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  1. Neither of mine could be considered fully launched even though one is married and has her own home. She has needed financial support almost every month due to medical needs. She was diagnosed with cancer about 6 months ago. In order for them to make ends meet, DH and I have helped pay some of their bills and purchase incidentals. DS just finished his final college semester and moved back home. He wants to write a book and DH and I have agreed to help support him for a while. It actually helps us a bit since DH and I travel with our jobs and we have been paying someone to watch the house and dog while we are gone.
  2. My greatest challenge is self-esteem. No matter how much education I earn, trainings I attend, certificates I complete, books I read, or activities I complete, I never feel capable enough to actually DO anything. I always second guess myself, leave, quit, or otherwise choose to do something easier.
  3. Look at me getting today's prompt up early in the morning! I rock!! We are building on yesterday's topic of habits. My five best habits are...
  4. I don't know if you're being too literal. I guess it depends on how we interpret the word 'worst'. Do our worst habits have to be bad? For example, I have a chai habit (addiction) now extending to other teas. It doesn't harm anyone. I don't spend excessive amounts on tea supplies (yet). No one else is hurt by my drinking tea. But it's a habit. I drink tea first thing in the morning, when I'm stressed, when I'm reading, after a meal. I look at teas and tea accessories online when I have free time. Since I drink caffeinated and non caffeinated chai/tea, it's not strictly a caffeine addiction. 99% of my teas are also sugar free/low glycemic so it's not a sugar addiction. I consider this my worst habit but not a bad habit. I also have a habit of leaving my boots by the door. It's not harmful; annoying to my DH but it doesn't negatively affect either one of us and our lives wouldn't change any if I began to put them away. At least this is what I'm telling myself. : ) Now I also do things like assume the worst of myself, put myself down before others have a chance to, believe I am not worthy of anything good or nice - but this is a mindset not a habit. This is why I like these prompts. They can really make a person think.
  5. My five worst habits are... These don't necessarily need to be negative, right? Can we have a habit that might be viewed as bad that is actually good? Do we have to look at bad habits and want to change them? What makes a habit bad? Is it hurting anyone else? Is it costing me money? Is it hurting me in any way? If I forego this habit, how will my life change?
  6. I'm quite happy that self-forgiveness is on my list of things to do because every other day I am late or absent from making these posts. :) Day 14 - Traits I admire in others
  7. How I want to be remembered... Are you living your life in a way that will leave a legacy you will be proud of? If so, what can you do to keep living your best life? If not, what can you do to increase your opportunity to live how you would like to?
  8. When I am feeling down or in a negative mood: Chai or other good tea New Wave music - Depeche Mode, Ultravox, New Order, Yaz, Echo and the Bunnymen, David Bowie Movement - tennis, dancing, footwork Driving my convertible When I hurt physically: sitting in the sauna or hot tub
  9. Thank you for the replies and for sharing the pics. I enjoy seeing the various choices and personalities reflected therein. DH feels vindicated and I patted him on the back for his extensive and awe inspiring Christmas trivia knowledge.
  10. I have no idea. I am sure it was a scientifically valid study. 😉
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