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  1. I only row as a warm up at the gym, so I'm not really an expert. Rowing is a great exercise, but I have a more difficult time going hard enough to keep my heart rate up. Same thing w/an exercise bike. I can do it, but it's difficult for me to sustain. Jogging and using the elliptical both keep my heart rate seriously elevated. My 12 year old loves the rower at the gym and has said she wishes we could get one. I bet that with consistent use, you'd have an amazing upper body physique, which you can't say for other equipment. I'd make sure I could have a television in front of me b/c it does get monotonous. And you would need more space than for any other equipment. My mom had a friend who was about 300 lbs overweight. He couldn't do any exercises other than rowing b/c of his knees. He ended up losing all the weight and is now a cyclist. Laura
  2. I'm the same age and have lots of activities. I'm finding that I'm having difficulties w/sleep--I'm starting to wake up at 4:30 am and can't go back to sleep. For me, I think the problem is exacerbated by never having a day off. Never getting to recharge my batteries. When I see friends my age talk about all the tv shows they watch or movies they go to, I'm jealous that they have so much down time. I have one friend complain about being bored. As if that could ever happen to me. Laura
  3. I've only heard of it being purchased directly from the seller. He's a one guy operation. Best of luck with this program. And please keep us posted on your dh. Laura
  4. Colleen, I am so sorry to read about your dh's diagnosis. Prayers to you and your family and to a speedy recovery. Not only do you have a lot to deal with, but your son does too, so I vote for Rainbow Science. It is a bit light, but my ds really enjoyed it and science got done because of that. He did everything on his own. It was fabulous to have everything in one place. We only did the first yearb/c we started the year with PH Physical Science w/the Kolbe supplement. It was too difficult and we were slogging through it, so we switched to RS. We struggled w/Apologia General Science b/c he constantly hits you over the head w/his theological views. And the wordiness did us in. Laura
  5. :001_smile: :001_smile: :001_smile: :001_smile: Thanks, Laura
  6. I stopped taking pills for this reason. I only do gummy vitamins now (and I just got a powdered one to put in water from Sam's Club). However, I really wanted to try the green coffee extract profiled on Dr. Oz's show. I'm not sure if I'll keep at it. Thanks everyone, Laura
  7. Thanks everyone. Now it's just feeling like a lump, so I hope it has moved. I figured if it had been in my windpipe I'd really know it. It just felt super weird this time. I do think the tea is helping. Kalanamak, did your dad place the pill in the mayo or did he use it as a chaser? It will be a while before I take any more pills. I can tell I'm going to be feeling this for a while. Laura
  8. Thanks Sweet. I too did this w/a prenatal and stopped taking pills for a long time afterwards. I remember it feeling like something was there for a while. This feels a bit different, but it could be my memory. I am off to make some tea. Thanks for the suggestion. Laura
  9. I took one of the green coffee extract capsules (drat that Dr. Oz) this morning and it is stuck in my throat. I have tried drinking lots of water and eating food, but nothing seems like it will dislodge it. I keep swallowing and that doesn't seem to help. Any ideas? At first I felt like throwing up, and now wish I did. I really don't want to induce vomiting. Is there any way this could be in my trachea? Breathing is fine. I just feel like I have a lump there (and it feels like it's rotating). I don't want to go to urgent care if possible. Thanks, Laura
  10. I saw teens behaving badly in Canada as well. They were on a field trip and were torturing a snake. I tried to get them to stop. They completely ignored me several times. I finally found an adult and reported them. Don't know what happened afterwards. I get very sad when I look at the disrespect that most kids have for adults any more. I hear it when people rave about my kids' behavior when I think they pass for what used to be considered normal. Laura
  11. Didn't read through all the posts, but we got both my dds dresses (youngest refused to wear same one older did) at JC Penneys. They were both very simple. Laura
  12. What size did you get and why do you wish you went one size bigger? Thanks, Laura
  13. Religion F&L 7, possibly Teen Great Bible Adventure Math Finish Saxon Alg. 1, begin LOF Algebra Latin Lukeion Latin 2a French either finish FFF or use online class Science Not sure. I have Rainbow's Biology leftover from ds, Story of Science w/possibly Thames and Kosmo, I also have Apologia's General, which ds did not like. History AAH 1x/week FMG, FMR and HO (although I really want to do TOG, but I don't own this and I own the others). English Almost finished AG, will do refresher Vocab: CE 2, Sadlier WWS almost finished. IEW SICC-B Lit: Probably Iliad, Odyssey, and The Aeneid GEOGRAPHY CC review w/your sister LOGIC Probably Philosophy for Kids and maybe TL 2d semester Art Co-op Music Piano lessons PE volleyball, jiu jitsu, fencing, and swimming ACT Prep a couple of times a month I know we won't accomplish all of this and logic and American history will probably be the first to go. Laura
  14. Ooh. Can't wait to get it. Also reserved the Goodnight iPad. Hadn't seen that one either. Thanks, Laura
  15. We do math and Latin over the summer and my kids are ahead in both subjects. We usually do math 4x/week (even if we have co-op or other activities--some weeks we're out of the house 3 days, but manage to get math done). We do reading before bed. For grammar, we did AG in one year. Writing we haven't done enough of. Laura
  16. What a lovely story. It's hard when your 'baby' is 8. But it's wonderful that you've shared all those years with her. Laura
  17. 1. SOTW 2. MM 3. AG 4. Lukeion 5. NL Science Laura
  18. Thanks for sharing this. I vaguely remembered hearing something about this and then promptly forgot about it. Laura
  19. It's noon here, and I feel like today is my first day of summer, which I kind of guess it is. DH took older two to fencing camp. I've been online and did kitchen clean-up and that's about it. Getting ready to either work out or clean basement. Both are much needed. Laura
  20. I feel like I had a lobotomy. I remember so little. I guess I just crammed and purged. About the only things I remember are the rote memorization things and things put to music (School House Rock and French). Kind of depressing. Laura
  21. Critical Thinking has a couple of Bill of Rights and Constitution books I believe. And there is this site: http://www.usconstitution.net/constkids.html And this one: http://constitutioncenter.org/education/students/ And I can't find my favorite one. I'll have to keep looking. Laura
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