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  1. How I want to be remembered... Are you living your life in a way that will leave a legacy you will be proud of? If so, what can you do to keep living your best life? If not, what can you do to increase your opportunity to live how you would like to?
  2. When I am feeling down or in a negative mood: Chai or other good tea New Wave music - Depeche Mode, Ultravox, New Order, Yaz, Echo and the Bunnymen, David Bowie Movement - tennis, dancing, footwork Driving my convertible When I hurt physically: sitting in the sauna or hot tub
  3. Thank you for the replies and for sharing the pics. I enjoy seeing the various choices and personalities reflected therein. DH feels vindicated and I patted him on the back for his extensive and awe inspiring Christmas trivia knowledge.
  4. I have no idea. I am sure it was a scientifically valid study. 😉
  5. I change what is on top of my tree depending on how creative I am feeling and how much time I gave myself to decorate. Last year I made a topper with two huge pine cones with rustic/burlap ribbon and small, rusty country stars. This year I went with my standard Victorian era style lady. She's not an angel (no wings) but has a long flowing ivory gown.
  6. My DH's chiropractor has a trivia board and monthly contest for his patients. Last week's question was "What is the most popular Christmas Tree topper?" DH submitted his guess, star, and was incorrect. The correct answer was angel. DH was surprised because of the culture shift away from religion and figured the star is a more neutral topper despite the religious significance. The last few times DH and I have taken our evening walk we look at every tree we can see and track what is on top. Our counts are: Angel - 8 Star - 23 Other - 3 Cannot determine - 7 (we cannot see the top of the tree or cannot decide what it is) No topper - 1
  7. I apologize for not posting yesterday. I was traveling and then got busy unpacking and tidying up. Day 10 - Words I need to hear...
  8. I'm sorry to begin the thread so late. I ran out to the conference this morning and forgot. Day 8 - If I could not fail, I would...
  9. Good day~ Today's prompt has you looking at things that bug or bother you. What things get under your skin? Is there anything you can do to be more tolerant these issues? Day 7 - Name 3 Pet Peeves
  10. Good morning~ Yesterday's prompt was a bit tough. I hope you are working through those regrets/misdeeds/illspoken words and offering yourself forgiveness. Why is it it so difficult to forgive ourselves? Today's prompt is bit more upbeat and has us contemplating our personhood. Day 6 - Name the thing that make me ME!
  11. Thank you to those who shared. I hope you sincerely accept the forgiveness you so desperately need. To those who are working on forgiveness or chose not to share publicly, my heart is with you. I hope everyone can find peace and understanding. I have a list of things I am working on. This one was tough.
  12. My last real belly laugh came during my DSIL's birthday party. I had bought a set of 8 Nerf guns and extra darts. His brothers and their wives were there (so 8 20 somethings and then a bunch of us older people). We had a blast having indoor Nerf wars and Capture the Flag. DGD loved being able to play rough in the house.
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