with good exercises. On the other hand I would not say it would satisfy needs for a high school curriculum. Hard to tell from limited info but e.g. I personally would not see acids and bases as being the last topic for a hi school text. Also somewhat bothersome that the author says very little about himself in his bio section. On the other hand it may serve as a middle school text very well. I could see that it would be interesting to young folks." We really loved the life science---why I didn't use it this year is beyond me! Something possessed me to use apologia this year with him--while he has enjoyed learning about sea creatures this year, I strongly prefer a secular science--hence we are going back to Mr. Q you can take a look at it at www.eequalsmcq.com
  2. I am a professional photographer and most seniors schedule to have their session some time in the late summer / early fall (some do as early as the spring of their junior). Although I find that more common among public school kids. For some reason (probably because we are so busy gearing up for the school year), homeschoolers seem to wait until later during their senior year--usually early spring. Late summer and early fall are better--it's just nicer outdoors, at least where we live. And the colors are beautiful! Spring is nice too but again, where we live, it tends to stay cool and the nice colors of spring really don't appear until May--which makes it difficult on the timing issue for graduation! I've done photo shoots either very late into the fall and very early in the spring. It's not the most pleasant experience for the senior due to the cold and/or wind. (picture a 17 year old trying to be relaxed and not have a forced/fake smile when they are freezing!--goose bump arms, red noses--not really want you want for senior photos). Most seniors prefer outdoor and not just indoor studio pics. If you live in an area that has similar weather, I wouldn't recommend waiting until spring to schedule your photo session :) Plan it for a time when the weather is typically pleasant and the foliage is nice and has variety (leafless brown dull tree branches not the only backdrop option :thumbdown: )
  3. Diane Waring History--wasted $$$, terrible Apologia Elementary Human Anatomy--instead of sticking to science it delves into "how to be saved" religious teachings! I knew it was biblically based but it went to far in pushing the authors beliefs in the lesson on blood---really irked me to find that in a science book. I'm sure I'll think of more...
  4. I would really love to outsource my ds English Lit and writing for next year. He is currently in 10th grade but he does not have strong writing or literature analysis skills. I've been searching the boards for info regarding online classes. Here are some I've seen posts about: Landry Potter's School Lukeion Blue Tent Write-At-Home PA Homeschool (seems to only be AP--he is not ready for that yet) If you have experience with these, or any others I am not aware of, I would truly appreciate your input: what you like or don't like, etc. I am particularly interested in something that will help him in the following areas: accountability meeting deadlines improving & grow in his lit. analysis & writing skills prepare him adequately for AP class or a CC class in the future discussion of literature with others (beside mom :) would be super! AND--something to help win support of dh--not cost an arm and a leg!
  5. Ok. I'm dumping IEW...we are starting WWS level 2 tomorrow. He currently writes, on average, 4 writing assignments each week with his history (varies in length from 1 paragraph summary to 2 page biography, etc. depending on the assignment in the History Odyssey guide). He has been working through the Greenleaf Guide to British Literature plus we chose books back in September from the WTM literature list for middle ages/high school. He has been reading those lit selections (Bede, Beowulf, Sir Gawain, etc.) plus all the assigned books with History Odyssey. I will be putting the writing suggestions into practice that Lori D. mentioned--THANK YOU!-- and all the other prep suggestions mentioned. Also, he is earning credits for 3 fine art and computer classes he takes outside of home each week. I'm a little uncertain now! Have I been clueless about what is a typical college-bound homeschool schedule for a 10th grader? Anyone care to share what subjects they cover in one year of homeschooling for a high school student?
  6. Thanks Lori D. for your helpful reply (and the others too!). We have much to consider. I know DS does not want to go to PS but convincing DH to continue with homeschooling is very unlikely. We pulled him out of PS at the end of 3rd grade because of behavioral and academic issues, saw specialists and he was diagnosed with mild ADHD. Homeschooling was great the first 5 years. Don't get me wrong, there were times I wanted to pull my hair out but overall we saw vast improvements in his attitude, behavior, and academics. We are both very concerned, since this is high school, that homeschooling is not providing the accountability and structure he needs to prepare him for college (not to mention a heavier work load). I also feel very guilty that I am unable to give him the focused time and attention he needs in some subjects--writing!!--because of 3 younger siblings (5, 8, and 11) that I'm working with. He does work independently, at a slow pace, on math, science, history, vocabulary, etc. Freshman year he completed: Chalkdust Geometry (took us 12 months to get thru it) Apologia Biology English Mechanics (R&S 9/10 grammar and Vocabulary from Classical Roots) English Lit. & Composition (integrated with History, used Elegant Essay for writing instruction--only got thru part of it last year) World History-Ancients (used Level 3 Pandia Press for this as well as Lit. & Comp.) He had a tough time doing all the assignments--was overwhelmed Foundation in Personal Finance: used the Dave Ramsey high school curriculum. One semester class We started American Gov. using Holt and a variety of Bluestocking Press books/guides but only made it through about half. I told him to stop and focus on history, lit and comp. when it was clear he was completely overwhelmed. ( I believe partly due to laziness/undisciplined on his part and partly due to the lack of guidance from me) This year I purposely set out to go at a slower pace and have less subjects: Algebra 2 (chalkdust) Vocabulary from classical roots Horticulture (he loves gardening, so I let him choose this over apologia chemistry) Middle ages (history, lit. & comp.) using Pandia Press again but went with the level two and supplement lit. & comp. portion with Greenleaf press books. Supposed to be doing high school health using SOS health but haven't been able to get program to work Also, I have him slowly working thru a PSAT prep book I have thought about having him work through Writing with Skill level 6 from now through the summer to prepare him for PS writing because we are just having a tough time making the IEW stuff work for us. Thoughts anyone? Are we just expecting too much? Is it okay to move this slowly? I'm trying to find a balance between preparing DS adequately for college but also taking advantage of the freedom homeschooling offers--not one size fits all education. My oldest son--graduated homeschool high school last year--was a completely different student (some bumps but much easier--he basically took all college classes his last two years of high school at the local cc, except for math & science he did at home, he is a honor student at college). I could really use some outside perspective here since I'm so emotionally invested in this decision. As much as I am concerned for DS with his homeschooling progress, I am equally scared and concerned about the impact of him returning to PS after 6 years. Discouraged & distressed....
  7. OK I'm officially in panic mode! My DH wants to send our DS back to PS. It has been a couple years of falling behind "where he should be" academically and "where he should be" as a somewhat independent, responsible learner. We didn't finish geometry until this past September and then started Algebra 2 but he is only in the middle of chapter 2 after 4 months time! We completed biology last year (9th grade) and this year we took a break from the apologia curric. and he is doing Horticulture. Currently, slowly plowing our way through the middle ages for history/lit./writing but I am extremely concerned that I am not providing adequate instruction and preparation in writing. We have yet to write an essay this year. He did a 2-3 page paper on Charlemagne and has read Beowulf and several other pieces of literature. I'm really at a loss on what to do. I have several resources we've been trying to use from IEW elegant essay, Greenleaf guide/books: "Famous Men of the Middle Ages" and "British Medieval Literature". I feel a strong need to get him prepared and ready to go back to PS so he is not far behind--especially in the writing skill area! I have WWS level 6 that I use with my younger son, which I keep thinking as I do the lessons with 11yo DS, "wow, this is something that 15yoDS needs to know--I'm not sure if he knows how to do this!" I would be very grateful for any feed back, suggestions, etc. that would be helpful as I try to get him back on track and ready to enter PS this coming fall--hopefully as a Junior. Thanks...
  8. Thanks for the input so far! Just a quick question...what is the Springs area? Are we referring to the town of Colorado Springs? Sorry, still getting familiar with the Denver area :) And the southern suburbs...would the Highlands Ranch area & the Littleton area be considered a part of that? That's one area I've visited since my brother used to live in Highlands Ranch and the Littleton area. Do you find it relatively pleasant & easy to deal with public school officials in terms of the yearly notice and the required testing? (something I've never had to deal with in NJ)
  9. I realize this thread was started back in June... We are also contemplating a move to Colorado...the Denver area and would love any feed back from those in that area currently homeschooling. We would be moving from New Jersey where homeschooling is Extremely easy as far as state laws and the county we live in has a plethora of co-ops, from academic to social plus homeschool sports teams my boys are actively involved in AND we also have a stellar fine arts co-op that is incredible (art, computer art, choir, instruments, bands, etc.) ! The fine arts co-op and the sports would be the ones we would regret losing the most if we move to Colorado. Are there similar opportunities like this in the Denver area? I currently homeschool 4 kids from age 5 to age 15. Thanks for any input you can provide!
  10. It's now January 2013. I don't see Writing with Skill Level 2 available at Peace Hill Press. We are currently using Level 1 this year and would LOVE to use Level 2 in the fall of 2013. Any update on when Level 2 may be released? We are truly enjoying Level 1!
  11. My hubby and I are in the process of researching less expensive places to live and are seriously considering moving. We currently live in New Jersey and homeschool our boys. I love homeschooling in NJ because it is hassle free and we are a part of some incredible co-ops (one fine arts centered and one academic). Financially it has become increasingly difficult to live in this state! (especially with such a "large" family--we have 5 dc). We have homeschooled for 2 years now and follow a classical education. We are considering moving to Georgia since we have some family there--possibly Athens or Atlanta. Can anyone provide advice/input on what it is like to homeschool in Georgia (I've read up on the legal stuff at HSLDA) in those areas? Are there co-ops? support groups? Please forgive me if these are basic questions--still new to homeschooling and loving it. Thanks!
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