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  1. She has to start over. I though have tried the number line, counting up from, ect but she does not get it...
  2. But she has calculated 4+1 at least a couple hundred times... It has been two years, not 'the day before' as you stated. It is nice to know fingers are not the end of the world but to a NEW homeschool mom who reads the teacher manuals for multiple curriculums that state it is the end of the world (or more like dont do it, they should not 'count'). Everyone on welltrained mind says xtramath... But they also teach no counting!! How can you confidently say its okay to count with sarcasm about her age when us new moms are told over and over not too. Even MUS says she needs to recall 4+1 within
  3. We do use manipulatives but not consistantly. We gave up MUS because she would get confused... Spending 5 minutes to prove to me that 2+3=6, which never worked and then she would realize she was wrong but by then I was frustrated and put them away... Math comes easy to me so I am probably not being empathetic to her. I made the mistake of telling her to count on her fingers when she was little so she now hides her hands in her lap or behind her back to figure out the problems - she prefers this to the abacus. She say it is faster with fingers... Yesterdays math went well, we used chocolat
  4. I am a first time homeschooler so I am really not sure what to expect or if my expectations are too high... I am frustrated over math and really, should I be because it is just math?!! My daughter is almost 7 and we have always homeschooled. She LOVES to read and rememeber her phonics sounds (abeka) after seeing them once. She is even reading the Boxer Car Children, book 3, along with other level 4 readers from the library without much trouble. So she is clearly VERY smart and can learn however... when we go through the same fact over, and over, and over and over and over and over for a we
  5. Ummmm... I just read that carseats travel FREE?!!! Is this true?!! That makes a world of difference. lol. I would much rather just bring them - well I would bring the 4 year old with a high back booster and the baby the Graco My Ride which rear faces. Can you bring formula? I need to do more reading...lol
  6. Thank you everyone, I am feeling better about it. It's not life or death, we will have fun even if we just spend the day time hours at the pool or walk to the ocean. Especially since it is -8 outside right now...
  7. Thank you, that is encouraging! I know my husband wants us to go... he hates being alone!
  8. That is one of my biggest fears... I can hardly handle driving in our 'city' thirty minutes away during busy times (evenings/weekends) and the population is 60,000 :( How am I going to handle driving when there are 1.4 million people?!! Even my husband gets nerves, though he can navigate in St. Paul Minnesota area better then me. When I add up the cost of our flights (way too high!) plus the car rental and carseats we are pushing $2,000.... I told my husband I would rather take that money and go out west (south dakota/montana). Those are more our style anyways.
  9. WOW!! Thank you so much :) I never even thought about renting a car or the fact that all of us would not fit into one taxis anymore. I also looked and they have a great carseat rental place 1 mile from the airport car rental. We can get all 3 in nice carseats for $120. Plus, I would LOVE the freedom - being able to go shopping or anywhere. The trip seems more like fun instead of a burden like before. Thanks again!
  10. I have never really traveled, unless you consider a couple hour car ride from home so this is all new to me. I would LOVE to travel but always feel so intimidated with the unanswered questions I have. Could you ladies help, I do not know who else to ask since none of my IRL friends with children travel/fly but maybe there is a reason, and that is because it is not do able! lol My husband is going to a conference in San Diego this spring, we live in the rural midwest with a 6 year old, 4 year old and 7 month old. 1. There is no shuttle from the airport to the hotel - how do we get there
  11. Does anyone have the math 100 teachers manual? I was wondering if someone could tell me what numbers they want said aloud to the child for problem #4 in lesson 33? I am not sure if maybe I am asking too hard of numbers or if my daughter just does not get it... She can not seem to understand the difference between 15 and 50, even though every.single.day. I say the numbers or 03 and 30.... Thank you!
  12. Has anyone been successful doing one subject (two lessons) of math a couple days a week and the on the other days doing Language/Phonics? Just wondering if this would work since I think dd would benefit from focusing on one subject instead of multiple things.
  13. Thank you so much! I will check out RR site :) That is kinda nice they do not have a TM - I hardly follow them anyways. lol Have you used Math U See? They look to be mastery also but I also dismissed them because of the blocks/manipulates. I find things like that confusing (to me) and time consuming. Could a person just get the workbook for MUS and skip the blocks if their children are understanding numbers?
  14. I would like to think I am somewhat computer savy... but the Math Mammoth website is driving me nuts! How do you purchase things on there?!! Why is there not a link to 1st grade materials - and then click purchase all?!! From what I am seeing they like you to 'download' a workbook and then print it yourself - correct? What order are the suppose to be in and is there a TM?!! Ahhhhh.... I would like a mastery based math program for my dd and though we have worked with some of R&S 1 I would feel better about choosing a program that would challenge her a bit more. Maybe I need to find a di
  15. I respect what you are saying but please keep in mind that many people do not have a say when God will give them another child. I wanted my children close, my first two are close and after a couple years of trying for #3 and infertility testing (nothing was found) we continued to try. I am saddened at the idea that we my soon be parents to another blessing and that they may grow up feeling unhappy with the spacing ~ as if we really had a say - because in reality none of us have that much say in our family size, spacing, gender or health.
  16. A piano teacher told me they wait till the child is 6-7 or when they can read. She said it is easier for the child - if they can read a book then they can read music. If your dd is reading basic words, talking well and already playing simple songs then I think a teacher would make an exception.
  17. No... You asked "what is the point of one dose". I answered your question - it is preventative. Just like women who take a single dose of an antibiotic for UTI's.... or for those with a heart condition before dental appointments.
  18. I have had it twice (though my dosing was for 3 weeks, not a month) but a single dose can reduce the chance of it being active. Just like a preventative dose for UTI's or a prophylaxis. I was miserable on doxy for 3 weeks - side affects of the antibiotic, not Lyme symptoms. I would never sign up to take it for 30 days just because of a tick bite... Our family would have someone on it all summer long! lol
  19. No, I think it is more like preventing a UTI in women. Some women are very prone to them (even if both partners shower, she pees afterwards, has lots of hair, drinks tons of water...).
  20. She does not have Lymes though - taking antibiotics for 3-4 weeks without an active bacterial infection is what causes antibiotic resistant strains. I agree to a single dose though - and would love to find a doctor who would do that here (never asked though...). I find it no different then a preventative dose for UTI prone women.
  21. Thank you so much for this!! It honestly do not feel we will even attempt AAS anymore, I think it will be to confusing for both my daughter and I ;-) I like how Abeka introduces "ng" with a vowel and how they start early introducing special sounds like er, ar, or, ou a, oy, io in Kindergarten. I will probably continue on the phonics 2 and will start with Abeka spelling - if its working why change it?! Your post was so helpful!!!
  22. This is interesting! We are using Abeka phonics, it is all I know and understand but I was hoping to start AAS next year instead of doing Abeka phonics 2. We tried AAR in Kindergarten after a couple months of Abeka but it was just too slow and overwhelming for both dd and I. I do agree though that they break down words and have the similar special sounds - which is why I thought the transition would be easy for us! Could you give me some examples of ways it was different in teaching before I purchase AAS - I have been watching ebay for it!! I noticed in the TM samples their terms are diffe
  23. I agree. The Abeka readers are great - much better then AAR and CLE ones that we have seen. I was able to find almost all the 1st grade readers on ebay for $20 total :) Check out used!
  24. I was wondering if someone had a list of the Doctoral Drill questions Abeka uses for the younger years? I really do not want to purchase the teachers manual, they overwhelm me... And we do not plan on using their verse selections in the same order they present them. Thanks!!
  25. I was told it is illegal in our state IF you are on the state food program, ect... Our state is so lax on home school so I dont know how true it is, its just what I heard. A mom at our church was taking her state classes to be certified and this was one of the 'no's'.
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