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  1. Hoping things went well and you are able to have a peaceful evening.
  2. We have three 'fur' babies. A 12 year old Gecko, a 13 yo Terv, and, our newest addition, a 1 year old tabby. We've had the gecko and the Terv since babyhood. The tabby was brought into the family right before Christmas. His little history was quite sad and he has some physical and psychological trauma to overcome. He has a dynamite personality and talks all of the time; you can literally have a full conversation with this cat.
  3. I went to DS"s university's bookstore website and was able to order graduation announcements. Since graduation was cancelled, and since I hadn't already ordered them, I was able to order a set without the date. I'm much relieved that I will be able to send out something to family and close friends.
  4. I completed my first of the month shopping. I had to go to three stores in order to find what I needed. Walmart - lots of fresh produce, low on all types of meat, no TP, no sanitizer or disinfectants, frozen vegetables were hit or miss (lots of lima beans, no green beans). The item that surprised me was tuna fish; there wasn't a can to be seen. There was plenty of bread and flour but no yeast. Aldi - seemed to be well stocked. They had some TP but no sanitizer or disinfectants. They had tuna so I grabbed some even though it wasn't on my list. Hy-vee - Plenty of produce, well stocked on meat (finally found the pork roast I needed), some limits on items but, in general, it was the best of the three stores. Today was the first day of compulsory masks. I would say that 95% of people wore masks. All three stores had employees at the entrances reminding everyone about the mask policy and providing instruction about the 6 ft policy and directional arrows. These employees were also telling people they weren't allowed in without a mask. Inside the stores, almost everyone tried to maintain the 6 foot distance and follow the directional arrows. There were some vocal dissenters and people who removed their masks as soon as they were allowed in the stores but for the most part everyone was compliant and business went as usual.
  6. You have no idea how lucky you are to have this opportunity.
  7. I broke my three year "no spend" reading challenge two weeks ago and bought 5 Terry Pratchett books on Ebay. I was hoping the library would offer some sort of pick up service but nothing of the sort has been advertised and I wanted to continue reading about the Discworld. Are the books you're interested in newly published? Can you find them used?
  8. Due to him missing a semester and completing classes in December, he's technically a 2019 graduate but was supposed to go through the 2020 ceremony. The college commencement has been postponed but the new plans have not yet been posted. DS claims he doesn't care but I think he is disappointed. He didn't order any announcements when he had the opportunity so I don't even have those to mail out to family and close friends. I don't know what to do for him. He's an introvert with a small circle of friends who all live out of state. He began a new job right before SIP began and hasn't formed any relationships with his co-workers. Our family lives in CO so, even if the SIP orders are lifted, they cannot come celebrate with him. It's a source of stress for me. I should contact the school and see if i can at least order announcements. DS is the first male from either side to graduate from college and I really want to acknowledge his accomplishment.
  9. Resurrecting for an update: It has taken 15 months but my pup finally has normal liver panels. During this health crisis, he lost 12 pounds; he went from 60 to 48. He was on multiple medications and there were three or four times we discussed euthanasia with the vet. Out of frustration and not wanting to continue administering meds he wasn't consuming, we stopped all but one med. I thought I was doing a good job about making certain he swallowed the meds but happened to find a cache under the couch. The little stinker was holding them in his mouth and hiding them from me. That day, I decided to stop the med and put him on a raw food diet. A friend had given me a book with recipes designed esp. for dogs with liver issues and I figured it couldn't hurt. After a couple of months on the raw diet his liver panels stabilized. Yay! During his December appt, both his weight and his liver panels had seen no change from the previous exam. I was thrilled he was holding his own. We missed his March appt due to SIP. Last week I went ahead and took him in (well, I sat in the parking lot while the vet tech took him in). The vet made a special trip out to my car to inform me of the results; as soon as I saw the vet come out of the building my heart dropped and I think I muttered a curseword. The vet said he had to tell me the good news himself: his weight is up to 55 pounds and liver panels are NORMAL. Normal!! Okay, low normal but normal. I cannot tell you how many nights I slept on the floor next to him so I could feel his breathing or how often I gave him little bites of food out of my hand just so he would have something in his stomach. (Dog people will understand.) For now, all we have to worry about is typical age related ailments like deafness and cataracts. We can handle those. I'm including a pic of my 13yo pup on his celebratory "I'm healthy!" hike.
  10. I have the Lodge dutch oven linked above. I use it regularly; more often than my Instantpot, actually. I use it for soups, stews, roasts, etc. I find it easier to use on the gas range because I can control the temp better and don't have to worry about the number of coals on top. I've never had an enamel one, though, so I cannot compare the two.
  11. From my understanding, it is a strategic move to keep the supply chain working. We have a pork processing plant in our area that has seen an increase in positive COVID-19 cases which is forcing the plant to shut down. Local experts are predicting multiple pork farmers will go bankrupt since there is nowhere to take the pigs for processing, there will be a pork shortage (coming soon), and the price of pork will increase (double or triple); this will last for months. Workers (most of whom are recent immigrants and live in multigenerational housing) are going to be unemployed and will not have adequate income or ways to shelter-in-place safely. They are expecting a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases in our county and the neighboring county. They are also expecting a greater demand on socio-economic resources as hundreds of individuals request assistance. The town where the plant is located is already seeing economic impacts; double from what they had before due to the college closing for the semester and the general economic impact from the stay-at-home order. Anecdote: A local pork farmer had 4000 pigs that were raised with the intention of having them butchered and processed in April. Due to the reduction in hours of the pork processing plant (and now the shutdown), he has nowhere to take his pigs. Some have suggested he just continue to feed them until the plants are up and running. Evidently his breed of pig was bred to grow quickly and produce the biggest pig possible in the shortest amount of time. The pigs are at butchering weight (something like 300 pounds). The farmer can no longer afford to feed 4000 300+# pigs.; pigs he has already fed weeks longer than he anticipated. The pigs are experiencing problems with their health because many of them are overweight and are in pig confinement with other now-overweight pigs; confinements that were only meant to be temporary holds not permanent residences. As a result, the farmer offered his pigs to anyone who could take one. He managed to get rid of around 1000 animals. The other 3000 he shot over the weekend. He has to wait a while until the sows are able to be bred again and the local plants are up and running and accepting pigs for processing. This is not an isolated case. Multiple farmers in our area are doing the same thing. Not only with pigs but with chickens, as well.
  12. Neither of mine could be considered fully launched even though one is married and has her own home. She has needed financial support almost every month due to medical needs. She was diagnosed with cancer about 6 months ago. In order for them to make ends meet, DH and I have helped pay some of their bills and purchase incidentals. DS just finished his final college semester and moved back home. He wants to write a book and DH and I have agreed to help support him for a while. It actually helps us a bit since DH and I travel with our jobs and we have been paying someone to watch the house and dog while we are gone.
  13. My greatest challenge is self-esteem. No matter how much education I earn, trainings I attend, certificates I complete, books I read, or activities I complete, I never feel capable enough to actually DO anything. I always second guess myself, leave, quit, or otherwise choose to do something easier.
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