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  1. The Accidental Coach

    Book a Week 2019 - BW4: Sir Francis Bacon and Essays

    I prioritized my reading this week and chose to finish Mindset by Carol Dweck. It took longer than expected due to copious note taking (20 pages) and finding someone (usually my DH) with whom I could 'share' my newfound insights. I have purchased the book for my DD and hope she finds it as insightful as I did. I am now back to my sip read and The Shell Seekers.
  2. The Accidental Coach

    Book a Week 2019 - BW3: 52 Books Bingo - Something Old

    Ladies~ I'm struggling with my reading. I have three books that are all awesome - I anticipate two of them will be 5 star reads. My problem is that I can't focus on one at any given time because I keep thinking I should be reading the other two. I need better book reading time management. One book (Mindset) is through interlibrary loan and completing it is a priority. One is my sip read (the biography of Charles Dickens) and I love losing myself in it. The third is my Mother-Daughter Book Club read (The Shell Seekers) that I am dong with my mom. She is a voracious reader and I want to keep up with her. Then there's work and the house and my husband and the Australian Open and my fitness challenge, and the no spend life is full with things I love and enjoy. I think I'm on cloud nine!
  3. The Accidental Coach

    What is wrong with people? :::rant::: UPDATE first post

    That's awful. I don't understand why people have to do things like that. The good thing is she knows who did it, the previous renter. Does she have a clause in the contract about stolen or missing items? Is it like an Airbnb? If so, I would charge the tenant and replace the item. I would also remove anything of sentimental value so that if anything else goes missing it's simply an inconvenience.
  4. The Accidental Coach

    No Spend January 13-19

    1/13 - $0 1/14 - $0 1/15 - $30 (lunch and coffee/chai)
  5. The Accidental Coach

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    If he has little to no experience in the outdoors, his fears may stem from ignorance and naivete. This is what I would do (and have done) so you can do what you want and possibly assuage his fears. You may have done some of these things already. Take a wilderness first aid course - the Boy Scouts offer these for minimal cost. Check with your local council. Take a Leave No Trace course - most good courses will have segments on safety and planning. Create a day pack with a great first aid kit, emergency rations, a good Swiss Army Knife, a compass, etc. Your local Boy Scout Council may have Orienteering courses that are offered to the public. Learn what wildlife is in the area you're planning on visiting and learn how to deal with that wildlife. Learn how to look for and use naturally occurring weapons or items that you will carry- a downed branch, a rock, your trekking poles, a whistle. Many backpacks have these built into the chest clip. Make sure your kids can learn this skill as well. It's easy to teach and is the basis for survival skills. Create an outdoor activities journal - within the journal list everything you can about where you're going, where you'll park, how long you plan on being gone, when you plan to return, the phone numbers of the ranger station (if there is one), the local PD, etc. Get as much info as you can. This is actually something you should be doing already. Know before you go. Plan and prepare. Get online and bookmark or print a few pictures of the area you are hiking and camping in. Visuals may help him understand where you are and may relax him while you are away. Ask him to help plan the outing. Have him help check and pack the gear. Maybe knowing how well prepared you are will help alleviate anxiety. Educate yourself and your children about anything associated with the outdoors. It's fun and worthwhile. You'll be more comfortable and your DH might relax when he sees that you are an outdoor rock star. -- As far as carrying a gun. Unless you go through training, don't do it. The last thing you want to do is pull an unfamiliar gun on a Bad Guy and give him the opportunity to take it from you and, unless you are willing to fire it, pulling a gun on a bear or a bobcat is pointless; they will not be intimidate by the visual.
  6. The Accidental Coach

    No Spend January 13-19

    We did well last week. We spent some yesterday on gas/dog food/groceries but kept it to about $100. $60 of that was gas for the truck. Our budget this week is $50.
  7. The Accidental Coach

    Book a Week 2019 - BW2: Whodunit bookology - Hercule Poirot

    Thank you for the explanation. I, too, wondered what the other two quilt designs were. I am a Trekkie through and through and I don't particularly like Dr. Who. I have tried a few episodes and just don't get it. I did, however, enjoy Torchwood, a Dr. Who spin off. The original Torchwood was wonderful. I haven't watched it since they brought it back.
  8. The Accidental Coach

    Dog food making dog ill

    I don't know what's wrong with it. We bought an 8 pound bagto mix with our dog's old food so his transition would be easier. Right before Christmas we purchased a 20 pound bag and made the full transition. The diarrhea began during the transition. The weight loss, hair loss, and lethargy all started after going BB 100%.
  9. The Accidental Coach

    Dog food making dog ill

    I know, right? Their advertising staff does their job well.
  10. The Accidental Coach

    Dog food making dog ill

    I don't have the bag so I can't look at it. When we buy dog food, we immediately transfer it to a bin and dispose of the bag. My SIL's vet gave her the info and she related his concerns and advice to me. Evidently BB has had issues with Vitamin D, lead, and protein levels in the past. I do not have proof that it isn't FDA or AAFCO approved and I should apologize for sharing that statement. Our dog was vomiting bile this morning so I called our vet and was also told that many local dogs have issues with BB and he recommends not feeding it. We immediately threw the remaining food away and went to buy different food. Our guy is down a few pounds and, while I was brushing him last night, I could feel his bones. When I walked him yesterday he struggled to keep up and lagged behind at the end of the leash's length. Not like him at all - he usually prances (like Belgian's do). He also didn't move much yesterday and both DH and I went over to check his breathing a few times. Since he's a senior dog we attributed some of the changes to possible end-of-life behavior but to see the dramatic shift in so short a time is heartbreaking. We switched his food again today (back to Iams) and all we can do is hope that we caught it in time. I have been too passive, I guess, in selecting our dog food. We used Iams for many years with no problem but then were told that Iams isn't a good brand (based on nutritional values) and that BB was much better. Those commercials certainly yank at a dog owner's heart strings. I have Googled BB a bit this week (I don't know how much more I'll do since our decision to switch foods has already been made) and there are multiple websites (kennel clubs, general pet sites, dog food comparison sites, etc) where hundreds of complaints about BB have been made. All of these complaints seem to have a few commonalities: diarrhea, weight loss, hair loss. Many others discuss seizures and kidney failure. No one food is going to be good for every dog. Every brand will have its cheerleaders and its naysayers. I guess what it comes down to is this: do your best for your pets and if you see any physical or behavioral changes, contact your vet immediately.
  11. The Accidental Coach

    favorite gluten free magazine?

    Gluten Free & More
  12. The Accidental Coach

    Dog food making dog ill

    I guess this could be a sort of PSA. My SIL put her dog on Blue Bufflo dog food. Within days he had more energy and was acting like a puppy. She recommended it to us for our dog and we switched. After 6 weeks, both dogs are sick. Her dog: hair loss, weight loss, hives on nose, loose stool. Our dog: hair loss, weight loss, loose stool, lethargy. 😞 She discontinued the dog food and within a week her is getting better. I will go buy new food tomorrow and throw the other dog food out. I Googled the dog food and there are 1000's of complaints about animals (dogs and cats) becoming ill within weeks of being fed BB. I also found that the dog food is not certified by the USDA or AAFCO. I just hope that we caught it in time and that nothing of what our dog is experiencing is irreversible.
  13. The Accidental Coach

    Book a Week 2019 - BW2: Whodunit bookology - Hercule Poirot

    Ladies - I have one request. Please stop tempting me to watch Hercule Poirot movies and TV shows. I have enough to do as it is and you're not helping me stay on task. 😉 Questions: Tea - I am on a hot tea mission. I want to learn how to blend and brew the best cup of tea. DH is making me a tea shelf for my kitchen wall. Candy - I love mints, jelly beans, candy corn (unless it's too waxy) and so much more. I have to stay away from it all. Four famous people:This is tough. I have always wanted to meet Sting. He seems like an interesting individual. I'll have to think about this one a while. Edited: I finished a second audiobook -A Taste For Monsters by Matthew Kirby. This was an audiobook we listened to after we abandoned David Sedaris. It was a neat book to listen to - a juxtaposition of the elephant man and Jack the Ripper tales. It was macbre, containing scenes about malevolent ghosts, attempted rape, possession, murder. I was a bit shocked by the darkness as the book is published by Scholastic for 6-9 graders. I must be getting more conservative in my old age because I would not let my junior high student read this book. It's a great story for adults and provides an interesting theory as to why Jack was never caught but for a young reader, I think it would be terrifying.
  14. The Accidental Coach

    Today is my birthday...

    Happy belated birthday!
  15. The Accidental Coach

    No Spend January 6-12

    I'm a little late to the party but DH and I are dong a no spend January. I missed the deadline for the 6 payment plan for DS's college tuition. We were only able to get on the 4 payment plan which means the payments are much larger than what we budgeted for. With the holidays DH had a reduced work schedule therefore his paychecks for this month are also reduced. We have to make up about $700 without going into debt or carrying a credit balance. We're eating out of our freezer and pantry and cutting every other expense we possibly can. Heat is down to 64 degrees. We're walking everywhere we can; that's been a joy since it's been in the low 20s in the morning and at night. We've got this though.
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