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  1. Heidi, I love your room and your boys are gorgeous! Their smiles light up their faces. Laura
  2. How interesting... I have a rising ds6th grader and dd4th grader (and k'er). Here's what I have so far for 6th: Saxon 7/6 and MUS Zeta (and possibly LoF) CW-Homer Latin???? We should be finished wLCII. I'm not sure where to go next. Christian Studies II Famous Men Greece/Rome (refresh w/SOTW w/younger 2). Possibly Runkle's Geography Spelling Power (possibly Spelling Workout) CC And I'm not sure about all the extras. Laura Laura
  3. now I can go to bed (w/curriculum catalog in hand) without feeling so guilty. I've been paralyzed lately w/all the stuff I have and not knowing how to incorporate it into my well-thought out plan (today's plan that is). It's been a huge burden trying to overcome the feeling that since I bought it I have to use it. And there's just way too much stuff to do that. Right now my shopping carts at both Amazon and RR have at least $150 each in them waiting for me to hit the proceed to check out button. I'm new to this board (altho 2d year hs'ing) and have spent every free moment in the evening learning even more from all of you. I keep wondering when I will arrive at the end of the hs curricula universe and know that I've uncovered every possibility out there. Such relief at knowing I'm not alone. And I did pull out one of my supplemental math books this week and the dc had a blast doing math that day (instead of their regular diet of Saxon and MUS). Of course, this just whet my appetite. LoF is in my cart at RR right now. Laura
  4. I've been hs'ing about a year and a half and have been in a whirlwind since we started. I am doing CW Aesop w/ds10 and dd9. My prek'er has begged to jump in and I've let her. So far, it has been very difficult to 'master' as the teacher. But, my kids really enjoy it--I think b/c they love the time w/me, which is why dd5 wants to jump in. It's easy to calibrate to a more skilled learner as well as a new reader. My biggest problem has been keeping up w/it. If you go a few days w/o doing it, it is hard to get back on track. We spend about 30 mins. a day. And we had zero narration background. We really haven't started using Harvey's yet (we're only on the 4th lesson), but I didn't like the look of Harvey's. I was curious about what SWB would say about it in WTM. I didn't know anything about WT when I bought CW (based on the recommendation in LCC). Lura
  5. Rose you are a planning goddess! Thank you so much for sharing, Laura
  6. I had planned to work over last summer, but those plans didn't turn out like I thought. This summer I would like to continue w/SOTW, some more practical math or fun math, and some science, which seems to get dropped during the year, and maybe once a week Latin so they don't forget--and of course lots of reading. I like the idea of taking August completely off so I can get organized. I have two of my own projects this summer, so I hope I can stick to this. Laura
  7. Thanks everyone. Latinteach, I'm grateful for the links to the historical background. Laura
  8. It's these kind of little tidbits that keeps me hooked on this board. Laura
  9. Is the TM unnecessary only for those w/o a Latin background? If I'm starting at ground zero, could we do w/o the TM? We've been using LC and LCII and my kids learn from the videos. I thought I'd get this as a fun supplement, but it's so expensive w/the TM. Thanks, Laura
  10. Eliana, I think that is a wonderful point about it being a communal activity. Maybe that's why many of us feel a bit uncomfortable saying it in a private setting. I think the reason the flag is more likely to be 'the' symbol of the ideals of our country (in addition to our country itself) is b/c it's easier to capture visually. The Dec. of Independence and the Constitution as well as numerous other artifacts could be used, but the flag is simplistic and noble in my mind--kind of like the eagle, but w/more symbolism due to its being carried into battle, on top of buildings, and even to the moon. When I saw the United Nations building I was struck by the granduer and elegance of all the flags waving in unison. Laura
  11. Sagira, It's only mindless mumbling if you make it mindless mumbling. The same could be said of rote prayers or anything else we teach our children. I teach my kids the ideals behind the words. I teach them how the belief in liberty, justice and freedom so moved Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence and how seeing the flag flying after the bombardment at Ft. McHenry so moved Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner and that it was the scourge of slavery and war that inspired Lincoln to write the Gettysburg Address (which btw is supposed to be the source of the Pledge's inclusion of the phrase "under God"). Laura
  12. Tara, I understand what you're saying about being in a bind about which vow to honor. However, for me, the pledge is not about my country's faults--it's to honor the "Republic for which it stands." When I make my pledge it is to the ideals of democracy and freedom, which I believe the US tries to honor, though made up of imperfect human beings, it can sometimes fail. It is similar to the vow I made to my dh--I will love and honor him, altho I know he will sometimes fail. Not that I would want to carry that analogy too far. I, too, feel a bit uncomfortable saying the pledge in a formal setting at home--our hs is nowhere near formal, but it gets easier the more we do it. Laura
  13. Momma Duck, I am quite familiar w/its history. I don't have a problem with the vow portion of it. I have also sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States as part of my military obligation as well as for civilian jobs. I am unfamiliar w/the scripture prohibition against oaths however. I'm not sure how an allegiance to American is mutually exclusive with an allegiance to God--if that's what the objection is. Laura
  14. Dawn, I appreciate your comments. However, I'm quite astonished to find so many people who object to saying the Pledge--esp. b/c it is a symbol. I guess that's precisely why we say it b/c we see it as a symbol for all those 'who gave their all' for us. While we try to honor their sacrifices on a more personal level on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, the symbol of the flag stands in for us on a more daily basis. It is such an important symbol to those in the military as more than one person has died in trying to retrieve that symbol in times of war. And although I have difficulty with the flag burnings, I understand why the Supreme Court found that the burning was protected speech--precisely b/c it is such a powerful symbol. For me, it's the secular equivalent of a cross or a crucifix--which can also move me to tears. However, I can also understand the reluctance to state 'the under God' portion from a secular point of view. Laura
  15. We say the pledge at home (not daily) and once a week at a co-op. We come from a very military family--almost all males have served--and I was in the Reserves for about 10 years. We also go to Memorial Day parades, 4th of July parades and show our love for this country every chance we get. We went to Washington DC last summer and watched the changing of the guards at Arlington. I want my children to be appreciative of the sacrifice of those who came before them and the freedoms they enjoy. We listen to patriotic songs like the National Anthem, America the Beautiful, and Hail to the Chief as well. For me, it's about respect--especially at sites like Arlington National Cemetery. It's hard not to get teary-eyed at a ceremony with grizzly old War War II vets saluting the flag as they too get teary-eyed. I see nothing wrong w/paying tribute to a symbol of our freedom--esp. when I see the image of the Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima or the firefighters at the site of the WTC bombing. Laura
  16. I love homeschooling this week b/c both dc are finished w/Saxon, Latin and spelling for the year (altho we're not stopping it feels good to know we could). I love homeschooling this week b/c the weather has been beautiful and my kids can stay up late and enjoy playing outside and sleep in. I even let them play outside on Friday morning for 2 hours rather than come inside and work. I love homeschooling this week b/c I decided I want to start our days out with reading a good book curled up on the sofa instead of our usual math start to our day--and I could b/c I'm the one in charge. I love homeschooling this week b/c we went to a Civil War reenactment yesterday and toured an old schoolhouse and the 'teacher' in the school house asked my 9 yo dd what # president Abraham Lincoln was and my pre-k'er answered 16th. I love homeschooling this week b/c after my pre-k'er showed off her knowledge my dd9 had no qualms about getting up in front of a large group of people and started singing the presidents song (listing all presidents in order). I love homeschooling this week b/c my ds10 continues to hug me--I wonder when he will feel like he will be too old to do this. I pulled him out 2 years ago from ps and he's been hugging me ever since. Oh my, I could go on. Thanks for getting me thinking about this as I plan our week. I will probably be a much nicer mom this week due to this reflection. Laura
  17. We went to an open house when there were only 6 sessions left this year and ended up joining. My 3 kids were in Foundations and they absolutely loved it. It was hard on me b/c I didn't want to make it our spine. I already have way too much on my shelf waiting to be used. I think next year I'll try to find a way to integrate it better, but will pretty much use it as an 'extra.' Laura
  18. Wow, I feel like I've come home. In my local hs groups they're a bit amazed at my pursuit of the perfect curricula. I buy items from Rainbow that I don't even know what to do with. I am so happy to have found like-minded souls. Laura
  19. Misty, I was in the same position w/my 5th grade ds and 3d grade dd this year. We did SOTW Vol 2. from fall until now. I supplemented ds w/Famous Men and Story of Mankind (I had used A Child's History of the World), but SOM seems targeted for a bit older student. I like them both. I also have ds do a timeline. We also use Christian Studies I, which has some ancient history with it. I am trying to move quickly to get caught up. There is a Catholic ancient and middle ages history text, but the titles escape me now. We are now doing SOTW Vol 3, Famous Men of Modern Times. I'm planning of using SOTW Vol. 4 over the summer. We do the audio tapes and my kids love it, so I'm hoping it won't be too hard to do this summer. Laura
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