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  1. I'm sorry for the OP. I don't know the details but I gather the situation is rather frightening. I have (usually) enjoyed this site. I do wish, however, that there was an option to delete our accounts including all related posts. Yes, I know that with internet caches and backups whatever is posted is out there but it would be nice to delete whatever we can.
  2. I have no advice but wanted to send you a virtual hug. There are times I feel the same exact way: things irritate me and I'm not certain why nor can I find a solution that suits all of my needs or my perceived needs of my loved ones. I have invested in a wonderful pair of headphones for those times when the auditory stimulation is overwhelming. I also take long walks. My problem: being irritated by the way the narrator speaks in my current audiobook. I can't make her go away or I cannot finish the book. Small doses is what I'm doing at the moment but I am so very glad this woman is not a
  3. Evidently, we live in a pocket where things aren't moving. Houses are sitting on the market and prices are low. We are in a depressed area with lots of job losses and no new job growth in the foreseeable future. Our neighbor's house listed around $160k and sold for $135k. Another house on the block initially listed around $250k and sold for $215k. We would like to take advantage and buy property but we plan on leaving the area in the next 5 years. People are taking advantage of the low interest rates and are refinancing. We know a number of people who have decided to refi to 15 year mor
  4. I have never liked my looks so wearing a mask has actually made me more comfortable. I no longer have anxiety when using self-checkout and have to see myself in the camera. I don't have to explain to people that "no, I'm not sad/angry; that's just my face." I could never wear the clear masks because I can't hide with those. Plus I am a bit anxious to see how many people are going to have moisture/spit on the plastic panel. I wonder how often those will need to be wiped.
  5. Still cannot find Minute Maid lemonade in cans and now the plastic bottles are a rare find as well. We bought the new Dole Brand Lemonade in cans but DS says it's weak. We have been able to find wipes and sanitizer (off brands of both) but have not been able to find Lysol liquid cleaner. I did notice something odd at Aldi the other day. The only sanitizer available for purchase and for use by the carts and doors was an off brand but the cashiers all had Purell sitting by the register for their use. I don't know if it means anything but I did happen to notice since Purell hasn't been on th
  6. Good question. A pregnancy at this stage in life would be complicated.
  7. I'm feeling for you. Working with custom spaces is a headache. If you can post a pic of your kitchen layout, I know there are people here who will have some creative ideas for you (I've seen them work wonders in the past.). From the time you made the OP, my kitchen still isn't finished. We now have insulation and drywall, DH refinished the floors, the cabinets are installed (no doors though), the plumber is working today, the electrician will be here tomorrow. Then it's another work stoppage while we await the countertops (snafu with the countertop manufacturer) which won't arrive until A
  8. My IUD 'expires' (not sure that is the correct word) in November. Due to the sale of the medical group/hospital I was using, there is now only one doctor in the GYN practice (they discontinued all OB a year ago). The GYN I used to see has since left the area. When I called to get an appt, I was told the earliest available is in March. This is due to COVID and being short staffed. I'm not sure I want to wait 5 months. I can go out of town to one of the cities an hour away and get an appt sooner; I just need to verify coverage with my insurance company. What would you do? Wait 5 months or go els
  9. Nothing added to savings in July. I kind of knew this would happen since I lost my job and July was my first no paycheck month. I read 9 books which makes me happy. All books were free so I maintained my No Spend Reading Challenge. Stupid challenge name, I know, but I don't have a better name for it. I ended the month the same weight as the beginning of the month so it balanced out. My business didn't go well because of social distancing and family obligations. I did make a $15 profit so there is that. Kitchen still isn't finished which means the basement cannot be cleaned
  10. Bump (in case you needed to review what you wrote earlier)
  11. I must be in a funk because everything I'm looking forward to also has a negative side to it. I began with "I'm looking forward to ... but..."
  12. My daughter has asked me not to play so I can assist her with the baby. There are groups playing here but they aren't following the recommended social distancing rules for tennis. They share benches and balls, change sides, won't alternate courts, etc. Some ladies in the local group don't believe COVID is as bad as the news relates and haven't social distanced at all. They have been on trips to Florida, have held dinner parties, and post pics of other large group gatherings on social media. It does cause me a bit of concern. Also, for teaching tennis, I have to be within 6 feet of the studen
  13. A local school board in a neighboring town met in mid-July and voted for in person schooling. A week later almost every person who attended that meeting, along with some family members, have tested positive. The superintendent sent out a note of apology stating COVID is more serious than expected and the fall semester will now be remote learning.
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