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  1. Hobbes is at university? He can't be. He's still something like 11 - in my head. It's so good to "see" you.
  2. Are you serious about the part in bold? Ds earned a 26 composite on his first test and a 31 on his second test. He drilled and drilled on speed and made sure he understood exactly how to approach the science portion. His math stayed the same with the English and science going up. Now, three years later, he has taken the GRE twice, within three weeks of each other. The situation and scoring are almost identical to the ACT. It really does depend on what the student wants. Mine needed the financial help that the higher ACT gave him access to and was willing to study for it.
  3. Who currently has a student studying abroad this semester/term? How is it going for your student? Sailor Dude is currently in Santiago, Chile. He left here mid-July and will be home mid-December. The boy still colors outside the lines and making me somewhat crazy, but he is living his dream. This is my lazy-girl way of reconnecting with those of you that were so instrumental in helping shape the Dude's academic path.? ( I miss our old emoticons!)
  4. You know, I was thinking that would be a reasonable place to start before you publicly accused an employee of theft. Seems kind of practical and possibly a lot less litigious.
  5. According to dd, she did not open an account with Brand X lash extension company using the salon name. I don't know enough to say an artist would never use a brand they aren't certified with, but I think it would be somewhat uncommon. Dd is certified with Borboleto and does not use any other product. An extended family member who has owned a highly successful salon for several years has offered to go over the situation with dd, to see where she could be at fault or where the salon owner might take offense. Dd makes $12 an hour at the front desk, which is her predominant source of income. She makes slightly more for services with tips, but it is definitely not a living wage in our city. One of my concerns is that she mentioned on social media her need for extra income. Some of the staff and one of the managers follow her on social media. This could be potentially embarrassing (to my way of thinking) for the owner. What is not mentioned is that the owner is one of the few salons in the area that offers full health benefits and retirement savings. I've tried to think of this from a couple of different angles. The family member is going to go over dd's contract and another one for a recent wedding where dd was the makeup artist. This was the first wedding she worked for the salon and they had her sign the contract after the event. They also told her they were pulling a few strings to get her more money, but not to discuss her pay with anyone. The contract totaled $1300, with the hair stylist and the makeup artist (dd). The hairstylist brought his own assistant, which he paid on the side. Dd worked close to 5 hours and did makeup for 5 women in the bridal party. She was asked to drive her car to transport staff, and she used her makeup as the salon's was inadequate for the job. She made a little over $100 and has no idea if this was fair or why the contract would be signed after the fact. One of the salon's top hair stylists asked dd if she could hire her directly to do all of the makeup for the stylist's upcoming wedding. This is a huge opportunity and I am pretty sure the photos will make amazing portfolio material, but I am equally sure that there are some ethical mine fields here and I am hoping dd can get some good advice on the correct etiquette in these situations.
  6. I appreciate everyone's feedback and have a few more facts and background information. Background: DD holds a state license as a hair stylist and one as an esthetician (skin care). In our state, if you do not work out of a salon, but say wish to go to the customers' homes, you have a freelance license. The license has very specific rules with regards to sanitation, disposal of products, etc. A stylist or esthetician can also be "certified" in additional services or products. For example, my dd is a certified artist with Borboleta. This means she has undergone their training for applying lash extensions. She is also certified for microderm abrasion and chemical skin peels as well as a couple of makeup lines. Discounts with these vendors depend on dd's training and certification, NOT on the salon's business account. Event: Dd works only as an esthetician for the company which has, I believe five or six upscale salons city-wide. She has worked for them almost five months. They are routinely short of front desk staff, so often dd will lose time from services in order to work the front desk. She is only allowed to do waxing, brow tints and make-up currently. The salon does not offer lash extensions. They told dd if she completed 10 sets of lash extensions and documented her work, then they would probably open up a room for her to do lash extensions. She can start do facials when she has been trained on their "specific procedure," but right now, they need her at the front desk. With me so far? Yesterday, when dd opened the salon, there was an email addressed to the front desk staff. A note from a "X-Brand" lash extensions thanking the company for opening an account with them was attached. The store manager was asking if the owner knew anything about it. The owner responded that DD had probably used the company's name to open the account, and that the owner wondered how dd was doing microderm abrasion at home. She then said that they should watch the supply bar. Dd has no non-compete clause. However, the work she does at home is almost exclusively work she is not allowed to do at the salon. She does lash extensions, the micro-derm abrasion, and chemical skin peels. She also has a few regulars for haircuts and color. The few friends she does waxing or facials for, could never afford the salon's rates where a facial is $125. DD charges roughly the cost of her supplies. She figures that right now, everyone is doing her a favor by allowing her to continue to hone skills that she is not allowed to work on at the salon. This just seems so out of left field. Dd is really passionate about her work, especially skin care, and has been so excited about the extra work the salon has asked her to do, like researching and writing a proposal on replacing their existing line of makeup. She spent hours researching and sourcing the paper on her own time. I don't know. My mom heart is irked.
  7. You said that if you don't want to get shot, then don't have a bodily confrontation with someone. I gave you a very common scenario with Guy A (with gun) being an offensive a-hole, Guy B getting in his face for sexually harassing his wife, and Guy A, presumably feeling threatened, shooting Guy B and walking. The responding physically to harassing a partner is the "very common" part of the equation.
  8. Guy A makes a lewd comment to Guy B's wife or maybe gropes her. Guy B sees it, and gets in Guy A's face (of course, this is a totally implausible scenario as guys never act like this). Guy A shoots Guy B dead and walks away without any consequences?
  9. Please do not quote this. Dd texted us this morning to say that when she opened the salon, she found an email addressed to all employees including the front desk, where the owner said that as dd was doing services at home in addition to what she does at the salon, she must be stealing from the salon. The owner stated that dd was using the company's name to get her own supplies. Dd is devastated. She really loves the job and has ordered all of her supplies from Amazon, so she has receipts. There is nothing in her contract that restricts her from providing services at home as she has a free lance license. She does no advertising and never mentions her association with the salon. What can and should she do? This is very damaging in this industry and the salon has a high profile in the city.
  10. Thanks for the thoughtful discussion on the Walgreen's thread. Sorry to put this here, but I got a notice that you couldn't receive messages. Anyway, good conversation and questions. Have a good week.

  11. My long-time internist went into concierge practice almost three years ago. Since then, I have been struggling to find a new doctor, as there is a shortage in our area. My dd has a new psychiatrist who recommended a naturopathic doctor to her for her primary care. I am actually thinking about this option for myself. I only have experience with traditional medicine, so if anyone is willing to share their experiences and insights, I'd be grateful. This last year has been really difficult and I need to "recover" my health. I think I would like a more holistic approach. Would a ND still be able to manage blood clots/thinners, etc.?
  12. He did use the free practice tests and I went ahead and bought ETS's practice books. His one practice test matched his actual test score almost perfectly.
  13. Thank you! That confirms how my son felt. He figures substantial math review should help bring up that score.
  14. Argh! Good question. Just saw that they were the "average" score for those accepted to the programs. So I think this would mean he should put some significant effort into that last sitting for the GRE? He said that he didn't see anything that was new on the exam, outside of vocabulary. He's a little word about the writing portion. He was one of the bunch of high schoolers on the board here that took the ACT with its new writing portion. I think it was a flop for most of the students. Hopefully, the statement of purpose will have more sway.
  15. With some digging, I did find numbers. Not all of them are for the current year, so I am keeping in mind that they could be more competitive. American University: V=160, Q=153 (current school) School B: V=158, Q=154 (scores are a bit older) School C : V=162, Q=158 (Top 5 schools average: V=159-163, Q=154-158) Please do not quote the following: Ds: V=162, Q=154 Ds thinks with more review, he can increase the math. I don't really know enough about GRE scores to know if that would be worth merit aid and increased likelihood of admissions.
  16. ETA: Please don't quote where his GPA is. Will remove later. Thanks. If I have read everything correctly, he will need GRE scores for all three schools. Strong scores will help as his GPA falls slightly short. His first year he averaged 3.25. This year he earned a 3.5 the first semester and a 3.8 (Dean's list) the second semester. So that shows that he is getting the hang of college and isn't struggling with 300+ level classes, right? Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I cannot imagine this child doing what he loves, in a place that he loves, without all the help we received on this board.
  17. Hi Cynthia, Sailor Dude did pretty much what your son did for his sitting of the GRE. He wanted a "one and done," but as usual he is sitting on the "border." I don't think he should have any issues with acceptance at his school or its direct competitor. They are both ranked in the top ten in the country for foreign policy. However, it's possible with more review on the math end, he could be in the running for his top choice - I think. Which to me is somewhat terrifying. I think he would be happy at any of the schools. Right now, his path is more professional as he feels like he is ready to work; however, I can see him down the road quite possibly in academia.
  18. This book looks great, but is it actually several volumes or is there one that encompasses all of the volumes?
  19. You might want to start with SWB's high school list of books and look for works that tie together. For example, you could start with a core of ancient works, but take additional readings across time, that were influenced by those original works You can read Homer (and should), but look for works that tie to it or are inspired by it. Pull modern poems side-by-side with ancient works. Read some classical mythology and C.S. Lewis's Till We Have Faces, Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea. Read Shakespeare all four years and see live theater if that's possible in your area. ETA: Just saw Katilac's excellent, much more detailed post. Tie in a Fine Arts credit across the four years. Show paintings that are inspired by literature. Explore the numerous modern musical offerings that tie to great works of the Western Canon.
  20. Ds took the AP English Lang. test (PA Homeschoolers) in 10th grade at our local high school. The following year I was informed that the district would no longer seat non-students. For 11th grade, they seated him for AP Biology because he took the class from them, but not for any of his other exams. The next district over accommodated him for 11th and 12th grade, with the coordinator asking to know where ds decided to go to school. Another district accommodated him for Comparative Government. Sent grateful letters to them and a rather terse letter to my district. I am still bitter about the experience and think the CB needs to do something about it, especially when they tout wide access.
  21. I just can't "like" your posts on this thread. They are depressing the hell out of me, but as always, I am grateful that you share your experiences because I know I live in bubble when it comes to education in this area and I need to see the reality that many areas are facing. Are you still teaching? Or is my memory shot?
  22. I think that statement depends on how you define "giving credit." Do you get out early? Most, of the time, no? Is there an advantage to taking the course (or nay kind of advanced work), yes! All linked schools offer some kind of advantage for scoring well on the AP exam. CalTech is the only "no AP" school listed. Princeton Harvard – 5s only, must activate Advanced Standing with 32 credits University of Chicago – credit for placement exams or AP at end of first year – if I understand correctly Columbia Yale MIT – credit for a 5 on some exams Stanford University of Penn – awards some credit for AP, no credit (placement only) for DE in secondary Duke California Institute of Technology – does not accept AP credits. You take placement for math and physics (may earn credit in doing so) Dartmouth – credit may be awarded but will not count towards the 35 credits for graduation Johns Hopkins – credit and placement for science, math and macro and micro with diagnostic exam Northwestern – credits awarded depend on various schools Brown – will not increase your total credits: however, “AP course equivalency policies are determined by academic departments. Some departments allow automatic transcript notation of AP credit(s) on the sole basis of qualifying AP test scores, while others allow AP credit(s) retroactively, upon successful completion of one of their advanced courses. Still other departments have policies that grant no AP credits whatsoever. Pertinent policies for each department are detailed at the bottom of this page.” Cornell – credit for mostly science, math, and languages – Eng. Lang. and Lit. dependent on college Rice Georgetown – yes, dependent upon school
  23. Agreed to the first sentence in bold. But the second sentence brings us back to my earlier question to you? Wait, never mind. I see that you are very specific with mentioning APs, but somehow ACTs, SATs, SAT Subjects, and CLEP are different, because they don't follow a specific format?
  24. So you still need standardized scores, right? I don't think anyone was saying that AP scores alone validated a homeschool transcript. Sailor Dude's transcript grades are supported by his ACT, AP, and SAT Subject tests, as well as his university's placement exam for math and Spanish. I doubt they were surprised by the student they received. Just his mother was surprised! I am not sure the ACT is any better of an indicator regarding preparation to do college work. Ds brought his composite up 5 points by drill and kill. I am still irked to this day about the educational time lost, but am really happy for the scholarship money.
  25. Thank you! This makes total sense. In researching for this thread, I discovered that AP classes were initially utilized to help with placement for Advanced Standing. You didn't get credit for the class (really, any smart university isn't going to give up income), but you did and still do, get to opt out of lower level course work. So far, I have found that Duke, Princeton, Georgetown, Harvard, and Penn State all accept AP credits and typically it means you place into a higher level class, not that you get to graduate early.
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