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  1. I just checked Common Sense Media for a review of the movie "Fun Size" to see if it would be appropriate for my dd. It could not give particulars until the release date. Is there a site that is able to go into specifics before the movie is released? Thanks, Laura
  2. And if you do go to Graeter's you MUST get something w/the chocolate chunks. The Graeter's on Bethel is where they make the ice cream and you can watch them make it through the windows. It also has a little play place inside for kids about 8 and under. Wow, Elizabeth, I'm going to have to hit some of the places you mentioned. And yes, you should go to OSU stadium. There's also a labrynth nearby and a free mini-geological museum. The zoo is one of the best in the country. So is our library downtown. And if you go to COSI, it's great to eat at the Short North Market not too far from COSI. Laura
  3. Not well. Headphones help a bit, but separating is best. Laura
  4. Elinor, I am so happy to read your post. My dd will likely go part time to high school so that she can play sports. In my mind it's the best of both worlds: she gets to follow her passion (volleyball) and I don't have to teach science or math AND we still have lots of freedom of choices in subjects I want to teach. She, however, thinks it's the worst of both worlds. That she will be in school long enough to hear about all the fun stuff, but not around long enough to be part of the social scene. I don't want her too fully around the social scene. I can only hope that the girls on her vb team will be as welcoming and wonderful as your dd's band mates. Laura
  5. My almost teen dd is involved in a ton of activities: hs swim, gym, and art, hs co-op, hs movie class, volunteering at a science museum and currently for a political campaign. She also plays club volleyball and does jiu jitsu. She is around a ton of kids and has lots of friends at these activities. However, I worry that she might feel the way your dd does. She used to be very close to 2 neighborhood girls, but they've drifted off w/their ps friends. She still does stuff w/one of them, but there is sometimes too much drama. I'd love for her to have a friend who lived close by that was more on her level in maturity. The friends she gets along best with are part of her activities and live far away so it's hard to get together w/o some planning and maneuvering on the parents' part. For example it would be nice to ask someone last minute to go to the movie or to have someone to go trick or treating with. She is going w/her neighborhood friend, but she also invited one of her hs friends, but this caused an issue w/the neighborhood friend. I sometimes wonder if this is why ds wanted to go to a b&m high school. He never gave any indication of loneliness and in fact had lots more opportunities to play w/neighborhood boys (in fact they come over all the time trying get him to shoot hoops or whatever, but he has too much homework). I think your dd's feelings are justified. And years after defending the socialization of my hs kids, I now see that there is a nuance I wasn't prepared for b/c dd has so many activities. Her socialization is different than the neighborhood girl who has about 10 other girls she can call at the drop of her hat to hang out w/on a daily basis. It's not that I want that for my dd, but I do wish we had more compatible girls nearby. On the plus side, she has discovered a love for reading. Laura
  6. I think the middle school years are the best years to NOT be in a B&M school. However, I do think it's difficult for some kids to manage their work load all day long w/minimal help. My dd does, but w/my ds it was a big struggle. Online courses are great. And while they will have each other, I would try to find at least one group outing/co-op each week. I would definitely try it b/c they can always return to school if hs'ing doesn't work out. And it could turn out to be the best thing you've ever done. Not immediately of course! Laura
  7. I'm going through the exact same thing w/my dd12. Except that she just recently discovered her love of reading. I'm not about to squelch, so on most days I let her sleep in and make her school day last longer. She knows the consequence of her actions means doing work after 3 pm, but it works. Laura
  8. Sometimes you never know what is going to flip the switch for your particular child. My oldest dd didn't like to read until I gave her Red Pyramid as part of our ancient studies. She was immediately hooked and hasn't stopped reading since. She became infatuated with Percy Jackson as well. Now history is more relevant to her. My other dd became hooked on reading when I had her keep track of the books she read on the computer. She loved seeing her list become longer and longer. For my ds it was the ability to get away w/staying up at night w/o getting in trouble. As long as he was reading I didn't yell at him to go to bed. I agree w/Elizabeth to 'get in and get out' of the must do subjects as quickly as possible. I like AG b/c it's a bare bones grammar program and my kids seem to retain what they learn. I don't think writing is as difficult as so many writing programs make it out to be. At least until you get to the stylistic aspect of writing. With math you have to find something that clicks w/your kids. For a fun program there's a Simply Charlotte Mason business math program (I think there's a sports store, book store, and we did the pet shop) that is a bit fun. I start our week w/fun day Monday where I pull out our 'fun' curricula like pet shop math, or Beast Academy, or MCT LA. We also do puzzles, logic games, educational dvds etc on this day. You can't possibly have ruined your dc. You'd also be surprised at how much your accomplishing when you're working on a consistent basis. I do monitor how much tv my kids watch b/c kids need to spend time in less passive activities and more on kid led ones, which typically occurs when they have lots of free time. HTH, Laura
  9. Wow. Thanks for the link and the rec for the Stone and the Tusk. The historical novel site looks fabulous. You guys are so helpful. Laura
  10. to Mara, Golden Goblet, Bronze Bow, etc. Is there a YA or younger novel that is similar to these set in this ancient civilization? I've found some tales from Buddha, but I'm looking more for a novel. Thanks for any help. Laura
  11. My brothers buy their Hondas and Toyotas with that kind of mileage. They easily drive them for another 150k miles. I would think that after putting in a transmission, most repairs afterwards would be relatively minor. Our current Sienna is a 2001 and seems like it could go on forever. However, I loathe driving in a car that I think could break down on me (happened all the time when I was young and poor). So, I drive a 2011 Odyssey, while dh plugs along in our 2001 Sienna. Laura
  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to write out succinctly your experience. It mostly jives with the esoteric way that I've had (totally unscientific) of differentiating giftedness. Based on this reasoning, what is the next best way to test rather than spending $$ on a very expensive IQ test. Or alternatively is it better to take the IQ test b/c you get the professional interpretation along with it? Laura
  13. Thanks Crimson. Your explanation of the math portion makes sense. Laura
  14. She scored > 99.9% in all categories for the past 3 years. This year she dropped 1% in reading comp, which was interesting b/c this is the year she became a voracious reader. I don't think she learns any differently, but she is 'quirky.' DH thinks it's crazy to pay for an IQ test, and my pediatrician said the same thing since we're homeschooling. She asked if I would do anything differently, and I didn't have a good answer. We only spend a couple of hours a day on school work. Most of our day is enrichment like gym, art, swim, choir, etc. Some days I feel like I'm doing her a disservice by not having her do more work as she seems to handle everything. Now that she's in 3d grade, I will try to have her take the EXPLORE. But, I'm curious as to how certain tests can determine giftedness (as in aptitude tests) vs. acceleration (achievement tests). For example, with the WJIII there's no way my daughter is capable of doing 9th grade work across the board, but that was her average grade equivalent. Sorry to be so long-winded, but I've been thinking about this for a while. I've attended a few hs'ing gifted seminars at hs conferences and they were only slightly helpful. For example they said drilling actually makes GT turn off and do worse than other kids b/c they shut down. All my kids hate "rote-ness." I did too. I can't imagine anyone wanting to do oodles of work they already know how to do. Laura
  15. [understanding how your child learns is what is important. You may or may not need a test to help you understand the distinction between highly accelerated and gifted. Will (and which) testing will tell me the difference between highly accelerated and gifted? The only test we've taken is the WJIII. My dd8 tested at the 9the grade level for her overall grade. This sounds more of an accelerated determination than a gifted, but her test administrator said she was gifted (and the same for my other two who tested 5 grade levels above). The older two only seem accelerated, but I'm not sure about the youngest (the administrator told me they were all gifted). Do I need to shell out $$ for an IQ test or take the Explore test to differentiate? Laura
  16. I've enjoyed reading all of your posts. I love to see how everyone implements homeschooling according to the needs of their family and their homeschooling style. I've always been a stressed-out, relaxed homeschooler. My kids do a lot of outside activities, which has always made me stressed when it was time to sit down and roll up our shirt sleeves. I feel like I had to shovel a lot of work in them to make up for all of our fun activities. Now, I only have two at home and feel like I can work on being more relaxed all the time. We've made Mondays our fun days and I use all the curricula that I bought for fun. For example, instead of Saxon, we use either Beast Academy, LOF, or Pet Shop Math on Mondays. We use MCT for LA, rather than WWE/WWS. We also do our science experiments on Monday and use Story of Science. Laura
  17. The Middle Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier I watched one episode of BBT and it looked funny, but my 12 year old dd was with me (hotel room) and it had a lot of s8x in it, which was fine w/me, but not so much fun watching w/your dc. I guess I'm going to have to find Arrested Development somewhere. Laura
  18. Hmm. I have a long list that would mostly include chocolate. But Nutella would be at the top. It's not allowed in my house lest I need to go into rehab. Laura
  19. My dh keeps trying to get me to cancel our subscription, but it would take a lot for me to do so. I don't think I would make the effort to get online and read it. Plus, there seems to be more content in print. My ds occasionally reads the sports (an ESPN addict). I'm amazed when I talk about something I read in the paper and most people (including local politicians/leaders) etc. are clueless. It really does keep me informed and has saved me at cocktail parties by always being able to have something to talk about. Laura
  20. Mine eventually outgrew it, but it wasn't any fun. Threats to send him to school would work short term. I would very gradually introduce him to school. There's not that much that you need to accomplish any way. Start very small and sneak it in. Mine became a voracious reader b/c I didn't make him shut off the light at night if he was reading. That and a bit of math, some science/history dvds and I'd call it a day. Laura
  21. I needed to hear this also. My dd is scheduled to finish Alg 1 by Christmas in 7th grade. I think we need to do another Alg. 1 program to ensure that she really gets it. Besides Alg. 1 is probably the extent of my math skills and I'll need to farm it out after this. Around here (Central Ohio), it is not yet the norm to take Alg. in 8th, although it is getting more and more common. Our local high school only goes through Cal. A/B. More advanced high school kids have to go to the university after that. Laura
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